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Done Applying for MT jobs - JW

Posted: Apr 10, 2012

I need to write this for my own sake. I can no longer apply or test for these company positions. I am being rejected in one way or another by all of them. I have done this for going on 30 years. I can't take it anymore. It is so very very painful to deal with this. I think in my heart I have given up finding any MT position or any job at this point in my life. All I do is get angry, cry, throw things. Very very depressed and I get from friends is either God has something special for you or you need for faith in God. I think giving up at this point is what is best for me. Thank You.

practical advice - incognito

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Call some temp agencies in your area and see if they have anything regarding transcription, not necessarily medical, that you can do in the meantime or even secretarial jobs until you find something.

The invisible man in the sky is not receiving any more calls.

Thanks for the practical advice but - JW

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There are no temporary agenices in my area. I applied for an office job last week that required FP transcription and the willingness and flexibility to learn back office and front office so I could fill in if needed and even file charts. I am willing and flexible and I told them so several times. I haven't heard another word from them. Could it be that because I haven't lived in this small city long enough to be one of them and really belong here? I have been here nearly three years. I just have to wonder what the story is here. I was supposed to get an interview with the doctor yesterday and she has been out of the office for a few weeks and I had to wait until yesterday and absolutely nothing from them. I stayed home and by my phone all day for that reason because I was told she would interview me yesterday and not a word from them. What do they expect me to do for them now stand on my head and slide down a greased pole as my Mom used to say? It is a real boot in the butt as far as I am concerned and I am no longer able to handle rejections such as this.

Don't get into "emotional" mode... - antigeekess

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Get into problem-solving mode instead. (If you have to have a little fit or a big cry first to relieve some stress, go ahead.)

Small towns are tough. I didn't get an MT job until I moved my butt out of a small city and came to a bigger one. Is that an option?

You could reeducate & add billing/coding to your mix. I just posted a question about that myself, but I'm pretty confident it's better than the MT outlook. Do you have a junior college nearby? If so, those campuses are usually pleasant, positive places to visit anyway. Go browse a catalog and course schedule, and have a nice chat with a friendly counselor. You might be inspired to do something else entirely. 30 years is a long time for this crap.

If you need to utilize unemployment, hopefully you're doing so. Everybody needs a little help sometime. Go fill out the paperwork if you're not already on it. Your county should have a "career center" to help you look as well.

Exercise. It will release endorphins and boost your mood. So will eating a lot of natural food, especially fruits and veggies. Have a delicious, colorful salad every day.

If you have downtime while you're not looking, go volunteer at something. It will also boost your mood, and introduce you to new people. Network, network, network. http://www.volunteerconnection.com/

Finally, reading Norman Vincent Peale's "The Power of Positive Thinking" never hurt anyone. You'll enjoy it, too. I promise. :)

Giving up - Anonymous

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I think advising someone to give up is not good advice. I wanted to say that April 9th was a Monday. I know how crazy Mondays can be for many people, especially doctors with people waiting to be seen. If she was gone for a few weeks, her first day back was probably pretty chaotic. As a rule, I never expect much on a Monday. You might be over reacting a bit. I wouldn't think of this as a rejection. Also, you don't have to wait for them to call, you can call them and find out what happened.

Done - INMT

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Hi. I think the MT world has trained us to apply for jobs and sit and wait which is unfortunate. As far as that fact that you were supposed to be interviewed yesterday, this is not a position where you can sit and wait for them. I would call that office and ask when they plan on interviewing you, not IF. You have to go out and make things happen in the actual job world these days and the go-getter is gonna get it.

I would make it clear that you are interested and ask that you could come in and meet for the interview, not a call. This lets the doctor get too busy with patients or charts or lunch to make time to sit and call. A warm body always get more attention than a call IMHO.

Good luck

JW, I'm so sorry for what you're going through. It could - be so many of us these days. SM

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After years in this one little local line of work, we're all in very poor shape to try to get a job in these disastrous times.

