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It's officially May 1st for parts of the country - Anyone striking today? - Just curious

Posted: May 01, 2012

Since it's official "D-Day," was just wondering if anyone was actually calling off today.

If you're off today, hope you're having fun and making the most of it!

Nope. Working as usual. nm - wannie

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Working! - and loving it.

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Working, as well! - Suzieqqq

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I can't see jeopardizing my 2 jobs for the sake of hopefully making a point that really, seriously, won't "be heard" as loud as those striking would hope. I love my MTSOs and won't do this to them.. and won't sacrifice my family's well-being for one day of a strike...good luck to those that can do this - I truly hope I am wrong and a huge point was made!!!
Working - Want nothing to do with anything OWS
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I also find it pretty telling that they picked a communist symbol to place on their signs.
What is OWS? - nm
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OWS - workingmt
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OWS - Occupy Wall Street. I could go into a long long explanation of who these people are, and it would be a one-sided viewpoint, so will stop there and allow you to form your opinion of this "movement"..
Ah. I figured the word occupy was in there somewhere - nm
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Working here...NM - MT

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I plan to. I am a bit surprised and saddened though that - sm

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the other MTs who work for this company are not. We are getting paid crap!! I guess it is possible some of them aren't, but I doubt it.

it's not a one-shot deal - wheres_my_job

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Took the US decades to get where it is today. Going to take decades to turn it around.

Who is to say what is a fair wage for MTs? - I wonder

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So many MTs come on here talking about low wages. I personally agree that 4 cpl for some VR is ridiculous UNLESS you do not have to correct much, and can edit 500 lines an hour. I do not believe that is the case because so many companies put anything and everything on VR because of that low wage, which also defeats the intended purpose of VR.

I make 6 cpl VR. It is a pain in the butt, and I would prefer to type, but I guess it is fair, 350 lph works out to be $1680 per pay period; however, I do 50/50 typing and VR.

I also agree that 7 cpl is not very good pay for typing, although many years ago when I made that, I turned it into $36,000 a year on a clinic account.

So, what are MTs worth? Certainly not what many of them think they are worth. What is fair?

I make 9 cpl typing. If I did only that, I would probably make around $50,000 per year, which I think is great!! I have been there. However, give another MT that 9 cpl and she may only make $35,000 per year. Why? Not as skilled? Takes her longer to research? She stops at the minimum line count?

I believe anything between $25,000 (newbies) to $50,000 (full time experienced MT) is a good wage. Why is it some MTs are doing well and some not? Maybe it is partly because of the MTSO platform, low or no work, or a difficult account. Maybe some of the MTs are not making what they deserve, and maybe some of them do not put forth the effort to do so, I don't know - I really don't. But, if there was a 1-size-fits-all wage, what should it be? Too many factors to be considered, but if you put 2 MTs on the same account, making the same, say 7 cpl. One of them is capable of making up to $10,000 more than the other due to work ethic, experience, etc.

Considering my work ethic, my rate of pay for VR and typing, and my wage experience, should I not be able to go to another company and make close to the same even if it were 8 cpl typing and 4 cpl VR? If my pay drops more than $10,000, I have to say that company is not paying enough. If I go there and make relatively the same, I would be happy, even with 4 cpl and 8 cpl.

What do you think is the right 1-size-fits all pay rate? It is hard to protest something, it you do not actually state what IS fair.

6 cpl is a "one size fits all" for VR. I think there - would be far less complaints if

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6 cents per line was the standard editing rate industry wide.

Typing varies because I personally see very little straight typing, 99.9% of my work is VR.

Yes, what the MT does with that 6cpl as far as - earning potential is

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up to them. I know I can do very well with 6cpl.

But to me, its more about what you are worth. I went from bringing home $1500 a pay period before being outsourced to bringing in $750 at 4cpl.

I dont need to boast about my years experience and how good I am to get my point across, the fact of the matter is, I need to be paid what I am worth.

