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What happens when Obamacare starts in 2014? - Stephanie

Posted: Apr 02, 2011

I was wondering what my fellow MTs think is going to happen starting 2014 when Obamacare kicks in.  I had read an article in the NY Post a while back that 74% of MDs surveyed plan to work part time, retire from medicine, or go in a new direction careerwise.  Do you think we'll see a decrease in work available, even SR editing work?  Do you think that if a great amount of MDs cut back or retire from medicine that would cause our profession to lessen in demand?

Way too early to worry about that - Annie

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It is way too early to start worrying about 2014.  Any decision you make now, you have a 50-50 chance of making the wrong one.  Do whatever your head and heart tell you to – not what others write, say, or “speculate.”

ObamaCare is far from a done-deal.  It can be repealed, found unconstitutional, or changed to where it is nowhere near what it is now.  Every day they find more unsustainable spending and errors in the something like 6,000 page bill.  

Also, they have to get through the 2012 Elections first.  After 2012, if Republicans and Independents outnumber Democrats in both houses, and/or if Obama is defeated for a second term, then all bets are off.  

Of all the things in the world to worry about, ObamaCare is as low on my radar as it can get.  I have too many things happening right now that cause distress – there is no way I am going to worry about something that may or may not happen 3 years from now.  That is how ulcers develop.

Good luck in whatever you decide to do with your future.  



What's gonna happen? - NCMT

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We are finally going to be able to get Healthcare without being raped by insurance companies! Why people are so against FREE Healthcare I don't know. I for one wish it was happening sooner. I've been without insurance now for about 2 years. No one would see me because I didn't have insurance. Nobody wants self-pay patients. Sure there are programs you can apply for, but you have to be making less than minimum wage to get that, and I make a good living doing my job. Finally was able to go back to full time, and they are making me wait until July for benefits, even though I have been with the company since 2006, but at least I will be able to get my blood pressure and heart medication prescriptions refilled again. Doctors retire early??? Please, those greedy bums! Honey, our jobs are safe, believe that. Doctors quit......wooo hooo that was a good one !!!!! Hey hey hey, maybe the insurance companies will close up shop too...(Bwahahahaha) Oh my sides.....

Free insurance? There would be - premiums with the new

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insurance plans.

You better read the bill! There is no such thing as free health insurance - Backwards Typist

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in this bill. It is MANDATED health insurance that everyone in the country HAS to BUY or else get fined.

As for your insurance, if make a good living, then you should be able to afford insurance. I could afford it and I only made $35K a year. DH gets his Rx from Wal-Mart's $4 program. If you can't afford $4, there's something wrong there.

I don't see where doctors don't want self-pay patients. My doc welcomes it because they don't have to go through red tape to get paid.

A lot of doctors have stated they are going to retire if this takes affect. They don't want more restrictions on how they treat their patients, don't want more red tape and having the government dictate what they can charge, who they can treat, etc.

I think you should educate yourself on the HCA.

$415 for one prescription today for DD - WITH "insurance"

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We can submit to be reimbursed for another 70%. But we have to have this is a upfront first. It would have been $535. We have some downright junky insurance. We literally would be better off if DH lost his job again and we could put the kids on CHIP. So, while, yes, people ought to be able to set aside for a few $4 scripts from Walmart, not every script is $4 and not every script has a generic equiv.

Its true doctors don't want self-pay patients. sm - kittykitkat

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I was going to a doctor and paying out of pocket, but was given the most difficult time because of it. Couldn't figure it out. I guess because they couldn't pad the insurance bill They didn't want to be upfront about costs and basically lied to me. Was told I was getting one lab test for $50 and stuck me with a $300 lab bill for all kind of tests I didn't consent to. Needless to say I changed doctors.
Self pay - Stephanie
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That sounds really queer. I would think that physicians would want patients who self pay because they are paid for services rendered immediately without having to go through the hassle of filling out paperwork and stuff with insurance. I'm glad you changed physicians as what you said sounds really screwy.

I love Obamacare - bring it on - Anyone who thinks it is okay now

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Is either on their husband's plan or has some other kind of insurance. OR has been brainwashed by Fox that we don't deserve affordable health care, only the rich do, which you of course will be in the near future (you and Joe the Plumber). You really think it is great to pay $9000 in insurance premiums for a family of 4 per year and still have to pay the first $3000, still get billed for stuff even after you paid the copay, and then have to pay for any kind of x-ray, etc. until $8000 out of pocket? Please. I am an MT, have gotten the insurance because I don't want to be uninsured, but it totally sucks. The doom and gloom is now, not in the future. I for one cannot wait for any changes, they have got to be better than this. So if you really think that Obamacare is the apocalypse, then fess up and if you can afford to "self-pay" - it is on your own income?

