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I was fired and now my former employer is fighting my unemployment! - SM

Posted: Apr 30, 2012

I worked at home as an employee for a local hospital for the last 4 years.  Always worked my shift and averaged at least the minimum productivity requirement.  According to the employee handbook ALL hospital employees get two paid 15 minute breaks and one unpaid 30-minute lunch.  One evening while I was working, I took one of my 15-minute breaks and ran to pick my daughter up from school.  I was gone literally 5 minutes as the school is like one block from my house and I live in a small rural town.  While I was away from desk, someone in the hospital needed a stat DS and it happened to be in my queue.  The MT that worked in the office sent me an email letting me know about the DS.  When I returned to my desk (5 minutes after the MT sent the email), I immediately replied to her email saying I would get it out ASAP.  It was a short, 4-minute dictation and it was SR to boot, so it took me 5 minutes to send out.  The MT in the office apparently didn't check her email, but called me while I was working on it to see if I had gotten her email.  At that time I told her "yes, I had taken a short break to pick up my daughter, but that I was working on the report and would be done in a matter of seconds."

The next day I get a call from my supervisor telling me how it was a complete no-no for me to leave my house and that if I did leave my house during my shift I MUST time out.  I had never heard this before EVER!  All the other MTs who worked from home all had told me they do things on their breaks such as run to the post office, go for a walk, do laundry, run to the grocery store, etc.  The in-office MTs leave the department unmanned all of the time because they are short staffed and "are not going to NOT take a break just because there's no one else to answer the phone!"  The supervisor is well aware of this and has said it is what it is and all other departments know to page transcription overhead if no one answers the phone.  In the evening when there is no one there at all, they are given the 2nd shift MTs' phone numbers to call us at home.

I expressed to my supervisor that I had no idea that I had done anything wrong and that I would make sure to never do it again if indeed that was the policy.  She seemed satisfied.  A week later her boss and she asked me to come into the office for a meeting at which time I was fired because of that fateful break I took and because they said obviously because I had to pick my daughter up from a school function, I was caring for my child while I was working for them.  I explained to them that was not the case, that my daughter was 11 years old and most of the time spent most evenings in various activities or at friends' houses and when she was home, she was self-sufficient enough to not be an interruption.  And so nothing i said made a difference, I was fired.

Anyway, I field for unemployment and was contacted by the unemployment office saying that my employer was saying that I "falsified documents" and "had an unexplained absence" during my shift.  I have had to write a 5-page appeal.  This has been going on for two months and I'm wondering what are my chances of winning my appeal?

I've been laid off from another hospital because they outsourced the entire department, but at least they didn't drum up false charges to try to avoid paying unemployment.  I am just so upset at this entire situation and cannot believe how badly this hospital is treating me.  In the last few months before I was fired, I had heard rumors that the hospital board of directors had been pressuring the HIM director about cutting her budget and that transcription outsourcing had been talked about and I had heard that when this hospital lays people off, they do it in phases as to not alarm the community or other employees.  The entire radiology transcription department was outsourced at this hospital and it was kept so quiet no one new anything about it until one of the radiologists called our department looking for someone to transcribe a stat dictation for him.  So you can see that his hospital is sneaky, sneaky.

I am the newest employee hired in the department and feel like they are starting with their phasing out, after me there are two girls that have there 5 to 7 years, so I'm just waiting to hear what happens next. 

Thank God I went back to school!  I'd be even more depressed if I hadn't!

