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I don't know how old this is but holy crap! - mt

Posted: Apr 16, 2012

The US Department of Justice has confirmed that it is conducting an antitrust investigation of Nuance Communications. The investigation is looking at Nuance's acquisition of Philips Speech Recognition Systems from Royal Philips Electronics for $96.1 million in October 2008. There has been concern since the purchase that Nuance has essentially taken control of the world's medical transcription market. Nuance's acquisitions, which have sometimes been preceded by submitting target companies to legal action for alleged patent infringements, have been the subject of complaints from some of its competitors. The Justice Department's investigation has been ongoing for several months; Nuance says that it has been cooperating with the government since late 2008.

I found this googling Nuance Corp.  

Now you know why they offer 3 cents a line - wheres_my_job

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yea....they had huge legal fees. - mt

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My very recent offer was NOT for 3 cpl - Rumors, rumors, rumors

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Please confirm your source on Nuance offering 3 cpl. You're stating it as fact; however, my VERY recent offer was quite a bit above that.

Do you personally know of someone who has been offered 3 cpl for editing at Nuance, or are you perhaps confusing Nuance with TTD, the talk of the boards the past 2 days?

If you're referring to Nuance, you're way off base on your statement unless you personally know someone or you yourself were offered 3 cpl.

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3 cents a line - ann

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I personally know someone offered 3.2/line last month. However, they had only 1 year experience and this may be the reason. I do not know what their going rate is for an experienced MT as I quit shortly after their acquisition of Webmedx.

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No, there will be no problem with the - acqusition. As usual, SM

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all at the top will make big money from this. At present, I think the 2 largest companies, M-Modal, and Nuance, are competing to see who will have the monopoly on all transcription in the US and offshored. I thought monopolies were illegal but I guess there are rules around that too (probably something written in the tax code that also allows the rich to keep on getting richer). To the person who wrote their offer from Nuance was quite a bit higher, do you mind telling us what it is? I saw their compensation chart (offered on here I believe) and the highest I saw was 4.83 for editing? This was for third-party employees like Transcend's will be, but I wonder how long that stays in effect? 4.83 is pitiful IMO. All will eventually go down to 3 as we can now see ads offering this.

There were, but we "needed to get off the backs - of big business." 30 years of

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letting ourselves be lead around by the noses has changed our world considerably.

Nuance - Anonymous

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Nuance acquired Philips in 2008 so the investigation is either still ongoing or it was dropped. Nuance has acquired several companies since then, MTSOs among them. It reminds me of Microsoft when they were in their heyday.

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