Health care reform - Varesa

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I'm with you. I grew up in Australia and the cost of health care was never an issue. I paid my taxes and that was it.

It is so sad that people are losing their homes over the cost of health care. One day we will have the return on our taxes that we deserve and have single payer.
People are not losing their homes over health care costs!. - Frank
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..and we do need health care reform, but Obamacare is a nightmare if you actually look at the bill. It is going to create a ton more problems than is solves.
Yes they are. - Fact
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I don't give a crap about the bill and bankrupting the states, I care about my bills, which I cannot pay and really can't imagine many people can when they have a health problem. They should have thought of that all those years they let the insurance companies take over with their vicious monopoly. How about you "Obamacare is evil" people explaining your personal situations? I'm supposed to care about bankrupting the states but you don't have to care that your health insurance is great and mine sucks? Come on.
I hate to break it to you - To Fact
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but your bills are no one else's responsibility. If it is too much, declare bankruptcy. Most states I thought already have protections for a person's home as part of bankruptcy. Too physicians are under no obligation to accept insurance and if Obamacare kicks in, I'm sure we are going to see an increase in those still practicing who will not accept insurance due to all the paperwork and declining and untimely reimbursement.
Except in any other country when you get sick - you are not handed a huge bill
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So it's my fault a family member got sick and had to go in the hospital and I was handed an obscene bill despite paying $9000 a year in premiums? And if these physicians decide to not accept insurance, what then? How will they get patients? Again, no transparency from you naysayers. I know firsthand the outlandish costs and the fact I had no choice and tried to do the best thing by being insured, but what kind of insurance means when you have to claim on it, despite massive premiums, you basically just need to pay more? What is your situation? If you have had any healthcare issues in your family and you are insured under any MTSO insurance, I would like to know what you thought of THAT. If you have better insurance, explain to me why you should and I shouldn't?
Physicians declining Medicaid patients - Stephanie
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Look at this. Right from an article in today's New York Times -

The problem is common here and across the country, especially as states, scrambling to balance their budgets, look for cuts in Medicaid, which is one of their biggest expenditures. And it presents the Obama administration with a major challenge, since the new federal health care law relies heavily on Medicaid to cover many people who now lack health insurance.

√ĘÄúHaving a Medicaid card in no way assures access to care,√ĘÄĚ said Dr. James B. Aiken, an emergency physician in New Orleans.

I put in the link. I hope I did it right. If not, you can look on the New York Times for the article titled "Cuts Leave Patients with Medicaid Cards, but no specialists to see."
You know what - this does not tell me
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What anyone's personal experience is with the health care system vis a vis insurance and payment. I don't want to read articles or watch Fox news stories, I just want to know what people have been experiencing, why anyone thinks this system is okay as is, and not that "the system needs an overhaul but not Obamacare" line. It is too late to do nothing. If you are someone on Medicaid who has hit a brick wall as to access, fine, tell me that, but if you have no personal experience with the system as it is, or only positive experience, like maybe you don't owe a huge sum after any kind of treatment, fine, please tell me that story, and let me understand why someone's insurance coverage should be so much better than someone else's.
Re: You know what - Stephanie
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Well, if you are person who is ill then it is going to cost a bit more for your insurance. It's just like if you a driver who has a lot of fender benders. You're going to have to pay a higher premium. Even with Obamacare, your premium is going to go up. If your employer's plan does not work for you, then start shopping around and see what you can find. If you do some work on the side as a self employed person, you can deduct your premiums off of your taxes.

That article I believe is a look into what is going to happen when Obamacare kicks in. There are only so many physicians and as it is right now they are at their limits. Too if they have been working for X amount, why should they have to accept getting lower reimbursements? They still have to pay for their own housing, food, and energy expenses.
I would find it more compelling if you would say - what your situation is
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That car insurance comparison is not valid in my opinion - who would pay $10,000 in car insurance and then pay a load more when you crashed? In addition, I had made virtually no claims for 3 years and my MTSO keeps changing the insurer every year anyway. In addition, it was my young healthy son who got an infection through no fault of his own and was hospitalized. So tell me how I should have been prepared for that? I have tried shopping around and I always make too much to qualify for any state programs.

