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Doc dictates "supranasal" but isnt it "superonasal conjunctival fornix". Not in - traci

Posted: Aug 25, 2010


supranasal and superonasal - see msg

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In my experience, dictators seem to use these two terms interchangably, sometimes using one, and then other times using the other.

But since both terms have basically the same meaning, I transcribe them as dictated. Whichever one the dictator uses is the one that I will type.

Of course, I'm also on a verbatim account, but my feeling is that if they dictate "superonasal" that's what they want, and if they say "supranasal" then that's the one they want. And like I said, it really doesn't matter all that much since they both have the same meaning anyway.

Thanks to you I am no longer confused :) - traci

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