Please don't blame yourself. IT'S NOT YOU. It's not because you don't have enough faith or a powerfully positive enough attitude to "draw" good things to you. The something-for-nothing notion that we can magically cure our problems by sending "I'm a winner, I deserve good things, come (job, money, good luck) to me!" vibes out into the cosmos is phony. It doesn't work that way. It never worked that way, no matter what anybody claims.

What it is is the economy and some very bad macroeconomic changes for lower-level workers. The very same thing is happening to many, many millions of people in our country, and on around the planet.

At least you're not approaching your late 20s and still living with your parents without ever having held a decent enough job to build good skills, much less a life, on. And even worse, sure you're a self-created failure at 28, that you must be to blame for not being positive enough, not having enough faith. We're creating a whole generation of defeated kids unfortunate enough to hit adulthood in this period. Unlike them, you KNOW you're a competent person and can take care of yourself.

As for getting practical, as said: why not? You have some free time, right? Social programs are greatly cut back, but definitely go apply for assistance anyway at all agencies with offices nearby--county, state, federal. See what happens. Among other things, one of them might just hook you up with some free training on a program office workers need these days, or perhaps training in something comparatively new and exciting.

BTW, an intake clerk I met a couple years ago at our local hospital was in her 70s and having a lovely time at her first paying job ever. She had had to look for work when her husband's business failed and he died (no Social Security!), and this opportunity was opened up for her after the local unemployment office categorized her as effectively unemployable and thus eligible for training.

Don't Give Up - Anne

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Don't give up, BUT do get out of MT. One thing that I have noticed searching for something other than MT is that it takes a LONG time; it's as though MTs are pigeon-holed. If you are able, you just have to be adamant that you are absolutely NOT going to take any job that is medical transcription based, period. Many employers won't believe you, and many employers still believe that there is money to made at home as a medical transcriptionist and can't figure out why you want out. Remember, these people are interpreting what they hear and read and are not experiencing nor have they experienced what has and is actually going on. You just have to be adamant about not doing it, period, and that you are worth an hourly or salary position just like anyone else, and you are perfectly educated and skilled to do the office work. If some day you feel down about the entire situation, take a day or two off from it all, BUT whatever you do, get right back into it and press onward.

yes, give up - wheres_my_job

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it will liberate some emotional energy, to just completely give into your feelings of giving up.

The economy is unfair, some might say vicious, job hunting makes you feel like the hunted, and who gives a frick? It's just a job. It's just a stupid job. I mean seriously, if you weren't getting paid to do it, would you do it?

So just give up. The two words I can't stand are: "ideal candidate." All the frickin' job speak, go-getter, fast-paced environment (translation: understaffed), initiative. It's just a frickin' job. I applied at FedEx recently, and had to laugh: You have to do a 100-question personality profile thing...you know, so they can weed out the slackers...but whenever I go into FedEx, there's the same old ordinary HUMAN BEINGS working there...none of them particularly go-getters or high-energy...so one of the women smiles more, so what. It's just an ordinary JOB ordinary PEOPLE are doing.

Don't know if that's any comfort, but you know, that "brave face to the world" can feel like a lead mask after awhile, weighed down with grief and hopelessness. Lighten your load, and just give up, toss away the lead mask and feel the spring air on your skin. Tomorrow is another day.

Thanks each and every one of you!! - JW

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All of you have very good ideas. I like the "when are you going to interview me" idea very much. I tried to call their office before I read all these posts but they were already closed and I am grateful they were. Some very very good ideas here. You better believe I want out of this MT racket. I think maybe I have to give up for now, applying that is. I have a broken heart and I know that is very emotional but I am a very sensitive person. Maybe if I do give up it will help clear my mind. If my savings runs out, I plan on joining my Mom on the other side. The economy is never going to be better and will just keep going into the depths and continue to sink further and further. The only thing that matters to me right now and keeping me here is my cat. I like the one about the one in the sky is not taking any more calls too. I have some friends who would not like that statement but it fits. Thanks for all your positive thoughts. They are all well taken.

