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This is from a previous post. But I thought - it would make for great

Posted: Apr 15, 2012

discussion and wanted to bring it to the top where everyone would get a chance to see it. The post stemmed from an ad where they were offering to pay $10 to $11 an hour for MTs. It dawned on me that if they can afford to pay that hourly then they can afford to raise rates. This is the reality of many MTs right now. How many on here do you read about griping over min wage pay? LOTS! The calculations that I make just lays it all out there. I used these figures as an example to show that if they can pay someone $10 to $11 an hour then they CAN CERTAINLY PAY 5 or 6cpl. 1600 x 0.05 = $80 ($10hr per 8hr shift) 1600 x 0.06 = $96 ($12hr per 8hr shift) 1700 x 0.05 = $85 ($10.62 per 8hr shift) 1700 x 0.06 = $102 ($12.75 per 8hr shift) And again I say that many of us can produce more than 1600 to 1700 lines per day, but this is an example and is probably pretty much standard for many. I said all that to say this - Industry rates for Speech recognition NEEDS TO BE RAISED ACROSS THE BOARD for everyone. This ad of offering hourly pay is proof, that they CAN pay us 5 to 6cpl for editing. The posts I made are strictly referencing editing pay, not straight typing. Since editing *IS* the new norm. And having said all this - People PLEASE quit accepting jobs for 3cpl. Thank you.

You made an excellent point - ICManiac

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To see it in a comparison chart really brings home the point. Good post.

PS - I left 3-4cpl out of the equation, but if anyone - is interested, here they are:

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These are the rates that I WANT TO SEE GO AWAY:

1600 x 0.03 = $48 ($6hr per 8hr shift)
1600 x 0.04 = $64 ($8hr per 8hr shift)

1700 x 0.03 = $51 ($6.37 hr per 8hr shift)

1700 x 0.04 = $68 ($8.50 hr per 8hr shift)

This needs to change.

you are - so right

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We should refuse to accept this. The only problem is, and dare I say it? it? Someone will come along behind us and accept that pay.

My company is so concerned for legal reasons that my time sheet looks like I am getting minimum pay. I listen, uh huh, uh huh, do they think I am stupid? It's about them, not me. They don't care if I am making minimum wage. If they paid me more cpl, then they wouldn't have to waste my time showing me how they divide my hours by "industry standard" and WAH LA! It's magic. I am not really making minimum wage, I am making $10. Really? Goodie for me. I be your fool. I don't see that in my paycheck or the hours I sat here looking up words and patients and cc's and editing a urology report to look like a urology report and not a combo neuro-podiatry report!!! Help me!!!!

question from soon-to-be editor. - sm

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so with the lph given, what would your average straight transcription lph be? Am trying to figure out, if my straight typing is averaging 200 lph, what might my editing production be on a "decent" platform? thank you.

to find out your lines per hour you would - sm

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Take your total lines for the day and divide them by the hours worked.

For example if you did 1800 lines in an 8hr shift you would do:

1800 divided by 8 = 225 line per hour average.

Is that what you mean?

sorry if I was confusing (ty for answering) - sm

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I realize it would be a guestimate, but if I only transcribe an average of 200 lph, and move over to editing, how many lines might I average editing an hour?
Info taken from job ads - ICManiac
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I see a common requirement for VR per hour, which is 250 lph (2000 lines a day). That is an average of $7.50 an hour for pay at 3 cents per line. We all know that MTSOs don't run of out work (cough, cough) so you should factor in some down time to pad your average hourly line count up to offset those times, say maybe 400 lph. I don't hear of a majority of editors saying that is their typical average.

It is no mistake that this figure becomes the hiring trend - 250 lph I mean - as it closely coincides to the level of minimum wage pay required in most of these United States.
I will answer as soon as I get a chance, but gotta - go for now. Will get back on later.
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real answer - sm
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If you only transcribe 200 lph, IMO, you are an average-speed MT. This means you realistically will be looking at 50% increase in lines when you move to editing. The really slow MTs usually do better with VR because they are actually able to produce the product faster.

Those of us who transcribe at conversational speed or faster, totally struggle with VR because you can't do it any faster than faster. So our wages generally go down thanks to the pay cut for VR lines.
thank you, that is what I needed to know. - nm
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Pay is a joke! - FrustratedMT/Editor

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I made a post the other day about this very topic, but it seems to have been deleted.
Basically it comes down to this... speech recognition (it drives me nuts when people call it VR... VR is a security software to verify you are who you say you are... SR recognizes your speech and turns it into text) is a TOOL. It is not meant to replace it. And it should not have caused our pay to be slashed in half!

I'm new to SR, and I know I will get faster with time, but I went from making $32K a year straight transcribing for a clinic to now averaging anywhere from $2.75 an HOUR to just over $7 an HOUR... That is not even minimum wage!

We have GOT to do something... and quick!
It's no wonder these larger corporations that either created SR to begin with or who got their foot in the door early are able to gobble up the smaller companies. If you only pay your employees half their usual pay, and you didn't pay them that well to begin with, you definitely have money in the bank!
I mean, think about it! You purchase a piece of software... even if it costs you $50,000! That is the salary of a couple MT's... but that is a one-time cost! Even if there are license fees, they are making BANK!

So, to answer the original poster's question... YES, they can afford to not only pay us 4 and 5 CPL... they can afford to pay us double that! And not just for straight typing!

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