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Would you stay with your company if they started sending some work overseas? - cardmt

Posted: May 11, 2012

My company has begun, one by one, sending accounts overseas.  We only have one account left being typed by those of us in the US, and I imagine that one is going over there soon.  They lie to us about where the work is going or tell us that there's just not a lot coming in.  But MT's can go into each job typed and also see the amount of work coming in.  It's obvious that the jobs are now being typed by people whose first language is not English.  I'm very resentful and even though I've been there almost 10 years, I'm actually kind of hoping (since these hospitals and doctors are so picky and critical), that it'll backfire on them and they'll lose all accounts.  Would you stay? Would you be loyal anymore?

It is a bad sign. Be loyal only to yourself in this business. - No message

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I would stay with a company that pays my bills - ...

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Nevertheless, if it looks dicey (and it does), see if you can relocate.

I'd stay only as long as it took to find another job - Ayn

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Thanks. That's what I'm trying to do lately. - cardmt

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The job market is a lot different than it was 10 years ago.

The doctors and hospitals probably will never - know because QA SM

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here in the US will clean it up for a lousy 4 cpl or less. I wish we all could refuse to do it but I know that is unrealistic. They keep us poor so we have no options.

Transcend - me

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I left within a month of them acquiring MDI as I knew they were sending work overseas...I even asked them point blank about it in the conference call. Took me about 2 years to find something I finally could call home, but sometimes, you gotta take a stand and do what you gotta do. Just my 2 cents. Not sorry I left, look at the pickle they are in now! What goes around, comes around. :)

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Am skeptical of the 8cpl they SAY for straight typing...and most MTSOs nowadays have very little stright typing.  This MAY be a comeon for one thinking they can make up for the 3cpl.  You cannot live on 3cpl.  Complicate that with all ESL dictators and then to have to pay taxes.  Welcome to slave labor.  ...

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I was talking with some of my fellow MQians and the repository came up.  Some people think that the repository was made so that the Indian workers can better understand their jobs.  Now that I think of it I believe that is it so.  What do you guys think? ...

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