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Synergy - Another Indian Front Company - had to snicker and shake my head

Posted: Apr 28, 2012

When reading their website.  Little grasp of English grammar.  Misspelled words.  Typical foreign adjectives.  Bah!

Synergy - Anonymous

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Offices in California, India and the Philippines.

Well at least they have one office in the US. - see message

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Willing to bet they only have a small percentage of US MTs and the majority are in India and Phillipines.

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After reading about that poor Swiss woman who was vacationing in India with her husband and being gang raped by 8 men, does anyone else's skin crawl just knowing we work for a company owned by India and their total disregard for women ?? ...

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When you look on FB and look up MModal, the only people who like are Indians, and the only pictures they have are of Indians.  So what does that tell you?  I definitely am leaving this field and am in a court reporting program, but I still have probably another year or maybe a little longer to complete and was just hoping to hold on to this job to make a little bit of money, but that's probably not going to be possible.  Very sad.  Thanks everyone for your tips about the ...

Not Sure Why Mediscribes Is Posting Jobs Here. They Are An Indian Company.
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then offshore it to India.  They have an office already set up in India.  I really think the management of this site should realize this is fully and completely a functioning Indian company, owned by Indians, staffed by Indians and transcribed by Indians.  Americans are used to establish accounts here and then its outsourced. ...

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Here's my observation for a Sunday for what that's worth   No matter what aspect of Nuance you work in, be it MLS OR QC, you are never good enough, never fast enough, never perfect enough, you are not the mind reader they had hoped they had hired.   If you pore over a job to leave fewer blanks, you are too slow. If you try to meet production, you leave too many blanks.  Oh, and don't try to point out errors on the account specifics cuz chances are they will never g ...

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Hi - Had 2 transcriptions from a new hospital, and both had an R encased in a box in front of the internal job number.  Anyone know what this means? TIA ...

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Hospital where I worked before being outsourced kept a friend of mine on for QA. Now they don't outsource at all. Using a program like Dragon and the doctor dictating has to edit his own report. And QA is auditing the doctors! If the report is not accurate, the doctor is written up. No more blaming the MT for their mistake. ...

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are the lucky ones.  (see below threads)  I have received emails of many being just laid off without warning and MAYBE a week's notice.  Take this as a warning people!  We work at home and don't know what is going on until it is too late-except for MT STARS.  GET IT? ...

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or maybe not so patiently :-) ...

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I agreed to do some work in coverage for someone and the doctor sent files directly.  He uses an Olympus recorder that uploads on AS-4000 Pro Player platform.  Once uploaded, it sends each voice file out by encrypted email.  So I got the .dss file but it comes as .$dss In addition to the voice file, there is an .html file that contains the header information for the recording.  I downloaded the DSS Lite Player, but it doesn't recognize the file.  Before I start d ...

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Thanks for letting me know about having to pay up front to train in Jersey! I wouldn't even do that if we had the money when you don't know how awful of an account you may get or horrible platform. I was just getting ready to test. Thanks for the info! ...

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Webmedx Presents Award To Providers For Front-end Speech Implementation
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This article was from July, I just found it. It may have been addressed back then, and if so I missed it. Here is one part of the article: "Currently in use at several Webmedx customer sites, the ability for physicians to capture documentation using front-end voice recognition and then self-edit their work reduces costs by 60% for every transcribed report." This is the link to the article: http://www.healthcareitnews.com/press-release/webmedx-presents-award-providers-front-end-speech-implem ...

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I'm a former MT who decided I couldn't live "peaceably" with VR (LOL) and left MT a few months ago.  I've had some trouble finding a job outside of MT since then, though.  I'm willing to branch out, but I suspect that after many, many years of doing MT, some employers aren't willing to take a chance that I'd be happy long-term in a less-challenging job.  (The applications I most often get a response from are medical-type jobs.)  Maybe they'r ...

Pay For The Indian MTs
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There was a question about MTs pay in India. It is generally dependent on the line count and quality. Direct upload MT transcribing 800 lines per day - Rs. 1.2 (nearly 3 cents)  - 22 working days - Rs. 21,120 (around $600  per month) - greater than 98% accuracy (supposed to be) Only professionals like engineers, doctors, some software guys, etc. get more salary than this. Things are a little different in CBay (Medquist) India.  Irrespective of experience, the MT ...

