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Guys, WHY are people across our country and around the planet - starting to gather in common purpose on May Day?

Posted: May 01, 2012

Don't think today was that big? When was the last time this happened? This is remarkable, and it is the beginning because it has to be. International business has institutionalized exploitation and ruthless profiteering to the point that there has to be change. Notice that other countries are no longer willing to be where companies go to pay pennies instead of dollars? This is good! This is something BIG building.

Look for quiet ways to take a stand now and plan to find a way to build our strength next year, and the year after that. Those who join with others to help themselves and make a world fit for their children will someday look back proudly and say, "I was part of it." Others will be happy to forget they weren't. :) That's the way great movements always turn out. After all, only a third of our people supported the American Revolution. Fewer still in its beginning.


they - did it

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so WMJ would shut up about it.

Occupy has had big turn outs in the last year and then they went away. Isn't that what you would call a "fair weather" movement?

It didn't change wall street and it won't change your paycheck, well other than that day you're not being paid for.

Unfortunately the last time I remember - AnonToo

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Was 9.11 memorials. I really think we must get totally different media outlets because I don't see mention of this ANYWHERE unless I google search it long and hard, and even then it says there was no climax or effect. Without momentum I don't see how this is going to change anything except for perhaps have people on the radar for next to be let go from jobs.

MSN has a headline about it flashing periodically - on home page. Try this

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Post that in your address bar and see if it will take you to the article.

I was only able to copy and paste a small - portion of article because of all the pictures

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Updated at 4 P.M. ET:
Protesters across the world hit the streets Tuesday on May Day to rally against austerity measures and call for higher wages and more jobs.

Marches turned violent in Oakland, where protesters pounded on bank windows and went face-to-face with a police line, and in Seattle, where protesters dressed in black smashed windows and police pepper-sprayed some in the crowds.

In the United States, the protests are seen as the biggest test for the
Occupy movement since many of its camps were shuttered late last year. Occupiers in more than 100 cities across the country were expected to protest on the day that traditionally celebrates workers rights.

This is on MSN's home page. There is a whole lot more with lots of pictures, but I couldn't copy and paste it all. Sounds like it got pretty violent.

I've seen that - AnonToo

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And again it seems like a failure to me with violence and destruction of property. Not exactly something that would endear the powers that be to cower, more likely find new ways to outsource.

Have you read any articles in the Economists, Atlantic Monthly, or even TIME over the last few years? The way the world does business IS changing. Independent contracting IS going to be the norm. That means YOU have to be responsible for choosing your limits, and not expecting corporations to provide anything other than income. IMO it means retirement, up to me. Health insurance, up to me. I don't LIKE it at all. I was raised with people who put in their 20-40 years at one place, retired, and had medical benefits until 65. But everything I've read in several papers, magazines, and online sites over the last 4-5 YEARS indicates this is the norm.

In a way those of us in the transcription industry are ahead of the curve. We've already been outsourced. We've already lost or had benefits reduced. Some of us left. Some of stayed and decided to work WITH the new way of doing business.

America for the better or worse is run on capitalism and violent protests that really are a very small percentage of American workers are not going to change big companies minds to "care" for the little employee. Don't kid yourself. You're just a number and everyone is replaceable.
Have not read any of that stuff. Never knew about "May Day" - until now. All new to me.
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Never even heard of it and had I not been reading this site, probably still would not have known much about it.

I will check out the news this evening though and see what they're talking about.
Very informative AnonToo. Again, all new to me - thanks for the insight.
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I checked mainstream media - all they're reporting - about in SF was the - sm

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non-Occupy vandals (speculated to be hired by police or banks) to be "violent" and spray graffitti. They sprayed a police car, and no one was even arrested. Kind of phoney, dontcha think? All those "protesters" last night were all white, young men all dressed in black. Definitely NOT Occupy. But at least the mainstream media liked it.

How could you possibly profess to "know" they - were "definitely not OWS"

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Yeah...like OWS has a pristine clean record. Nobody's buying the crap you're selling.

I heard - it on

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radio this morning--May Day. And a simple google search brought it up.

I'm striking right now. No workie on May Day! - Meerkat

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Good for you Meerkat! - wheres_my_job

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I like the idea of a doing a weekly "May 1st" activity for the rest of the year. Lots of fun, and can think of more focused things to do...

why not just NOT WORK at all - ?

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Then you will have lots of fun and more focused things to do...
No winning Lottery ticket, yet. - Thats why.
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