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M-Modal dictation platform - someday soon

Posted: Jun 14, 2013

Does M-Modal use DocQScribe?  When Caretech closed a couple years ago, a lot of the MTs went to MedQuist as they used Caretech's platform of DQS.  I believe MedQuist is now M-Modal, so wondering about the platform.  Do they have several different platforms?

now called Fluency - see message

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and as a matter of fact, Medquist, now MModal, developed the platform. However, it still uses a number of other platforms depending on account.

Fluency - someday soon

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Thank you! I loved DQS. My favorite platform is Chartscript.Net, but DQS follows closely behind. Does M-Modal used Chartscript.net at all?

only if they acquired an account that used it - nm

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Futurenet - steph1
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Formerly JLG and use Futurnet. I like the program, but can be a bit slow at times. Had been with Medquist years ago and loved DQS! Out of all softwares I had used, liked this one the best!

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