Similar happened to me years ago - MT2

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So sorry this happened to you. I was actually fired when I did not even leave my desk. I was getting up and down to get juice for my son and his stepson and stepsister when I was newly married several years ago. I was away from my cue only a brief while. However, the supervisor of the hospital transcription department called to ask why I was not at my desk. I made the mistake to tell her that I was getting juice for my kids. She went crazy and told me to put them in daycare. That it was not allowed for me to watch them (they were in 3 and 4th grades at the time) while working for her. She said ever since I got remarried I had put my family ahead of the department and she did not like that. I went to HR and complained that she talked to me that way. So, ended up I had to leave the job with rehire status to the hospital, but not ever again to that department. I was unable to ever get another hospital job again, and of course have been broke due to working for services. I am divorced now, my son had to go live with his father as primary b/c I went broke not having a good job (the court did not see transcribing for services as a real job). Thankfully I am on year 3 of my master's and the court says that I can see my son as secondary and pay no child support since I am going to get a real job now.
So see what happens, if the hospital finds out you get juice on the clock for your kid, or go pick your child up from school (as in your case). Beware to those who take your at-home job for granted, because you never know when or if or why you may lose it!
Hope your situation turns out okay. Don't let them bully you! We work to live not live to work!

Even worse - anon

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I had a friend who worked in-house at a hospital when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was told she had to work a little bit longer to quailty for Long-term disability but the supervisor made it impossible for her to achieve that. She had her fired claiming she was using pain medications while working. She had late stage metastatic breast cancer and this supevisor wouldn't help her get 2 more weeks in until her long term disability could kick in. She was fired.

Typical American business plan: "Use 'em up and - then throw "em away..." (NM)

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Umm - isn't "caring for your child while working" the - whole selling point of at-home work?

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These employers are both bullies and completely lack any compassion or morals. I certainly wouldn't want to be a patient at any hospital that treated its employees that way.

No, working from home is not the selling point - to care for your child...see msg

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I worked at home for a hospital 10yrs before being outsourced.

When you work from home, you have to be self disciplined and you have to be the type of person who does not need constant supervision to make sure you are doing your job.

When you punch that time clock, you are on THEIR time and they expect you to be working.

The hospital I worked for would make transcriptionist come back in-house to type if they couldn't stay focused and be productive at home.

My kids were all school age, with my youngest being about 13 when I started typing from home full-time and they knew not to bother me when I was working.

I could not imagine trying to work and make production while taking care of small children or children that required constant supervision.

My youngest is now 17 and the two older ones are out of the house. When I sit down to start my shift, I punch in and I WORK. If I need to take a break for something that requires more than 10 to 15 min. I punch out and take it as a lunch.

I dont do the dishes, laundry, or whatever else, I work. When you are punched in, you are on company time.

I dont understand why people use working from home as a means to be able to take care of their children. Whether you are at home or not, its still a job.
But, at-home or on-site, your breaks are still required - by law. And even on-site, we - S/M
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still ran errands, grabbed a snack, made a phone call, even grabbed a power-nap. Your breaks are to do with as you wish. The whole idea of a break is to get you up and AWAY from your desk. That's why we weren't allowed to eat lunch at our desks. They wanted us to get up and stop working for 30 minutes.

And as for the comment someone's employer made about putting the child in daycare. Again, that's why some people prefer to work at home. And on an MT's wages, who can afford daycare?
I wasn't referring to breaks I was referring to the - see msg
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comment about working from home to take care of your kids.

I take my breaks just like everyone else. As stated, if I need a break that requires more than 10 to 15 min then I will punch out and take that as a lunch break.

As far as the OP goes, I am sorry for her situation and I was not addressing her.

I never had problems with sitters when my kids were little, my family members baby sat or their dad and when I started working from home, they were old enough that they did not need constant supervision.

And now that I dont work directly for a hospital anymore and I am paid strictly on production, I definitely dont need ANY distractions.

So again, I cant imagine anyone with small children or children needing lots of supervision trying to do this job and get good line counts and a reasonable dollar amount by the end of an 8hr shift.

Unless you work 3rd shift while they are sleeping.
Your defense is going to be standard practice. EVERYONE, E-MAIL OP YOUR STATEMENT - about standard practice in this industry. SM
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Statements from those who have ever been supervisors or managers will be especially helpful. Everyone, be sure to explain the requirements for flex time and how that affects your workdays.

The wording in an employment contract is not the only thing that defines that contract and what is reasonable and proper behavior in an employee.