Indian Vs US QA On ASR
Feb 05, 2012

I just saw a post from last month wondering about what the accuracy level is that Indian MTs have to maintain. On Editscript, expected accuracy is 99% and tolerated accuracy is 98.5%. If your job is marked by QA  as below 98% accuracy, you do not get paid for that job.  Critical/grave/major/minor errors are all assessed per job and factor into accuracy calculations. If you have more than 5 major errors per 2000 lines, you lose the right to work on an account.  Most Indian MTs prod ...

Indian MTs
Jul 03, 2012

Would someone please explain to me exactly why there are so many people in India that can to American transcription? How in the heck are they so proficient in the English language? Heck, 99% of Indian doctors I get couldn't speak a grammatically correct sentence if their life depended on it. I'm not kidding, I would really like to know. ...

Indian QCs
Sep 25, 2012

Does anyone have problems with Indian QCs (scores are good with US QCs), such as thinking that they may be deliberately marking errors where none existed originally?  I've tried to copy my reports to check against them when I get Indian QC feedback, but the platform won't allow it.  How does anyone else handle this?? TIA ...

MMEs On Indian MTs
May 04, 2010

Are any other MMEs out there coming across Indian MTs who conveniently leave out portions of dictation, because they don't understand it?  I'm finding words or phrases left out that are completely clear, but a lot of the time is American slang.  Other times, it seems that they make up phrases to fit dictation they don't understand.  Anyone else? ...

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Is this company Indian owned or a US company? ...

Has Anyone Actually Seen Indian Work? Is It Really That Bad? Sm
Sep 10, 2011

In the past, it was stated by editors that the work was exceptionally good, except for some terms used more commonly in the US.  I suppose they have more problems on the consults, which is why I've been receiving 15 minute typed consults lately, but at least I have work.  Can anyone objectively state quality of Indian MTs work?  How many here have actually seen the work they produce?        ...

Just A Note On The Indian MTs
Jul 04, 2012

Have been working for a couple of months for a local clinic and there are 2 large hospitals in our area --- one uses in-house transcriptionists and one uses an MTSO.  I can tell without a doubt which reports come from which hospital.  The ones from the in-house MTs look like a user-friendly, readable report, and the MTs initials are readily available at the end of the report.  The quality is exceptional.  I know most of those MTs personally and they all have more than 10 year ...

Indian Accents
Oct 22, 2012

Does anyone have any suggestions to help with transcribing Indian accents?  Are there any special settings on Express Scribe that might help?  Thanks!  ...

Indian MT Pay Scale
Mar 27, 2013

As best I can calculate, the Indian MTs are started at about $40/week. This is not an error. I looked at both the application from Nuance (which can be found by googling) as well as the exchange rate. So when you see all the "extras" they are offered, try not to be jealous; they can't buy groceries with those extras. Apparently they are as dissatisfied with the management of the MTSOs as are we Americans. The question seems to be how many will continue to work for such low salaries and ...

Why Can't The Indian MTs Do These Crappy- Sm
Oct 04, 2013

Indian dictators and give me some jobs I can understand that don't have to go to QA!!!! ...

Interesting Conversation I Had With An Indian MT
Nov 05, 2009

I received a request to chat on my FB account today.  The person on the other end was an MT in India and he was essentially requesting American MTs to subcontract to him, let him do the work and pay him because (paraphrased) "even if the client doesn't wish the work offshored, there are many ways around this and no one would be the wiser." Anyone else had an encounter such as this?  I did find out he makes about $700/month working 6 days a week, 8 hours a day.  Has an ...

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Predictions, next 2 years for MQ: 1.  Another re-structuring.  Most CCMs will lose their jobs, to include middle management. 2.  All old accounts will stay in U.S. unless directed by hospital to go to India (like what happened to my old accounts), but here is the catch:  India management will push for them to go to India! 3.  All easy work will go to India - no exceptions. 4.  All new accounts will go directly to India and only special docs that the Indian ...

Indian Holiday This Weekend
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The only reason there is an incentive running and there is extra work is because the Indian government gives their employees a week off for the holiday and we are expected I mean supposed to be motivated by the incentive to work it for them.  Google the Indian holidays for 2011 and you will see when our next incentive weekend will be- end of October.  Good luck to anyone working, you are welcome to the work I won't be doing. ...

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My dictations seem a lot easier today on Saturday with a lot of good dictators versus all of the horrible dictators during the week and I was wondering if this could be due to the Indian MTs not working weekends, or maybe it is just my good luck today! ...

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Simple comparison of SR rates of US and INDIAN MTs (M*MODAL) INDIAN RATES... 0.01492646 U.S. dollars = 0.82 Indian rupees Source:  Google. ...