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Got offered a job with Modal. How is this company? - Curious

Posted: May 14, 2013



The best advice I can give you is to keep on reading. - This company is SCARY dishonest. nm

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I liked it at MModal - see message

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However, I was very fortunate with them. I was tier 3 and I made 6 cpl for editing and 9 cpl for straight typing. I always had plenty of work. Only ran out occasionally over the holidays. I recently left because I am getting out of the MT and just started a really good job with decent hourly pay. If it had been possible for me to stay on with them, part-time IC I would have; but no way could I work 24 hours a wk for them and 40 hours at my new job. So I had to leave. I would recommend them. Not everyone is unhappy working for them and not everyone's experience is the same.

I do think that they are now hiring everyone in at 8 for straight typing and 4 for editing; it's possible you would be eligible for a raise after a period of time depending on your tier level, but don't quote me.

Some people are being hired at 7/3, at least that - is what I have seen on here. nm

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Yes, they hire low leaving tiny bit of room to go up. But if - MT never asks for a raise, so much SM
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the better for MM. They get an MT at a bargain price. Those ones that do ask for a raise, if they are good MTs, they will get it but not over a certain amount, which is too low for a good MT. But MTs stay here and work, so they must be okay with that.

How are they scary dishonest. They will tell you right out pay will not - go up and you will not get a raise SM

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above the highest level as they set it - 6 cpl VR at the very highest, not that you will start out there, and maybe 8-9 cpl highest for ST. They make no bones about they send work OS and their goal is to send more work OS. What are they dishonest about?

Too - many

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things to name. One of them was the very big lie that VR will double your line counts and VR will learn.
That lie was told by EVERY MTSO, not just MM. That lie - was first told by ppl selling VR. nm
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Whatever, it was - a lie
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What do you think MModal is? It is a software company that scams it's employees.
I know what it is, I work there. ALL MTSO are a scam in one - way or another. But MM doesnt lie. They Sm
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will tell ya the gruesome truth to your face. Probably cause it is just easier to be truthful about all the sad changes than to try to lie around what is so obvious.

I dont know why MTs seem so surprised that this is the reality of MT now. This is business. $ is the bottom line, not your feelings or if you can pay your bills.
Who's - surprised
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MM does lie. Everyone has their own personal history of lies they were told. I have a bunch of them. If you haven't been lied to, then good for you. I have and many others have.
If you cant give examples, not believable. Why should they lie. - MTs still work there knowing the truth. nm
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I really don't care - if you believe it or not
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Why are you so hostile? - mr defender
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They do lie. I was told I would have my same accounts, did not happen. I was told my work did not go offshore, big lie. I was told the holidays were the reason for the low work, woah... another lie. I was told I would get a standardized profile for all 20 accounts I have to do, wait, is that yet another lie?
True. You are right but who believe those lies. It has been - posted ++ times that will happen. SM
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If an MT really thinks those things are true, she is pretty naive and she has never been to MTStars or talked to a more experienced MT.
Hopefully, as more MTs know those things are lies, they will - call their MTSO on it when they SM
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are told they are being sold down the river.

But again, lies or no lies, enough MTs work here that what difference does it make. If your sensibilities are so offended by a lie, why work here? Oh yea, if you are that insulted by lies, you would not even be an MT.
Those lies only apply to bought out MTs. OP was hired - on her own. No same accts, etc. nm
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MM did lie once. And got caught and punished, even though the - degree of punishment was too low. SM
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They have probably learned the lesson not to lie. And they are finding out they dont have to anymore. They are up front and honest with the gruesome facts, but MTs keep signing up to work under those conditions.
Too many to name? Name just 3 besides no raises,low pay, - OS, which they will tell ya straight out. nm
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to each their own - anon

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Everyone will have their own opinion whether MModal is a good company to work for, but I'll tell you my experience. I started with them in 2006; straight transcribing, 8 cents a line. That seemed reasonable since I didn't have to worry about paying my own taxes as I was a previous IC and I got benefits from them. However, over the years, my pay has been cut by 50% (I kid you not) due to voice recognition, them taking away bonuses, the poor quality of the voice recognition files to edit, etc. Seriously, after being in the field for 35 plus years, I'm looking for another job. I do believe they will do everything in their power to "nickel and dime" us to death until we are working for 1 cent a line.

We got a 40% cut in pay for editing SR. Now I am earning 50% less - now minimum wage

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98% of the work is SR. Recently, the COO stated the average SR lph is 186. Multiply that by 4 cents per line and that is minimum wage for most. There are some lucky people have accounts that have good ASR output and/or accounts with standards to pull in. My lph for each report is 99% dependent on the quality of the output which, for my accounts, is pretty bad. So, basically, my pay is the result of the quality of work by others whom I have no control.

Also note that you will not get paid for any patient or carbon copy information you enter, i.e. headers or footers.

As bad as it is for me here, I stay, for now, because my schedule allows me to take classes, and I will be done at the end of the year and out of here. I have been an MT for over 25 years and would rather do transcription, but the state of the industry has forced me to sadly leave.

Curious - Nick

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RUN, RUN, RUN and don't look back!

How do they offer jobs when they just laid off - so many???

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Makes my head wobble. I would think they would be calling back those they laid off first.

This company is something else.

The ones - that I

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know that got laid off would not come back. I wish they would lay me off. This place just gets worse and worse every day.

Working for MModal - Done

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I would be with them 35 years this August 1st and today is my last day. Cannot do it anymore... it is a sweatshop. Very low pay (no raise since 2000) once you reach their "top tier." They have cut my pay by 50% over the years and I now make what I made in 1982! It is time to go, so I am leaving the field of transcription and moving on after transcribing for 39 years total. Scary, but ready to make an actual paycheck again. I would not advise anyone to do it, but this is just me.

I hope this is a joke. They just laid a lot of people off and still too low on work. - nm

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It seems like they need to lay off some HR people since they don't seem to know - when to quit hiring. NM

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Don't - forget...

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the 99% accuracy requirement. I worked for them nearly 2 years before I started getting audited (harassed) nearly weekly over this and threatened with termination. Trying to maintain this standard, I have seen my pay go down even further to where I now only make about $200 a week.

This, and probably - most MT jobs now

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are great if you don't mind doing about 25% or more of your work for free. The Fluency VR program is disgraceful and the added features, graphs, inactive time monitors, etc., give it even more of a sweatshop feel. Two words for working at MM: Absolutely. Horrible.

Bottom line, what matters is what do you make per hour. If - make $15-20 an hour, those things SM

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dont seem to bad. And yes, we should be paid for everything but shoulda, woulda, coulda. These are the parameters we work within doing MT and if you cant find your niche within those parameters, this work is not for you.

Sure, if you are making minimum, doing ANYTHING for free is not acceptable. But an MT needs to figure her pay per hour and then decide if what that figure is will be adequate for the lifestyle she wants. If it isnt, she needs to find another job or get a different job. No since making yourself a victim by staying in a situation you cant live with.

Why not try it - sm

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A job is a job..I dont work hard and I make about 10 an hour, I always have work, and personally I really like their platform. Ive tried other companies, and while they may seem to treat you better, their platforms are way harder to learn..Personal choice, try it, if you dont like it move on..Nobody is holding a gun to your head making anyone stay here, although, at times it sure feels that way the way people complain.

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