With our help OP will get unemployment insurance. These are mean times, with courts stacked in favor of profiteers, but with our help she may even be able to show grounds for a lawsuit should she wish to bring one.

If she lives in an at-will employment - state
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she will not have grounds for a lawsuit.

Also wondering why an 11-year-old cannot walk one block home from school.
There was a thunderstorm going on at the time. I guess I could have said she's a big girl and - OP
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told her to run that block in the lightening and pouring rain! And NO she couldn't get a ride from anyone because she stayed after school to make up a test she had missed a week earlier.

Is that explanation satisfactory?!!?

Excuse my irritation, but I've grown quite sick of having to justify those stupid 5 freaking minutes to my bosses, the unemployment office, and now YOU! I did the right thing. I would do it again. I will not have my child walking home in the pouring rain because I'm chained to my desk. One of the reasons I work from home is so that sort of thing doesn't have to happen! I did nothing wrong. There was no rule in place saying I did do nothing wrong and I was honest to boot. I didn't try to hide what I did or lie about it. I didn't think it was a big deal. It wasn't a big deal PERIOD! My bosses are making it a big deal so that A) they can cut the department budget by firing me and B) they can save the hospital money by fighting my unemployment!

I'm so fired up now that if I don't win my appeal, I'm going to take further legal action even if I don't have grounds because I live in an at-will state, I am just going to be the biggest thorn in their butts. Just drive them crazy.
Length of walk irrelevant. At-will law does not exempt employers - from complying with other labor laws. But the big
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thing here is qualifying for unemployment. Be sure to get those statements to OP so she can build her case.
Not necessarily - BTDT
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Those two 15-minute breaks are paid for by the company; you are on THEIR time, not your own. Thus, you must remain on hospital (home, if a hospital employee) on grounds during those 2 scheduled breaks.

It has to do with liability. For example, you're on company time on your 15-minute break and decide to make a Starbucks run. On the way there or back, you're involved in an accident. This creates all sorts of headaches for the employer. You were NOT punched out, so technically you were on company time during this accident. It's a nightmare for insurance companies as well.

That being said, when you're PUNCHED OUT on your lunch break, you are indeed correct that this is YOUR time to do whatever you please. You're off company time and not their responsibility.

This was all explained to me when I worked in HR and an employee was terminated for repeatedly running to visit her boyfriend down the block in County while remaining punched in on company time.

I suspect if the OP was indeed a hospital employee, the same held true, even though she was based at home. She was punched in and on hospital time; therefore, those two 15-minute breaks are to be used in the workplace, doing whatever one wishes on company property.

It's all bureaucratic red tape, but if you aren't punched out, the employer is liable for you.

Do I think the OP did anything wrong? Nope, not at all and I'm sure she had no idea of the reasons behind this rule either, but, as I said, I did bear witness to an employee being fired for exactly that same reason - Leaving the grounds while on company time.
I understand what you're saying. However, we are told - OP
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to use all our breaks to get away from a desk, but it was never specifically said that that the at-home employees could not leave their homes. And what I was told during my firing is that even on our 30-minute unpaid lunch, which is technically OUR time, we should not be leaving our home.

I repeat none of this was every specifically addressed. It was simply, "you get this many breaks and we encourage you to get away from your desk so you don't burn out."

If there were guidelines for breaks for at-home employees, it should have been officially written down and supplied to all of us. I'm here to tell ya that the other at-home ladies I worked with are in for a rude awakening because they all think the same way I did and none of them think they have done anything wrong, just like me. If I had been trying to get away with something, why would I have told them I went to pick up my daughter? I would have just as easy for me to say, I ran to grab a coffee and a snack or I was in the bathroom. I told the truth and now I'm being punished for something I had no idea was against the rules. It's infuriating.
BTDT makes good points - Ayn
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Do I think you did anything "wrong" -- no, not at all. Do I think you should have been fired over this - absolutely not.