I guess it is none of my business, but I would find your advice more compelling if you shared what your situation is, and if you have great health insurance due a spouse/medicare, etc., what are you doing preaching to everyone else?
Insurance - Stephanie
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I shopped around and got what works best for me. I'm still young, eat right, get exercise, and have no chronic medical conditions. I dunno what you want me to tell you. Sometimes in life things happen and you just have to do your best. I probably would not waste your time with state programs. I bet you with the economy and all they are all getting hit big time with people trying to get assistance and more than likely if they have not already, they are going to be chopped a bit to save money. If your MTSO only has so much work, just to help yourself out a bit can't you snag a little extra work each work from someplace else? Even if it is only an extra $100 a week, that's $400 more a month you will have to help yourself out.
I know how to help myself out, what I really think - is that things need to change
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I have plenty of work and make a very good living, hence being able to afford the $200 a week for premiums, but there are people much worse off than me, and I personally want EVERYONE to have affordable health care. I think Obamacare is a step towards making sure we any of us are not left with devastating bills. Nobody wants to ask for govt help or not be able to pay their bills. The system has gotten so horrendous that there are no real choices, hence at least Obamacare will stop pre-existing conditions being denied and the insurer being able to cut you off.
I'm healthy, eat right, exercise a lot, but have allergies - a pre-existing condition
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Insurance companies don't like it if you have pre-existing conditions. They rejected my claims and then kept raising my monthly premiums until I couldn't afford insurance.
pre-existing condition...s/m - destinyisntfree
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I had an insurance company through an MTSO employer deny claims last year when I went to the doctor for strep throat, because I had had it within two years prior, so strep throat was considered a pre-existing condition. I think that is total BS. When I am benefit eligible with my employer..I will pay over 800 a month for a family of three, one of whom is an infant who will lose medicaid under Florida State guidelines on her first birthday if my household income exceeds $303 a month. She may be eligible for a state funded program for children that bases premiums on income..and if I make more than 1200 a month, it won't be any cheaper than getting the insurance through my employer. I have not had insurance coverage except through medicaid during my pregnancy in over a year now.

I was told that the income limit in my state was 101 per person in the household, anything over that, you have to pay 80% of that out of pocket before they will pay anything, and that is every month.

Another piece of food for thought for you naysayers. Look at the childhood mortality rate in some of the countries that have universal healthcare. Then, look at those same rates for the United States. Some of these other countries that are nowhere near the economic center that the US is have better healthcare, and much fewer instances of childhood deaths from treatable or preventable illness.
I recently went on Medicare, my doctor of many years "dumped" me - sm
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I finally did find a doctor who takes Medicare patients, but only on 2 hours every other Friday or some ridiculous schedule. The others that were on the list of "Doctors Who Accept Medicare Patients" didn't answer their phones or were not accepting any new patients.
we are about to lose our home over healthcare costs - sm
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We have a 10,000 deductible and pay out 98.00 per week for the coverage, just medical, no dental or eye, through my husbands work.

We cannot afford both medical and house, so guess what, we lose the house.

So sorry - Is it a big bill for treatment or
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Just the cost of the insurance/deductible itself that is making you lose your house?
its the $10,000 out of pocket deductible - how do you pay that
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I can swing the almost $6000 a year in weekly insurance premiums, its the deductible that is killing us.
Yeah, exactly. Even a $3000 deductible - is impossible for us
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When we are paying the $200 per week in premiums. This is what I can't understand. How do people pay these things and how has it gotten to the point where you really have no choice, and worrying about the costs of going to the doctor you choose to be insured, so then you are expected to pay not only the huge premiums but the other ridiculous out of pockets? No way this is a fair system.
Yup.. take my deductible and premium amount - and I pay $1250 per month
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That is more than my house payment but with the price of food and gas and everything else, what do you give up?

I guess I will have to live in a tent just to have insurance.
Most of us (with ins or without) are just 1 BIG illness away from bankruptcy - The reality of our healthcare system
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All you have to do is have an illness that takes out all your savings. A family member may have an illness that costs 4 million dollars, so your savings are gone, you have to sell your house, and maybe, if you're lucky, your neighborhood will put up little donation jars in the 7-11 stores.
Don't even feel superior if you have good insurance because there is a cap on that too - Nobody is secure with our current healthcare syste
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I checked the cap on the insurance I used to have. I had to drop it when they tripled the premium and drove me away because I had what they consider to be pre-existing conditions, high blood pressure under complete control by medication.

