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I haven't seen any increase. This is on their ad posted today. - nuancemt

Posted: Apr 27, 2012

We offer a multitude of benefits:

•  Increased line production rates

•  A 6-tier bi-weekly incentive plan that rewards for quality and productivity

And I'll add that if there was a pay increase WITHOUT that stupid incentive plan...... - nuancemt

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I'd probably quit my B *$%#ING about being a MT.

Huh? Nuance is offering BIWEEKLY incentive? - I am very interested and hopeful. SM

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This sounds unequivocably different from before--and great.

Increased line rates? What does THIS mean? Undefined, yes, but it does not sound like the rate decreases we've come to fear every few months over the past few years. Has a turning point been reached?

Glad you're hopeful. Good luck getting the bonus. - me

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The ad is misleading. - plain and simple.

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to bad you have get in and actually start working before you figure that out.

And the 6 tier incentive plan is a joke and practically nonexistant.

Just calling a spade a spade.
I called that spade 6 months ago when I was hired. - nuancemt
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I'm just biding my time for now.
Hey, clue me in. How does one fight for oneself while - determining to be a victim? SM
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Let's ask what those phrases mean and when they come into effect for existing employees.
I wouldn't know since I'm not a victim. - I refuse to work under such circumstances.
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And who are you? The Nuance spokes person?
take the stick out of your arse. Geez. - mt4ever
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increased line rates - Wornout MT

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I have not heard of any increase in line rates and the bi-weekly incentive has been there for awhile, but it is the same.
Increased line rates? - cjjmt
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I just don't believe it. I applied for a QME position six months ago and the pay per hour was so insulting I highly doubt they will increase that pay either. I had to participate in A LOT of testing which is fine but for what I was put thru I was assuming the pay would reflect that!  

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