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to WMX MTs who were acquired - worried

Posted: May 04, 2012

Can any of you please share how long it took your pay to be cut after acquisition?  Trying to be strategic about the upcoming switch to them... Thanks so much in advance.

Re: to WMX MTs who were acquired - worried - mtgal1963

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I'm not part of WMX but my company was acquired right before them by Nuance. Our new pay system was implemented about 6 months after the acquisition. Then after 1 year from the acquisition date many of us were switched to Escription which is 80% or higher speech work .... very little traditional work. So in reality we went through 2 pay cuts -- the first one at 6 months and the final one at 1 year. Of course they tell us we can do 500 lph with Escription so we should may hella money........let's hope LOL

500 lph - dont think so

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I have done escription at 2 different jobs, the first job I quit because of it. I was up to 400 lph for the first month of so, but then because escription does not "learn" either, my last 2 months have been about 275 lph. The longer we are on the escription the worse it gets, although they tell me it will "take a while for it to learn" but I am not buying that anymore.

500? (lol) not on the WMX side!! - Fast wmx mt

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No way 500 LPH on Web/Nu - sad-ex-WMX
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Highly doubt anyone could "sustain" 500 LPH on Enterprise/eScription, acute care, especially since we have begun to run out of work.
Ditto... - anon
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The most I have ever done on Escription is 420ish and that was getting a bunch of ops that I added templates to.

Reality is on a good day 350 lph max. I have been doing this for 15+ years and don't need to look up words too often. I don't see ever being able to pass 400 lph and, as stated above, we are starting to run out of work on a daily basis. Lucky to average $10 hour based on the last year.
YEP, I agee wondering if all of their "escription and increase in lines" talk was nothing - BUT A SCAM TO CUT OUR PAY!!
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...and now at wmx the work is going away. have to also wonder if some of it is going to india like the person posted below was talking about. nuance had better get their act together quick or they are going to lose what good mt-editors they have left at wmx. i thought the whole deal about the incentive penalty of 3 months was bad enough but now with the low work, no incentive and lack of good (promised) line counts to make up this pay cut is making this place impossible to stay with if you are a quality mt-editor
On my last day, I'm just shoving reports through without editing. - mt
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It'll bring a smile to my lips and a song in heart. Polite way of saying KISS MY BUTT.
Patient care - anon
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The worst part of VR is the screw ups on med names and dosages. I find your behavior beyond selfish and a pure disregard for the safety of others.

As upsetting as it is how lousy we are paid and treated, we are talking about patient care here. I hope you don't type in a region where anyone I know lives.

You have the right to leave, I don't think you ahve the right to put people's lives at risk and think it's funny. You aren't getting revenge on Nuance, it's innocent people who pay.

Hope you feel really good about yourself.
It's our - livelihoods
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at risk, not patient care. I risk having no food and no home.

MT is not about patient care, anymore. If it was, the hospitals would not have VR/SR transcribing patient reports. My pay is now split three ways, VR/SR, VR/SR programmer, and me. If they let me transcribe it in the first place, there wouldn't be a problem with our pay.

Patient care is between the healthcare provider and the doctor who signs the report.

If hospitals want VR, let them have the reports the way they are spit out by the VR.

What kind of pay do the programmers make? Anyone know? It seems as if QA is production based now as well.
Wow - anon
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Kind of a disgusting attitude going around.

So if you feel poorly done to that means you can produce a poor quality of work?

I being to understand what and who this board is for. It does explain why some people can't meet QA and production requriments.

Nothing like pretending like you are the victim to justify doing a lousy job.
I meet - production
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and get 99% QA. And will until I find another job. MTSOs are corporations they are not healthcare providers. VR doesn't justify cutting our pay. I have been an MT for a very long time. Are you very young or new to MT? I'm only a victim because a corporation put me in this position and I don't do a lousy job. Grow up.
Shame on you. One can only imagine the damage you've - always done to reports. Good riddance. NM
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I'll be thinking of you when you're down to 2 cpl - sickofVR
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Then we'll see how much you like your job.
Can you - read?
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Damage done to reports?
Do it. - anon.
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It'll send a message. They can redictate or correct it. No one will get hurt! Honestly.
Well....I answered her post but it was deleted. - mt
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I was "complaining" about this job. Anon needs to unbunch her panties. You know you'd all like to shove these reports through. But I am seriously quitting this field. If Anon wants to be treated like a McDonald's worker, more power to her. My skills are worth more.
I Get Your Fustration BUT.... - NuanceSucker
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You seriously have to consider the ramifications. I say this only because in this digital age, our reports go straight through, to the hospital, clinic, to the floor, etc. Now, you push a report through and you miss something vital, like an allergy. The ER doc scans your report in their rush to save a life, and inadvertantly kills a child, a mother, a father, etc. Do you see how serious this is, what you are doing? Trust me, I've wanted to do the same, I HATE Nuance, my TL is grinning fool who dances to their tune, but, when I started this job 16+ years ago, I did so with pride. I refuse to sink to Nuance's level, and I will make sure that I protect patient's care, privacy, etc. Nuance will fall, they always do, but don't sacrifice your morals and ethics for them, nor the life of another. On an aside, they could consider that criminal negligence. Be very careful in your actions.
Has anybody considered that maybe this poster - was just being sarcastic?..sm
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She didn't say she was being sarcastic, but it is possible out of frustration and venting she just said that.

One thing I have noticed about this board is that people have a tendency to take things very personal and very serious. Its a public forum and lots of people come here to vent and post stuff that may not necessarily be true.
shoving through w/o editing - burned out
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That is so funny. I thought about that too, when I find another job. Pull it up look at it for 2 seconds, and send it. What are they gonna do, fire you?
LOL @ burned out... - thats funny, betcha make a
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A killing that day..like $200 or more.
Horrible people. The trick might be getting the paycheck cut - after being fired for willful nonperformance. NM
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You are despicable. No matter how you feel about a company... - see message
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...there is no justification for sending a patient's medical record through when it is knowingly incorrect or unedited.
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I was VENTING people. I have more sense and work ethics to just shove a report through. Now I've had the weekend to chill. I still hate what this field has become, but I'm job hunting and can't wait to get out. Sad because I actually enjoy being a MT - have been one for 30 years. But I will not work for such low wages. We need to be paid an equal wage.

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