However, ignorance of the rules has never been a successful arguement for breaking them in any situation. I don't think that argument is going to get you very far with UE. Is it your fault you didn't know the rules - you say no, that you were never told these rules and I have no reason not to believe you. However, in the world of UE and HR, things are usually pretty black & white. I hope you are successful in explaining to them that you were never told these rules.

Honestly, I am a little confused -- exactly what rule is it you are being fired over and what rule is it you are saying you weren't aware of. Is it the fact that you left your house on a break, the fact that you didn't clock out for your break, or the fact that the job was still in your player while you took a break?

I would make them (the employer) be very clear about which rule(s) they are referring to and firing you for breaking and make them provide the evidence that you were told these rules. The responsibility of proving that you were aware of these rules should be on their shoulders, not yours. Again, I wish you luck.

Re being fired and UE - sm

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First of all, you are better off without this job.

Having said that, it does present the problem of being unemployed and UE. Was this the only incident that has caused conflict? I do not understand how your system operates, but did you leave a job in your que when you left the house? Is that a no-no? Are your breaks supposed to be at named times? How did you "falsify documents." Have them define this, as well as unexplained absence.

You state they claimed you were caring for your child while you were working for them. Honey, you should have dumped this place a long time ago. There are too many companies with flexible schedules that would never go this far. You are only required to turn in a certain number of lines per day. Your breaks, your lunch, and your children are your business as long as you turn in the required lines each shift.

Of course, these people are going to fight unemployment. Most all of them try. You need to meet with an agent from the unemployment office, and state your case, your work history, etc. He will collect info from you, as well as from your employer. Hopefully, there is not a history of you being missing in action for your shift, and you have completed the requirements by your employer. If it is obvious they wanted to get rid of you, he will see that and his decision will be the final outcome on the UE. I would fight it all the way. Some companies refuse to admit they wanted to get rid of you, through no fault of your own, because they do not want their UE insurance rates to go up. They tell the UE people you were let go for any number of reasons, including the quality of your work. They do not always win their arguments, so do not give up. Their recent history of letting people go will come out as well.

I KNEW when one company started auditing me once or twice a week, they wanted to let me go. Problem was, I scored 99 to 100% on all. I did get UE.

If you do receive unemployment, I know it is a low payment, but use that time to apply and test with companies. Do not take the first one offered to you unless YOU KNOW it is the right fit for you, and most of all that you have some flexibility. Good luck to you my dear. You are not alone. Many MTs have walked in your shoes, and won!

There weren't any specific times we were required to take our breaks. - SM

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We took them at our discretion, same as the in-house employees. The only time I had ever been told not to leave jobs in our queue was when we were taking our lunch. We should be at a stopping point and pause our Dictaphone session while we were gone, but for the 15 minute breaks we were allowed, we were only advised to lock our station while we were away from our desk, but we did not have to log out.

In my 4-page appeal to the UE office, I asked for proof of this so-called "falsified documents" and I also advised them of the department policy as it was explained to me by my direct supervisor and I used her name repeatedly in my appeal.

This was the first time I had ever been counseled about leaving my desk and that I needed to time out whenever I left my house no matter how long I was gone. I had never heard anything like this before and the only reason I was conseled this time was because of the MT that called me. I was honest about where I had been because I honestly didn't think I had done anything wrong and look where my honesty got me?!?!?! I should have just said I was in the bathroom with IBS and taking a long, disgusting dump!

Anyway, thanks for all the support and advice. I'm just waiting to hear back on my appeal. Maybe everything will work out.

you need a lawyer - slave wages

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you've been treated shamelessly.

Free legal assistance and counseling:


Hmmm... - empire lady

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You are certainly entitled to a break q. 4 hours (either 10 or 15 minutes, depending on your state)and what you do during that break, especially since you are at home, is none of their business.

