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My mentoring phone call is tomorrow - sm

Posted: May 06, 2012

My mentoring phone call is tomorrow. Does everyone get a mentor as well? What do they talk about? I have a list of questions for her but they're mainly about complaints. I'm even going to ask if I can't do my job good enough, then they should do it themselves or even send it back to India. I want to know if this mentoring program is the first step in my being fired. I'm very concerned about my job and maybe I shouldn't ask these questions, but the way they treat us anymore, not sure the job is worth it. Maybe someone here can explain this more to me and calm me down a bit. Thanks.

It is not about firing you - everyone is getting this mentoring

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They are trying to make us more productive at ASR, and I believe the reason why will be another pay cut very soon. They will say that they need to keep with industry standards and because we all are doing so well after our mentoring, we should stay at the same income even though they will lower our rate. It is all a hoax. This has nothing to do with anything you are doing wrong at all, and I would just listen to what they tell you, and say thank you so much for all your help, and go about your day. Draws less attention to you. Sometimes the squeaky wheel gets grease, but sometimes they just get a new wheel.

Nobody is gonna get any freakin paycuts. - Quit being so negative all

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the time. When you sit and wait for bad things to happen they do. Learn to speak positive things seriously.

I dont foresee any paycuts coming. I have not had the mentoring but from my understanding its a part of their BOOST project to help people to be more productive and hence earn more money.

Now how much sense would it make to go out your way to help someone make more money, only to turn around and take it away from them again? I dont know about you, but I AM NOT GETTING A PAY CUT.

I don't see how mentoring the MEs - is going to make

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a difference in the productivity of most. The dictators are the ones who need to be mentored. VR would not be that bad if the idiots creating the reports would speak clearly, open their mouths and slow down. All the "mentoring" (AKA harassing) of the MEs in the world is not going to do a bit of good unless this is accomplished first.
That was on their list of objectives whether - or not they do it...I dont know.
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But it was one of the things addressed - educating the docs on how to properly dictate with VR.
from what I've heard though - slave wages
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even though they were supposed to also look for VR things or technical things that might be hindering production, that is not what is happening. It's just keyboard tips for the MT and that's all.

ASR was supposed to help us be more productive - being so negative

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and... then we got a pay cut! They want us more productive to earn them more money, not us.

I guess time will tell, and until then, you and I will just have to disagree.

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