The cap, the maximum amount they would pay over a lifetime, would not have paid for a catastrophic illness. It was BC/BS, not some lesser known fly-by-night insurance. I had not ever bothered to check what the maximum coverage was and I was shocked to see that a bout with cancer or other serious illness would still have taken all my savings, and probably my home.

I HATE Obamacare. It will bankrupt the states.nm - Independent

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Obama care - too tired

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Insurance is nice and I wish everyone had it. When I was growing up, we had none (family of 8). Not many people did have insurance. It is not one of our inalienable rights. I know I will be crucified for this, but if no one had insurance, the costs would go DOWN and more people could afford to pay and it would be less than insurance. Yes, I have insurance, but I pay a lot for it too. When Medicare came in, the prices began to rise because of the deductible and disallowances. Doctors did not want to lose anything. I would probably be the same. HOWEVER, with the debt at the amount it is, I believe everyone will need to be cut, YES, even me. I am willing to do my fair share. The problem is, the fat cats do not want to do theirs, just look at GE!
Nuff said. Best to everyone.
I agree with you - but watch out
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Anything that cuts the insurance companies out and makes health care what it should be, nonprofit (gasp - socialism!), will be totally attacked, so your idea of not having insurance is a fine one, but the insurance companies have spent these last 20-30 years pushing the envelope with us poor workers to see what they could get away with and very rarely even getting their hand slapped. They are laughing all the way to the bank, even with Obamacare. I look at the 3 parties involved, the doctors, us patients and the insurance companies, and wonder how it has become that we are the ones that pay the biggest cost of care, then the doctors lose out, but the insurance companies are raking it in. Same thing as Wall Street execs getting obscene bonuses while teachers are vilified IMO.

It's hard to say - see message

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I saw someone say its way too early to think about that, but it's not. People need to prepare now, not in 2014. Here where we live we prepare for earthquakes now, not when they happen.

I really don't know what will happen. There are too many factors to think about. First, there is the whole issue about 2012, so we may not even be around. Next, we may get a republican president in so hopefully we'll keep our fingers crossed and hopefully he can throw it out.

If all that fails and we are still sitting here and nothing has changed I do most doctors will drastically change their work schedule. Most will retire or go into another field. I always say it's good to be prepared ahead of time and not wait for the catastrophe to hit.

Guess you can say it's the girl scout in me. Our motto was "Be Prepared".

Heh, I was with you until you started to talk abut the "whole issue" with 2012. - Just me

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Are you talking about the Mayan calendar thing?

Oh, and I'm really thankful for Obamacare. And I think he will get re-elected. Or do you want a Bachmann/Palin presidency.

Half the doctors should do into something - else.

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In the northeast, we are saturated with doctors. Many large practices have marketing departments because they're competing for a limited pool of potential patients. All these doctors and no one is getting any better, just getting lots of prescriptions.
Speak for yourself. In my state, just the opposite. Doctors - have to see double the patients they should
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and have not enough time, not near enough, with each patient. If we end up with less doctors and more patients, will be a total disaster.
Doctors DO NOT HAVE TO see double the patients. - I hate it when I hear that.
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I have worked in several medical offices and have scheduled appts. for physicians who will not double and triple book appointments, and I have also worked for those that do.

There is no mandated law that requires them to double book. They do it for the money. I have often found that those who DO overbook are the ones that are the most inattentive to their patients and barely give them enough time to listen to their problems, let alone adequately care for them.

On the other hand, those that I have worked for that do not double book may have to work longer hours, but their patients have excellent care and FEEL like they matter to their physician.

I cannot believe how many people will come on this board and criticize MTs who cut corners in order to meet their production quotas and make enough to live on, citing the care of the patient is first and foremost. But far too many people give the doctors carte blanche to do the same exact thing. It isn't right for either one to do it. If there is no excuse for the MT, there is NO excuse for the MD either.

2012 = Presidential election. That's probably what the other poster is referring to. - Backwards Typist

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Palin is NOT running...and I'm hoping Obama will NOT be re-elected.
Obamacare - Stephanie
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You and me both sister. Obama is running the US into the ground.