However, one thing that caught my eye was that you had left yourself signed in with work in your queue? At my company, a short break (10 minutes or less) while one is at home is one thing, but to leave the house with work in the queue and them having no way to contact the employee is a huge no-no because of the very reason of stat reports that may be requested (please no debates on timely manner, turn-around times, etc., not the point of this post). We were told this specifically. Did it mention that in your employee handbook? Even so, it doesn't sound like those are the reasons they are giving. I would certainly continue to fight this, unless it says somewhere in your book that you must sign out when away from the computer.

Bottom line, I'm guessing it's because you had left the house while still signed in, hanging the job(s) up.

Good luck. I truly hope things work out for you.

*edited to add* Just read the post above me. Sorry for repeating...

Well... - AnonToo

[ In Reply To ..]
If you were supplied the guidelines and they said no leaving your office without logging out, I think they might have a case, regardless of what others do or don't do. However, if nothing was supplied I would hope you have a chance of getting it approved.

Were you paid hourly or on production? - see message

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If it is hourly pay, then they have a point.

It was hourly. - OP

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THAT was your mistake. telling them where you really were. - me

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Unless you're going to be gone more than 20 minutes, screw them. You have just left and came back. When they questioned you, well, you were in bathroom with the big "D". Better now. None of their business. Do they pay you enough to give rat's behind?

She worked for a hospital and usually they pay - pretty good hourly rates.

[ In Reply To ..]
She was punched in on their time clock and a stat report was sitting in her que while she was gone to pick up her daughter.

If it were your report, I think you would hope the MT typing it gave a rats behind.

Does not sound like she did it on purpose and she was regretful and expressed that to management, but they let her go anyway.

After reading all these posts, - I am counting my blessings!

[ In Reply To ..]
I've worked at home for the same two small clinics for 30+ years. Started before kids, raised the kids, now have grandkids. It's a way of life.

I probably put in 25-30 hrs. per week when the drs. have a full load. They don't care when I do the work as long as it's turned in on time, so the flexibility has made it possible. STAT reports are uncommon but not unheard of, and more than once I rushed home from doing errands to handle it.

I would not make a very good employee -- too many rules! I thank God every day for blessing me with ongoing work through all the ups and downs of a medical transcription career, and for the nice people I work for.

So sorry to hear your story but hope it works out better than ever for you.

My take - Ayn

[ In Reply To ..]
Taking a break is one thing, and certainly every employee is entitled to them, but (1) you should never stay logged into work while doing so and (2) you should never leave your desk unattended while logged into a job. You are tying up jobs that - as you learned - could be stat (not to mention distorting TAT) and you are just asking for a HIPAA violation by staying logged in and not only leaving your desk but leaving your house!

As for the "falsifying documents" - As another poster stated, I would ask for clarification/proof of what they are referring to there.

Regardless of that "charge," however, I think you broke major rules by staying logged into work & leaving your house.

I suspect falsifying documents refers to the timecard - OP was paid hourly

[ In Reply To ..]
Paid hourly but left work station with an open job to take a break. The breaks are allowed, yes, but by actually leaving her home means she should have punched out.

I suspect they're going to try to claim she falsified her timecard. That's precisely what they charged the employee with when I worked in HR.

Not passing any judgment at all here, just passing along the HR rules I was trained in.

That's what I figured they meant, but how can they back that up when - OP

[ In Reply To ..]
there were no written rules saying I had to time out during my breaks if I left my home? I know what the hospital employee manual has to say about it, but it specifically addresses those that work in the hospital. It says that if an employee leaves the hospital campus, they have to time out. At-home employees are already off campus, so it should have been clarified what constitutes "off campus." I'm sorry, but my house is MINE, not the hospital's. My desk, my office, my electricity. The only thing that is theirs was the computer. I followed their rules and locked my station when I left my desk.

Furthermore, the actual physical hospital campus is several blocks large with a hospital-owned daycare. So conceivably going one block to pick up my daughter at school could be construed as equal to an employee working on campus using her break to run to the daycare to check on her child, could it not?

