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Couldn't find any info on SCRIBE 4 US - JT

Posted: Nov 06, 2012

Couldn't find any info on SCRIBE 4 US.  Anyone have any information?

I also would like to know about Scribe 4 US - fedup

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I googled, facebooked, can't find this company anywhere. Does anyone know about this company?

I am also interested - MTgirl

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I don't see their info anywhere

Scribe 4 Us - onesocalMT

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I also cannot find anything on this company.

Maybe it's a good thing... - sm - Wondering MT

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...that there is no negative info on them. However, without knowing anything on them, it's definitely a roll of the dice if one applies and gets hired. Won't know until you get in there, but they are offering .10 CPL.

Nobody heard anything yet? - princess1971

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I just saw a posting for jobs with this company. Fits my scheduling needs but it makes me nervous as to whether or not we will actually get paid.....

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