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Can someone give me a little info on the - sm

Posted: Apr 27, 2012

Mmodal platform?  I googled screen shots because I want to see what it looks like, but could not get anything.

there is an mmodal board for all mmodal employees - they would - know best, see list at lef. good luck!

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Thank you, but I meant the platform that is called - sm

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M modal, not the platform that the company M modal uses:)

Its called DocQscribe. The only people that would - know what it looks like are those who use it...sm

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It is a pretty good platform, pretty up-to-date and user friendly.

Not really sure what you want to know in regards to what the screen itself looks like?

There is an ADT that comes up first with patient demographics and dictator etc. you check that to make sure everything is correct, sometimes you may have to enter info, but its pretty fast and simple and there are shortcuts that you can use to avoid the mouse.

Then there is the actual typing screen with the body of report. Everything has built in shortcuts so you dont have to use the mouse. All headings and numbering etc. are shortcuts.

Not exactly sure if that helps any, your question was a little unclear to me.

As stated above, I am curious about the platform - sm

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called M modal, not the platform M modal uses. I know about DQS because I use it now myself and love it. I heard somewhere the platform called M modal is clunky and hard to get productive with. I heard something about control N for headings and that scares me. I used a platform like that and it was very cumbersome.

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