So if we're going to say that my house is considered part of the hospital campus when I decided to work from home, then maybe that whole block in my neighborhood is part of that campus. If I worked in the office, I'd get a couple of blocks to take my breaks in, right?

How can I be held accountable for rules that were never verbalized or written down for that matter? - OP

[ In Reply To ..]
As I said earlier, we were told for our 15 minute breaks we were only required to lock our workstations. If we were taking our 30 minute lunch, we were supposed to pause our Dictaphone session, but to make sure we weren't pausing in the middle of a report. Those rules were never written down anywhere in any departmental manual, we were just verbally told. On the day in question, I did lock my workstation when I went to pick my daughter up. I did not leave a STAT report in my queue for an indefinite period time and the report was not a stat when it came to me. I only was aware it became a stat after the email and phone call. We are talking about a 5-minute time span here.

So I didn't break any "major" rule because I followed the only rule I had been given on the subject. I LOCKED MY STATION!

Management cannot just make up rules as they go along. They cannot say I broke a rule that never was simply because now they think it should be a rule. It's completely unfair and ridiculous.

While you say this is unfair, - sm

[ In Reply To ..]
That is an under-statement. It is absolutely ridiculous. However, they are going to deny that you deserve UE. Every company does, every time, no matter what. They believe, and rightfully so, that MTs will give up on the lengthy process if they can delay it. Many do. DON'T GIVE UP. You have nothing to lose at this point, except the UE $$.

One very important question. Have you had any other infarctions? At all? Anything they can dig up on you or accuse you of? If not, I think you have a very good chance with this. The UE people are not stupid. They see through a lot of this. If you have a clean record, you will most likely not be denied.
Oh, and P.S. - sm
[ In Reply To ..]
Your employer does not want this investigation any more than you do. Their hope is you will let it go. Once the UE agent or Department of Labor comes snooping around, the employers often change their tune, especially if they have anything to hide in their employment practices/records/history, etc.
Infraction instead of infarction. - MT coming out in me. nm
[ In Reply To ..]

I can see your point - Ayn

[ In Reply To ..]
Certainly, if none of these rules/processes were in writing that is unfortunate for you and for the employer as well. Sounds like the whole thing will come down to he said/she said -- and unfortunately the employer usually wins those arguments, fair or not, especially if you are in an "at will employment" state.

I understand that the report was not marked stat when it came to you and I (now) understand that you locked your workstation. However - test this. When you lock your computer, does it still lock the voice file or can you still step on the pedal and hear the voice even though the computer is locked?

Whether it was the employer's rule (written or verbal) or not, I still believe it IS a "major" rule of being an MT - to protect yourself! - that you never leave a computer unattended without locking it (yes, I understand you did lock your workstation in this case) OR a voice file open, especially if you are leaving the house. Whether it is the written rule of your employer or not, you have a responsibility to protect yourself and the patient info -- it is so simple to log out, lock your computer, and/or make sure you are not in an active voice file before stepping away from the computer - whether it is for a 5-minute break to get a cup of coffee, a 15-minute break to walk around the block, or a 30-minute lunch break.

I agree with you that they can't change the rules on employees midstream, which is why it is unfortunate that none of this was in writing. You now have no way of proving what was verbally expressed to you.

Just another example to MTs that you should have a written contract, actually read that contract, and make sure you have in writing ALL rules/procedures. And save those emails & other documentation that you have -- you never know when something like this could happen to you.

I wish the OP the best of luck.

well I'll just say this - anon

[ In Reply To ..]
they are not in my house and I don't tell them a thing. If I need to run to the store a quarter-mile away and it takes me a whole 7 minutes to get there and back, that's what I'm doing. I do my time, I do my lines, and I don't care anymore. I get paid the salary of a monkey with a peanut machine, and I'll do what I want to on my break time.

May I ask what you went to school for? - Ms. Penguin

[ In Reply To ..]
I work for a hospital now, but its getting kind of scary with all the talk about EMR. I am seriously considering going back to school.

