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Anybody Know Why A Single Non Critical Feedback... - vickypage

Posted: May 26, 2010

on a single report, would give me, to the right, a score of 96%???????????

The mistake?  C-difficile instead of C. difficile.


Mind you, they're all over the place auditing only the most awful reports i'm doing..

vicky - miss behavin

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I called both my CCM and QA super on the audits they did on me this week. I pointed out that in the 35+ reports I did in one day, I was oddly audited on the 5 reports that were from a new account, difficult dictators and ASR reports. I told them I thought it was unfair and wanted to be re-audited. I told them that I did not, would not and will not believe that the audits are "random".

I keep a work log, was able to prove that those 5 reports are not my "usual" work and demanded they re-audited me. I showed them my last audit score (98) and showed them the reports were from my "Usual" accounts too.

I was re-audited today. My 92% came up to 98.9. How about that?

It's like someone pointed out, they are targeting MTs that make what they feel is a "healthy rate", keeping you on 100% QA allows them to dock your pay and they don't want to pay us ya know...

Eventually, they will "get what they pay for".

I am a very experienced, very good MT and will not settle for 3rd world pay.

KEEP A LOG, watch your counts, slow down and call them on stuff you know is wrong!

Maybe because it was incorrect medical terminology - sm

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and therefore counted most points than a regular English word???

Incorrect form--yes. But incorrect..... - sara

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terminology--NO WAY! To call it ''incorrect terminology'' because a hyphen rather than a period was used it baloney. And if you really believe that, then you don't belong in QA. Any MD, for that matter, anyone in the medical field would know exactly what was meant and that hyphen did not change the meaning of the report one iota. Ridiculous scoring by someone who either does not know what she is doing or is on a major power trip and needs to find a new line of work.

I thought the new "correct" was C difficile with no period - anyways

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It is, you are correct. So they both were - wrong!! NM
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Percentages - MT

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Percentages are based on amount of lines in the report. If it's a real short report, one error can really give a low score. However, I don't think that C. diff thing should ever be counted as a critical error. For one thing, the glorious and wonderful ASR often inserts that and others as incorrect.

I had that happen. sm - sweetpea

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Had 1 point taken off for CP protocol, meaning doc dictated patient name, and I trascribed it that way. The point was for not using "the patient". First of all, when I went back and double checked, nothing in the CP about not using patient names. Secondly, I ended up with a score of 96%. How does 1 point translate to 96%? E-mailed the auditor questioning it 2 weeks ago, and still have yet to get a response. Glad to know I'm not the only one. I'm just waiting for the final score on audit to see how I ended up. Received 100% on last 2 audits. Why is it after all the crap they have thrown at us lately that now we have to constantly be looking over our shoulders worried about stupid auditing mistakes??????????????

patient name - jaybee

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DQS guidelines and BOS both change the name to "the patient." If there is an exception, that has to be listed in the CP. If CP does not say it's okay to transcribe the name, then "the patient" is what should be transcribed. If it was a short report, that can screw you (believe me, I know)even if not critical.

For the OP, C. diff or C-diff should not be a critical mistake. Was it SR? I know that SR does E-coli instead of E. coli. I would argue that SR needs to get it right since SR is so great we only need to get paid 60% for it . It could be an old school vs. new school thing, but no way critical.

I know this will sound paranoid, but... - vickypage

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I can't get rid of the idea that all of these picayune things are thrown onto us like a storm cloud purposely, to drown us with too many things to deal with at once, just so we *won't* go through them one by one and find out that the MQ Emperor has no clothes and so we'll let them pass, and do ourselves in.

To vickypage - noncritical feedback - vyrna

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For heaven's sake, that is just wrong, uncalled for, etc. etc. etc. They've got some kind of crazy formula that doesn't follow any logical lines at all - sound familiar?? If it were me, I'd ask someone to explain it, though. I guess they really want the Indians to do the work if they keep this up!!

FYI per AAMT - inovermyhead

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Just an FYI but if you look up genus and species on AAMT/BOS, it will tell you that they prefer the period being dropped and always spelling out the species name. C. diff = C difficile I got dinged on that one so I thought I'd share.

Just curious - nan

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Could you please tell me on what page the C difficile thing is on in the AAMT, if you can without taking much of your time. I searched for it and can't find it and don't have time to look through 500+ pages. I'm not questioning what you said, I was just trying to find that one day and couldn't.

In my opinion, they are always trying to change things in order to remove characters so the companies that only pay typed characters, don't have to pay as much. Like M.D. now MD. In my book, that should be M.D., as it is Medical Doctor, not Medicaldoctor. It always has been that way as far as I know and the AAMT decides to change it to save a few characters for the companies.

Also, preferred means just that, preferred, and if I type C. diff, the way that has always been the way to type it, it should not be wrong just because they say it should be typed that way.

Just my thoughts and nothing against you.

Also changed were periods after Mr, Mrs, etc. - NM

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figures - nan
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LOL I guess I missed that in the 500+ pages too. Did not know that. I guess something else to make a mental note of. Thanks for mentioning that. I guess AAMT is changing our English language to save on characters.

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