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Posting Swapboard - 2sweet

Posted: Apr 27, 2012

I am new to MModal. I need to post 5 hours on one of my Sundays to work to see if anyone will cover those. My CCM said I needed to post on swapboard. I can get to swapboard but I don't see anything on there to click for posting. I have went through my paperwork and can't find anything other than what swapboard is for, not posting on it. Thanks in advance for your help!

Here is how you do it, but I am afraid nobdy usually picks it up SM - SBH

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Go to swapboard on the left select the date of your shift on the calender. Then look to the right at the top part of screen it says schedule. On the left hand side of your shift in the column labeled actions click on the blue word swap. Then click swap shift. However, if nobody picks it up then you are still responsible to work that shift. I never have any success with this. Good luck hope it works for you:)

Never had success either - AnonToo

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At least I know it isn't me :)

I can't even find the swapboard nm - slave wages

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I never use the swap board....if I had to take 5 hours off - Kiki

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on Sunday, I'd just send my CCM an email stating I have to do so (plenty of time in advance of course), explaining to her when I will make up the hours later in the week. If you can't make up the hours ask for PTO. If you don't have PTO I am afraid you are screwed. This company sucks in that regard (and other regards too for that matter).

We're Only Allowed - To Make Up the Time At Their Will

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In other words, I can't just make it up when it's convenient for me, I have to keep checking e-mails to see when they need the help. SO, I don't much bother even adjusting my schedule, can't deal with the nonsense that comes with it.

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