I'm finishing out my RHIT degree and medical coding. - OP

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Ex-Employer Trying To Scare Me?
May 04, 2010

My original post is further down on this page.  I was hired in by a company that told me I was hired contingent upon my computer passing their test.  It passed the test and I was offered employment.  Their techs downloaded their software on my computer and then for over a week, they worked on my computer, and then said my system was not compliant with their softwared.  I asked for new account with different platform, asked for them to restore my computer to its orginal state, ...

If Your Employer Doesn't Pay You.....
May 05, 2010

Only using an employer as an example - my personal example - but my idea is applicable to all the others I have read about on this site Not long ago, I posted a rant about Siance not paying me.  I turned them in to the Labor Board.  They were given a deadline to pay me, but it could take that Dept up to 6 months or longer to get my money.  I thought...HMMM...I HAVE BILLS TODAY - NOT IN 6 MONTHS MAN!    So...I filed unemployment against Saince.  They did a pho ...

How Is Encompass As Employer???
May 31, 2010

Can anyone tell me anything about Encompass?  Website looks good, but then most do.  Any info welcome.  I want to bail but would not like to go from frying pan to the fire. ...

When Searching For A New Employer
Nov 25, 2010

Check with the BBB.  They shouldn't just have NO activity, but be part of the ongoing audit, not just boast they have had NO activity.  Heck, I have had no activity!!!  It is only as good as what is submitted. You may have been in business 10+ years but screwed people over 5+ years of that time.  If no one reports you, the activity continues.... Watch RIPOFF reports.  They do not lie.  Unfortunately, not enough people file these reports so some of us are ...

Tell The Potential 2nd Employer About The 1st?
Sep 20, 2011

Took me quite awhile to figure this out. You need 2 MT jobs because they all overhire to keep many more employees less busy to pay less. In my day, you kept your 2nd job quiet, but what is the way to do it now? Is it good or bad to be looking for a 2nd part-time job, do you tell them. Is there anyone who left the first job to go full time with the 2nd one or switched them? And is it better to go IC in the 2nd job because of flexibility? I sound pretty dumb! ...

Contacting Former Employer
Jul 09, 2012

Has anyone ever contacted a former employer to see if they would re-hire you? Reason I am asking is, I was working with this MT company, but had to quit because something happened to my computer and my back-up didn't have the specifications required to run the software they use. It's been about 4 months since I've quit, and I have a new computer now that would work with what they offer. I am hesitant to ask to see if they would consider re-hiring me because when I quit, even thoug ...

How Is M*Modal As An Employer?
Oct 02, 2012

Can anyone, current or past employees of M*Modal, give me an idea of how they are as an employer?  Were you confined to set work times or were you able to work freely as time permitted?  Also, if anyone is willing to share, what is the pay rate? (per line, per minute of dictation...)I am in Canada and I know M*Modal branches out here (they have e-mailed me informing me of job openings) but I currently work for another really good company.  I am just curious as to the possibility o ...

Any Recourse When An Employer Wont Pay Their ICs?
Aug 02, 2010

any ideas?  I live in one state and my IC "employer" lives in another.  He owes me a substantial amount of money (almost 3K).  Do I have any recourse against him?  Could I file a suit against him with his state attorney generals office or small claims court or anything???  ...

Good Employer With Benefits
Dec 27, 2010

OSI & NUANCE: Please tell me about these companies. What can i expect for per line? For editing? I have 20+ years experience in acute care, radiology and multispecialty. I am a newbie to online work. HELP. TX ...

Dear Prospective Employer,
Nov 24, 2011

Dear Prospective Employer, It would have been great if you had specified in your ad whether the opening was on-site or if it was available to telecommuters.  If it is not available to telecommuters, then I just wasted over an hour of my time and your HR department has a unqualified application to process. It would have been great if your HR department had done a trial run through your online application to get the bugs out of it.  It would have been great if you had not designe ...