That sounds like... - antigeekess

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...a suicide threat. You said, "If my savings runs out, I plan on joining my Mom on the other side. The economy is never going to be better and will just keep going into the depths and continue to sink further and further. The only thing that matters to me right now and keeping me here is my cat."

You need to be on an antidepressant, and to be seeing a therapist. Here are some sites that may help: http://www.nimh.nih.gov/health/topics/depression/index.shtml



Good luck. Get more cats. (^..^)~
I agree with you - it worried me too - wheres_my_job
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There is a group in UK, but you can email them from the US - called Samaritans - you can pour your heart out to them, and they will respond. Give it a try. Just contact some group and lay the cards on the table, how you are feeling.

Ask for help.
Not so bad as you may think. - JW
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Why would it be so bad. I've done a lot of reading on the topic of afterlife and it sure sounds one heck of a lot better than here. Things are only going to deteriorate here and all over the world.
It's not what come after that's bad... - wheres_my_job
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...the bad part is the enormous pain you are in NOW.

Please contact one of the groups you can find online...I mentioned Samaritans in a previous post, in the UK...you can tell them everything you're feeling, and they know how to respond in a caring way...tell them you've done reading about the afterlife, everything. They are NOT therapists, they are not trying to "fix" you or "improve" you, they are just there to listen and be caring. (Well, I think therapists serve the same function, but if that hasn't worked for you, it hasn't worked). There are a lot groups like that online.

Can I ask you one favor, and would you just try contacting them, or a crisis hotline, or something like that.

Thank you.
A Job - JW
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A job is all I need not a Samaritan, therapist, or drugs. Why not ask our government where all the jobs went? They're the ones who are causing a lot of the depression in this country but people just go on with their daily lives until the unemployment hits them. They accept what the government is doing without question.
Then protest and you will feel better - wheres_my_job
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JW - I don't agree with your political views - but I DO support you protesting, picketing, fundraising, doing petition drives, volunteering on a campaign - whatever it is - because it will make you FEEL BETTER, and not be reading up on the afterlife, etc.

YOU MAY ALSO GET SOME JOB LEADS WHEN YOU PARTICIPATE POLITICALLY - which is what you say you need to feel better.

Anti-depressants and therapists - JW
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Anti-depressants and therapists do not bode well for me. Been there done that. The only anti-depressant that will work is a decent job.
Please seek help - sm
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Phrasing this bluntly, you are not going to get a decent job unless you can resolve your emotional issues.

You are expressing suicidal ideation.

The people on this board are not equipped to help with that. Please seek that help from an appropriate source.

The people on this board cannot provide enough attention and validation to make your bad feelings go away. No one can. They do not deserve to be forced into the role of therapist or to have a guilt trip laid on them by someone they do not even know.

That IS what you are doing here . . . you are using this board for group therapy. You should not be doing that because they cannot help you any more than they already have.

Please get help from an appropriate source. Whether you think therapists bode well or not, you need one and we aren't one.

If you cannot call a hotline, walk into the nearest ER or dial 911. Tell them you are suicidal.
No thanks no therapist and no drugs for me. - JW
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I've seen a lot of therapists and not one could ever help me and drugs cause terrible side effects which are dangerous to health. I don't need help, I just need a job. Let yourself get into a hopeless situation like I am and see where your mind goes. I will never seek help or drugs for this when there is one solution and that's a half way decent job. I have had it with rejections that I don't deserve due to greedy companies. I want to live and enjoy life but it is hell right now. I want out of this crap of being an MT. I'm not a slave and I'm not going to kiss their butt any more. Once more, I don't want the damn government involved in my health care which they would be if I went out and got a therapist and took drugs.
OK, it was a good suggestion - sm
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The thing is that no matter what is causing your depression, it is going to keep you from getting and keeping a job.