The reason I asked about the potential effects of Obamacare is like someone else said - start making plans now instead of waiting until the last minute. I would much rather plan and be able to say oh well if things do go sour and continue on with my life.
Right on Stephanie - see message
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I'm the one who said start making plans now and don't wait til the last minute. Growing up when we heard hurricanes were going to hit we prepared. We didn't wait for the hurricane and then do something after or during it. Same with any disaster (which is what Obamacare is) and most anyone with intelligence can see that, the others prefer to stick their heads in the sand chanting...he is great, he is great (in my best Imotep impression) :-)

As for the 2012 issues there are two issues. We have the next presidential election. Anyone who says "oh he's gonna win alright" like they can see into the future and "know" he will win is just a fool and they haven't been listening to anyone since the last election.

Next issue is the 2012 issue. I don't believe it's going to happen like the movie. I don't know everything about the Mayan calender, but I've listened to many people who have studied about this and there are definitely going to be some major issues (whether it be weather, economical, political or whatever). Astronomers have picked up another planet/comet thing that is heading towards our solar system (I forget the name of it at this moment) but have been listening to this for a long time. If it enters the system and moves behind the sun the effects are not really strong, but if it enters our orbit and passes between us and the Sun a lot of really serious things could happen. What I've been hearing is nobody knows yet what is going to happen but it is being tracked by astronomers and scientists and since they have a more knowledge about what this means I listen to them. Then there is just very severe whether pattrns going on now. We already see it with Japan, Haiti, Katrina, etc. To think something like that can't happen here in the US is just foolish. That's why people should prepare. If anything happens to power or whatever, you just be prepared. I've even heard some say people could start going back to an agrarian lifestyle if things get really bad...you just have to prepare ahead of time. Maybe nothing will happen and work/home life will go on for all eternity, but all I know is I want to be ready now and not wait until something has happened. Thank God my mom taught us skills when we were growing up. If anything happens I know how to make bread, cook/bake in an open fire. I can make a shelter, perform basic first aid. I can make quilts and clothes to keep warm. And I learned a lot of other skills from my military years. All I say is plan ahead. If you feel that the MT industry is going away then start learning something different.

And anyone who ever says to you something like "Hey, I was with you until...." (trying to ridicule you or speak as though they are of superior knowledge), well they can go stick their head back in the sand. When or if a disaster hits they can figure out what they'll do then. I prefer to plan ahead and will be prepared before.
Re: Right on Stephanie - Stephanie
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I watched this the other day and I found it hysterical.


Even if Obamacare stays intact past 2012, with declining state and federal revenues with the economy, I do not know where people expect the money to come from.
Very good post. I would add (sm) - anon
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Those who think we who prepare are fools, most assuredly you will find yourself cold, hungry, and a victim of others who didn't prepare if you happen to find yourself in a natural disaster or war zone that you never could imagine could possibly happen. Good luck to you. My best advice would be to not go into any football domes and rely on Uncle Sam to take care of you. Oh, and pray a lot.

RomneyCare - MAMT

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We have mandated insurance in my state. Best thing that ever happened to me as an MT. Everyone has health insurance, everyone goes to the doctor. Had my best year ever last year, and this year I am on track to make close to $50K.

No. I am not a troll.

50K is not really a lot of money - Stephanie

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or for a lot of places unless you live in a very rural area or maybe rent a room in a major metro area like DC or SF and can get around using public transportation. You figure a lot of places do not give a cost of living increase salary wise and unless you drink the cool aid that the government puts out on inflation as it relates to food and energy, you will see that prices are rising and are going to continue to do so.

RomneyCare - MAMT

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$50K more than enough for me. Don't even work full time. Have my own accounts so cost of living increases do not apply. Live on the coast where people love to vacation and millionaires keep a second home. Life is good!
Romneycare - Stephanie
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Even though you are an independent, any physician's office has a threshold of what it can and cannot pay. I'm in the group with the other poster - I'd rather have the mindset to prepare for less work available when Obamacare kicks in than thinking things will be same old, same old.
Romneycare - a1typist
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As I understand it, Romney care has bankrupted the state! Correct me if I am wrong, but Romney is trying to detach himself from this failure of a program so that he can run for President...
Romneycare - Stephanie
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I thought I also heard that while he thought it was okay for his state, Romney did not recommend a similar program US wide.

I don't have to wait - Family coverage up 33% THIS year - no exaggeration

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All I can figure is because they now have to cover children till age 26. It was totally stupid to force private companies to provide something and not set price increase restrictions. Totally stupid.

