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Anyone working for Nuance and liking it??? - sm

Posted: May 02, 2011

So I hear a lot about how there is no work at Nuance now because they are over hiring and that they are a "nightmare" to work for. Is there anyone working there now that likes it and isn't having any problems? 

They told me I would regret leaving. - I never have.

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I make a lot more money now.

Working for Nuance - B

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I've been working there almost a year, and at this point I'm basically sticking to it to get to the 1-year mark and see if I can find work elsewhere, though I'm not exactly hopeful I'll find better. Communication is terrible. They overhire and leave us with no work--then all of a sudden for a month and a half lost everyone and overtime was mandatory every week. Almost completely SR and probably 75% ESL dictators that SR can't understand. Happy I have a job, not really happy with what it turned out to be.

Nuance - NTS MT

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Communication is obviously the key and if you are not getting it - have you emailed the ops manager? We all got an email stating to reach out to the mgr if any questions/issue. I have found her to be always be available. My TL and the Supers under her are always on line and quickly answer my questions. If I was you I would send an email to the mgr - tell her your concerns. I bet you hear back pretty quickly. As for ESL, every hospital and MTSO has them. It's the United States, the melting pot. Not much you can do about that. SRs is the wave of the future and getting better every day. After MTs correct several times the harder dictator reports actually start looking quite good!
Nuance - B
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I wish it were a matter of just going through bad reports with my ESL dictators a few times and them getting easier, but it is not. I consistently get mangled reports with similar errors and have to type many SR reports from the same doctors by hand almost entirely. I would not mind if these came through as regular transcription jobs, but as it is I get half pay for doing full reports, and it happens regularly enough throughout the night that it seriously affects my line rate and pay.

It sounds like you got lucky in regards to your management. I rarely get responses to any e-mails, and if I do my questions are not answered. It took me four months to try to resolve a pay issue, and e-mailing my manager, her manager, the HR manager, and the pay manager did very little good. I have been left hanging for tech support multiple times also, and e-mails get "lost" frequently.

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