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check stub - buffy

Posted: Dec 29, 2012

ADP on webclock.  How do I view my check stub?  Still not seeing it.  Thanks.  I do not see ADP anywhere to choose.

You have to log onto the ADP portal, - not through Webclock, I believe.

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I just went to the ADP website (where we enrolled for benefits). There is a tab for "Pay and Taxes," but it says there is a "service interruption" and I cannot access the info now.

Checkstubs are still on AlphaStaff site. sm - sm

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ADP only has limited information so far.

Oops. You are correct. sm - not through Webclock, I believe.

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I was under the impression we already discontinued their service. I just looked up my pay stub in AlphaStaff.
check stub - buffy
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Thanks :) Maybe now I can see my check stub.
Check stub - Bobo
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I hate to sound stupid but where do I find the ADP portal.
check stub - FloridaMT
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To go to the ADP portal use this link:


Then click log on. Hope you have your log-on info. :)

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