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This is what I hear; how do I type it correctly? CV; S1 and S2 normal rate and rhythm. - MT29

Posted: Aug 09, 2013

nm.  Thanks.

CV: S1 and S2, normal rate and rhythm. nm - NYMT

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unless.... - memls

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your account specs specify to spell out subheadings, then you would spell out cardiovascular.

This might help explain it - sm

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This is what the doctor means: "I hear S1 and S2 heart sounds. There is a normal rate and rhythm."

He's just shortening this to "S1 and S2, normal rate and rhythm."

Note that there is a colon (:) after the heading, not a semicolon (;). Just pointing this out because you used 2 of them incorrectly in your post.

On my job for the last 24 years for a clinic, we have always used semicolon and don't use BOS r - MT28

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unfortunately am not real familiar with BOS editions. Any advice appreciated.

Are you the OP? - Suggestion

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If you are the OP, you might want to get the BOS and review it. You may find it very helpful. You can also ask your company for a style guide, but they expected you to know this material before they hired you, so asking about it might not be wise.

This is a punctuation issue, not a whim or something that can be done according to preference. In written English, the colon is used where you were using the semicolon. The rule applies to the New York Times, publishers of books, students writing term papers, emails at work, and posts on internet boards, as well as medical reports.

The fact that you were made to do it that way for 24 years does not mean it is correct or even acceptable.

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