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Anyone at Accentus have a slower upload speed than recommended? - ndmt68

Posted: May 04, 2012

I can't get a 1.5 MB speed without a major expense, and I'm worried this will slow me down. Thanks for your help :)

Same problem with - download of 6 and upload of 0.5

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My ISP has a package that will increase upload from 0.5 to 2 mbps, I think, but they would have charged me business level rates at an increased cost of ~$50/month. The company felt like the lowr 0.5 mbps wouldn't work without the higher mbps. This issue was really pivotal, in addition to no first-shift work (2nd and 3rd are the onlh left.

I think I would have enjoyed working there! Pre-interview conversation, company policis emailed prior to interview, and our coming to the conclusion that the shift I wanted wasn't being offered. Despite that, their whole recruiter package was impressive and well presented.

Thanks for the feedback. I'm hoping it won't slow... - ndmt68

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me down too much. I've never worked on a platform where the speed was a specific issue, but maybe that's a good thing to have pointed out right away

How do you figure out the speed? - NM

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My situation exactly - sm

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I had precisely the same situation: 6 download, 0.5 upload, ISP with expensive business-level package. I also desired first shift and could have started at 5 a.m., but they only had 2nd and 3rd shifts available.

I was also impressed with their organization and think I would have enjoyed working for them, but I'm wired for early-morning work and can't change that...I wouldn't even try to at this point.

My ISP said that 0.5 is considered high enough speed for most purposes, and I've never had any problems with transcription platforms. I'm just curious, offhand, whether most applicants meet this requirement and my ISP is providing an inferior service.

updoad speeds - anon

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I have cable, and have upload speeds from 1.5 to 2 when I test on the different internet speed tests, they guarantee 1. My download speed is much higher than required. I know some working for them have had problems with losing their connections and that does make your shift run much longer. When you lose connection when it is uploading to them, you lose your job and credit for the lines you typed. I would seriously try to meet their minimums. I have my cable bundled with phone and TV and get excellent rates for all 3. Good luck!
Checking upload/download speeds - Speed
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You can find a number of free speed tests on the web, just do a search for "test upload download speed". Here is one:
Cable too - sm
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I have cable, too, and have download of 6 and upload of 0.5. I have a "triple-play" package, with all 3 services through ISP. I turned down the position because I didn't want 2nd or 3rd shift, so not an issue for me, but I've never lost my connection in 6 years of working on other platforms (before that, used a land line and Lanier). Anyway, I would surely hate to lose connection and credit for work done!

Upload speed Accentus - anon

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I have the minimums required BUT I think you need to also know and consider the way their system works. Three jobs load immediately and you load one job, type it, then send it and you are back out of the system. Then you load the next one and repeat. Sometimes it takes 30 seconds to a full minute to load the job. Also, sometimes I have lost jobs sending them, not sure if it is due to upload speed or not.

All of this extra time really causes you to have a low LPH, especially if you get a lot of 1 and 2 minute jobs (that happens sometimes to me and I cannot meet minimum LPH requirements). You have a choice at that point to not count all of this time spent downloading/uploading the jobs so your LPH will be higher, but you will add easily up to an hour of sitting at your computer to complete your shift. Personally, although I like the company, I am looking elsewhere and this is one of the big reasons, and I have not seen it mentioned here before, just be aware that your shift can seem much longer due to this constant downloading/uploading jobs instead of having a new one automatically load when you complete the prior one.

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