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Job hunting - 3 hospitals no where close to me pay......are you ready.... - mythought

Posted: Apr 30, 2012

$15/hour.  Like the good ole days.  I'm moving soon but not to those cities.  Hopefully I can find a MT in-house job, otherwise, I'm done.  I will not continue to work for these low wages while the companies make billions in revenue. 

I'm with ya on that. No more MTSO jobs for me, one - was more than enough! (s/m)

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I have an interview with a large teaching hospital in 2 weeks. I don't even know what the pay is, but I know it would be 3 times what I make now doing 99.9% VR for 3 cpl.

My job opportunities have been few and far-between, looking only at in-house hospital jobs and not MTSOs, but I absolutely will NOT put myself through such the degrading experience of being an MTSO employee ever again. Even if it meant having no job. Because working for an MTSO really IS having no job.

What do you consider a good hourly rate? I've been with MTSOs too long. nm - Curious

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They usually start you out based on experience - but most give raises and incentive.

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the one I worked for before getting outsourced I got $500 incentive on top of my hourly rate just for making production and passing audits every three months. I made $16 an hour, but again $500 on top of that every single pay period just for metting production, which was not difficult.
hourly rates - ILMT
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Not around here - pay is based on a salary range which is based on surrounding institutions. 30 years or 3 years - you start out the same level- 30 yrs might be closer to the upper end of the range but the level is the same. We haven't had a raise in 3 years.

I would encourage anyone apply with local - hospitals that are not outsourced versus

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working for MTSOs. All the local ones in my area are outsourced unfortunately, but I did work for one many years before it was outsourced and we were all home based with good wages and benefits.

Outsourcing - Anonymous

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I work for a facility that does not outsource although I know it's being considered. We have not hired anyone new in years, when people quit or retire they are not being replaced. On site jobs are very difficult to find as many places have no MT department at all.

Hospitals are cutting their in-house staff too. Don't count on that for long. - SM

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Two hospitals and 2 clinic facilities in our city have done so, and I'm betting our hospital will be next within a few years. It's cost cutting and the work I believe goes to a local service in one case, but the others I am not sure.

Cheaper to pay a service than to pay benefits.

Hospital work - JW

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My local hospital had an ad before Christmas and I applied for it. I have kept in touch with the lady who does the hiring and she tells me she has to send MTs home early and has decided not to hire anyone now as there is not enough work. The work seemed to dry up overnight. I will keep in touch with her but not looking good to get hired there. They do not outsource and my pay would have been over $14.00 to start and I have never done acute care before.

Same thing here with our local hospital, no new positions. - IAMT

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I talked to the head of the department a year ago and she said they went to VR and letting the docs use the touch pad. Though she said the records come in a mess and need to be heavily edited, the still are overstaffed by 2 MTs. Guess one of those 2 have to retire or worse before an opening occurs(and they have been there for years cuz they know a good thing) and just are not leaving but she also said they want to work M-F day shift - and she has to pull teeth to get night and weekend coverage - go figure. Hire some of us as we are so used to those hours, many demands, poor benefits, stinking pay, no raises, and so much abuse that we would be glad to comply with the hospital policy!

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