If you are so able to help yourself, then you will be able to stop making the veiled suicide threats here.

If you are not ill, after all, they are just manipulative threats. Who here deserves to have that laid on them? Who here deserves to become depressed themselves by that, to feel obligated to spend time soothing you and looking up references and help lines for you, and otherwise providing free therapy services? Free to you, but costing them work or family time?

Again, if you feel that you have no need for counseling or therapy, you should be able to stop posting suicide threats.

Wheres my job - Anonymous

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Those questionnaires are not designed to "weed out the slackers." They are personality profiles, but one thing they're looking at is a person's ability to work and play well with others. You are making snap judgments about those people at Fed Ex. How do you know if they're go getters or high energy? They got hired, so someone must have recognized their potential. My advice to you would be to check your attitude at the door the next time you apply for a job. BTW, for most people, giving up is not an option, that's really bad advice.

I couldn't disagree with you more - wheres_my_job

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No snafus or mixups at FedEx? I beg to disagree. Nobody being low energy at FedEx? Oh, I disagree. I've been in there enough times...nobody's "special" there, nobody's an eager beaver, they're just people. Potential? It's a copy center, they help people figure out how to put a card in a machine to print something. Oh, they read an email, someone sent a digital file, then the digital file gets printed. Hilarious. Sure, it's a high-stress job - probably because FedEx understaffs its stores to make more profit. They also are anti-union big time.

I can't check my attitude at the door - because there is no door to check it at. It's online. They could give a test to see how well you can navigate all the different file types, pricing options, etc - but no, they want to do a psychological profile, just laughable - slackers can still get an interview, figuring out what the "right" answer is - even though they're lying - they can lie straight through the interview, and get the job - and you know what, their boss might not even care, because their boss thinks the whole screening process is BS themselves - it's somebody way higher up that thinks, wow, ooh, let's do a personality profile, they do that with Secret Service for the President, so why not FedEx copy centers?

As far as my advice to give up - it's excellent advice. If you're torturing yourself, berating yourself, and in terrible emotional pain, because you're having a hard, if not close to impossible time, achieving WHATEVER - baby, you gotta give it up! GIVE UP. Just allow yourself to experience it, touch rock bottom. What will you discover there? YOU NEED HELP. You can't go it alone, or tough it out. Most people can't give up - right, because this is America, and we're all supposed to have golden bootstraps lying around in a drawer somewhere. If we lived in Canada or the UK, a certain portion of what we're going through, would be OFF OUR BACKS. Okay, so this is a distinctly American problem. Of course, it's worse in so many countries - but what does that say about the U.S., that we have to point to how bad off someone else is, in order to show how good it is here?

But thanks for the opportunity to get up on my soapbox about FedEx - I read about the labor dispute they were having with their drivers - those FedEx drivers were NOT being treated right by FedEx. I can't imagine it's better for those hourly employees in FedEx's retail centers. Go Union!!!!
A step back - JW
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I have to take a step back and look at myself and why I must go through a grief period everytime one of these 2-bit company jobs don't work out. I believe the answer is greed on their part. I had a test I could have done but decided to not do it because it would have meant nothing to me. I am finished applying for these damn companies. I believe it is time for that.

I agree...someone with some SERIOUS issues... - nm

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I agree . . . leave the attitude at home - Anon2

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Those questionnaires are designed to weed out people who think it is "just a frickin JOB," too.

No employer wants to hire someone whose emotional baggage and miserable attitude will drag everyone down.

Nobody owes you a job. If you cannot get yourself to the point that you can adapt and work with others, you should seek counseling, either to get over it or get a diagnosis. Perhaps disability would be an option.

When an unemployed person finally gets a job, the appropriate response is to do whatever it takes to succeed expectations. If you are to angry or depressed to do that, you might want to see a mental health professional.

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