I did get it by the way, no more 4cpl for me; but thats because I stood up for myself to get it and they valued me as an employee and did not want to lose me.

Well you go right ahead and be happy with your - 4cpl.

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mislleading - she not once said she works for 4 cpl - comprehension please. anon
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unbelievable. no commont on the issues discussed in her post??
What issues? There was nothing worth addressing - I know she said she makes 6..sm
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I read where she said she makes 6cpl, but from what I could tell it sounded like she was saying she could probably due equally as well with 4 because she is so good and so experienced.

I told her to go right ahead and be happy with her 4cpl if she could do well with that too.

Nothing else worth addressing.
Being happy with 4 cpl. Did you even read the post? - Talk about unbelievable! nm
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Yes, I read the post - see msg
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She said she makes 6cpl ASR and 9cpl straight typing.

She said she could probably do equally as well with 8 and 4 given her experience and work ethics.

She wondered what a fair wage would be? A fair wage industry wide should be 6 cents per line across the board.

The rest was more less her talking about how well she could do with even 8 or 4 cpl because she is just that good.

To me it does not matter how good you are, its about the principle. Whether I could do well on 4cpl or not, I still wouldn't work for it.
So obvious you have a comprehension problem. - and relating to what if
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Were you just looking to offend, or perhaps claim to be offended? You really should try to understand a post before you respond, especially a seond and third time. She did not say she could do just as well with 4 cpl. She said it was low pay "UNLESS" you had very little correction to do, and could average 500 lines an hour. By my estimation, that would equate to about $40,000 per year. And you would not work for that? You are worth more? How is the air up there in the clouds.
Look, dont make me get nasty with you. - see msg.
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I said what I said and thats it and thats all.

I dont do 500 lines per hour, more like 300 to 350 on VR.

I am already making 6cpl, but I believe EVERYONE should make it regardless of their earning potential.

She was all over the place with her different variables, which is irrelevant to me.

The point is, I dont care who you are, you deserve to paid at least 6 cents per line for voice recognition and the industry standard is too low.

I dont have a "comprehension problem" and I dont appreciate your insulting remarks. I was not nasty, I was not rude, but you have been.
Oh my, I am really scared. - Who cares
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The only point was you posted an irrelevant response, and stated a point not made and not intended. You can get nasty if you want. Do you really think anyone cares? Really does not bother me.
You must be bothered you keep posting. - no msg.
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Working for 4 cpl editing - aly
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Where are you working for 6 cpl? I am making only 4 for a national, that is the standard they are paying the newbies in the industry now until you have a few years exp. So for newbies, 4 cpl really stinks, practically minimum wage for this account that I am on, and does not give me any motivation working it either! I would give anything for 6.
See msg - sm
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My pay is (as with most)confidential. The only reason I posted it was because of the topic at hand.

So for reasons of identity and confidentialty, I am not going to disclose my company.

Working as usual. nm - MT

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working as always! Extra as well. - mimi

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not a believer in you way is the highway. but good luck to you.

working-sm - justme

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after months of unemployment, I have settled into a decent job. I can't afford to have scruples at the moment...lol.

Can't go by what's on message board - wheres_my_job

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why leave a paper trail of what you're doing :)

I am working today. No need to imply that those of us - wannie

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who are working (for whatever reason) are lying. I really think it's time to give it up and let those of work who want to. If you don't want to, that's fine. But, some of us have CHOSEN to work today because we enjoy (for the most part) our jobs!

I'm not implying you're lying... - wheres_my_job

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I'm STATING that those who are striking or otherwise involved in Occupy events, are not going to necessarily broadcast that fact on a message board.

Didn't say anything about those who have posted about working.

And I myself am certainly not describing my activities today on this message board... :)
So you could possibly be working today... hmm. nm - wannie
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aren't you supposed to be at an event, instead of - trolling all day?
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Thought you had all this stuff to do for YOUR BIG DAY! What, went to work and decided to post instead?
I could be doing a sociological study... - wheres_my_job
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...of the responses on this board :)

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