My premiums would be significantly over 20,000 a year ... no way can do that. Still figuring out how to get some protection. :(

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Is MT Starts Not Well Known?
May 28, 2010

Currently it says there are 161 visitors online.  Of all the MTs in the US this just seems like such a smalllllll number.  I know it gets up to like 320 that is the most I have seen EVER, and I have been on this board for a couple years (with some longer periods of absence for some reason)... Just wondering why there aren't more people?  I mean, not that I think there should be, I never have enough time to read any of the posts as it is haha...   ...

And So It Starts
Jun 29, 2014

I have a bad feeling about this one.  Some of you may "know" me, i am here once in a while, have been for a few years.  I am coder at a very large facility in midwest and have been for years. Last year our hospital installed Computer Assisted Coding and we are implementing it in stages.  First we used the annotated fields just to help identifying things that may/may not need to be coded.  Then we started getting suggested codes to go with the annotated information.  Then ...

Can Anyone Tell Me When PTO Accrual Starts?
Aug 11, 2010

I thought in training I was told that it started accruing immediately (full time/full benefits), but looking back through my pay stubs, I didn't start accruing it until after I had been with the Q over 5 months. I've been looking on MQCentral, but I can't seem to find the answer.  I would love to know if they owe me back PTO...which would help a lot since I sit here for the third day in a row with no work! Thanks! ...

Here's How My Thursday Starts
Jun 11, 2015

ASR-a is-a stupid-a.  So-a I-a have-a to-a waste-a my-a time-a deleting-a every-a "a"-a because-a heaven-a forbid-a that-a MM-a make-a program-a that-a actually-a WORKS-a.  Hope you all have a better day than me! And that's just the first report-a!  ...

Dr. Starts With A Number At The Beginning, Does This Look Right?
Nov 05, 2009

Sixty percent of the symptoms are on the right, relative to 40% on the left. ...

I Always Worry When A Doc Starts Spelling
Dec 07, 2011

He spelled cytoreduction for me tonight.  That makes me think that someone else misspelled it.    I just worry - in today's climate, if we make enough mistakes will they decide it 's easier to do it themselves if we can't do it right? It's late and I'm rambling, but I do think about this. ...

Since WebClock Starts On 12/22, Does That Mean Pay Week Is From Sat-Fri? Nm
Dec 18, 2012

nm ...

EditScript - Starts To Get Slow
Mar 01, 2014

Lately after I have done a few reports, EditScript starts to get slow.  I hit a key and there is a delay before it does anything.  Not much of a delay, but still delayed enough to slow me down.  Eventually, it gets soo slow that uploading the current report and downloading the next one becomes next to impossible and I have to close it out and reboot the program.  Anyone else experience this or know the problem and a fix?  TIA ...

HCPCS 2014 Brings Two New Codes For Pain Management Effective July 1
Aug 12, 2014

The latest HCPCS code update that went into effect on July 1, 2014 is important for pain management practitioners and coders since it modifies the way you report some morphine and propofol administrations. Read more.. ...

Lockout Starts For Our Region April 7th-FYI
Mar 29, 2010

Just got the email today regarding the swap board and lockdown of schedule. ...

First Time Right Starts Working In My Area
May 07, 2010

When first time right actually starts working in my area, what kind of message will you get if you try to work outside of your schedule?  Will you be able to log in to DQS/DQM?  Thanks ...

Lockout Starts Tomorrow For Our CCM- North
Jul 12, 2010

I know some of you are on lockdown already and for that you have my utmost sympathy and empathy.  We are supposed to start tomorrow.  There are NO HOURS on the swap board and we have been running into NJA every day since MQ did the management shuffle.  I have my resumes out and took some tests this weekend.  Hopefully I will hear something soon so I can get off this merry-go-round that just isn't merry any longer.  I don't want to worry every wee ...

Doc Starts Sentence With An Abbreviation? How To Capitalize
Oct 11, 2010

The doc starts the sentence with p.r.n., how would this be capitalized? P.r.n. ? P.R.N. ? ("p.r.n. medications for anxiety.") ...

Anytime Mmodal Starts Advertising Job
Oct 18, 2012

openings heavily, repeatedly, on every job site, you can bet the next webcast is going to be a doozy.  They know they're about to deliver bad news & many will quit in disgust.  That seems to have held true this time again. ...