Reviews On Transcend As Employer
Jan 11, 2012

I'm looking into maybe working for Transcend.  I would welcome any and ALL reviews.  Feel free to post here, or e-mail me privately.   Thanks very much. ...

If An Employer Interviewing You Asked For Your
Mar 25, 2012

This story has been popping up in the news lately, and I find it very distressing!  How low will a company stoop to find a way to practice hiring discrimination?  Imagine yourself interviewing in an office or on the phone, and they ask if you use Facebook, Twitter, etc., and request you to hand over your password!  Would you do it?  I sure hope not!  Most likely I would lose my cool and laugh in their faces, but still no way would I ever do that.  WHAT an invasion ...

Opinions On M*Modal As An Employer?
Oct 14, 2012

Hi Ladies - anyone recommend this company? Do they have good benefits?What is their line count requirement? Thanks a bunch... ...

Does Anyone's Employer Use Epic Systems?
Oct 15, 2012

Does anyone's employer use Epic systems?  Our hospital is thinking of switching. ...

Alphastaff Employer For 2012 On W2
Mar 02, 2013

How about that. No *paper* record of me ever being employed by Nuance Transcription Services. Are they hiding something? ...

My Job Is Phasing Out And My Employer Is Blaming
Sep 19, 2013

I work as an IC for a multispeciality clinic.  To make a long story short, she told us on the 1st the physicians are only allowed about 2000 lines a month and after that they will be charged. They are pushing the physicians to use an automated system.   She says that will decrease our workload significantly and she strongly urges us to pursue over avenues for employment.  I have not done hospital transcription since 2008.  I talked to my friend who works for a local ...

Do You Put Your Current Employer On Your Resume?
Apr 01, 2014

I am wondering,  because I am not sure if I want to show another company name to a prospective employer unless asked.   I like the current place and am going to stay, but it's only part-time right now.  ...

Inscribe Illegal Employer
Jun 05, 2014

Only hiring I.C.'s? Inscribe is full of it! It costs more upfront to be a 1099, and helps them evade paying taxes. There is tremendous liability on top of it. IT'S AGAINST THE LAW! *see link. http://www.treasury.gov/tigta/auditreports/2013reports/201330058fr.pdf ...

See Link Inside. What An Employer Can/cannot
Dec 04, 2014

when it comes to docking your pay, and docking our pay is now the law of the Nuance landscape, sending reports to QA, etc.  I have seen nothing or heard anything good, including during the conference call.  Did you agree to this new and exciting plan~~~in writing?  The link below, as long as the title may be, is from U. S. News and World Report.  Wonder if Nuance had their lawyers look at what they are doing?    ...

Isnt It Illegal For A Potential Employer To Ask Your Age?
Nov 16, 2009

Have any of you had the feeling you weren't getting callbacks from employers you applied with because of your age?  I've been getting that feeling, and I thought that discrimination based on age, among other things, was illegal. So of course, the answer would be to just not fill in your date of birth, right?  Well, lately I've applied at a few places where the ONLY way to apply was online.  I had actually called them because I wanted to either come in and fill out ...

Regarding Webmedx Being AHDI Employer Of The Year
Aug 12, 2010

This is funny.  I just called AHDI and asked how many nominees were there for Employer of the Year for this year?  With such fanfare as Webmedx makes over it, it must be quite an accomplishment, right? What's your guess? .. . . wait for it... . THREE! LOL lololol three. 3. hahaha sorry, I couldn't help it. And asked whether that's typical of previous AHDI Employer of the Year awards (because they really like to tell everyone about that title), I was told by Mi ...

Dear Employer: Today's Pet Peeve
Nov 13, 2010

I've been a transcriptionist for more than 25 years, have worked for 7 different employers, and every one of them has always said that it is required for everyone to work one weekend day, you either work sunday through thursday or tuesday through saturday.  Then I see an email to all employees that says, "please consider changing your schedule to work a weekend day."  WTF?  There are people not already working a weekend day?  That makes me feel pretty stupid for all the ...