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mttest.com - What a waste of my time - Susan

Posted: Sep 17, 2010

I just had to say that when I see a company looking for MTs and they have to test through mttest, I cross them off my list of potential employment.  What a waste of my time.  Took it years ago and would never do it again.  There has to be some other way or just look at a person's resume and phone previous employers.  If I have over 25 years of experience, took pride in getting my CMT and have tons of experience in every specialty, chances are I am a good bet.  Just venting.

I felt the same way - mt2777

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I felt the same way you do, but I had to give in and take it, I sent resumes for 2 weeks to everything that came open and received 0 responses, none, nada, zilch. I went on line and took the test at that web site for 4 different companies and had offers from 3 of them the next day. The test was not that bad, multiple choice, grammar, the transcription part was easy because they have it set up so you can use keyboard controls or foot pedal, worked out great for me, just felt it was a waste of time but evidently the companies rely on it. Took me about 3-4 hours to test for 4 companies and it ended up being worth it, because the offers did come after that. The test site had probably come a long way since the time you used it, of course, it depends on how bad you want a job, I have over 25 years experience also and could not even get an acknowledgement a resume was received until I tested on that site. Best of luck to you. As far as phoning previous employers, they are very limited as to what they can tell anyone, i.e., did they work there, when they worked there, why they left and if they are eligible for rehire, cannot legally disclose anything about your work, quality, production, any of those things that most companies want to know. Again good luck to you.

I feel the same. What a huge waste of time. - No problem with testing but .. sm

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there has to be a way to save past results. I guess tests are specific to each employer but most of it is same so make parts of test standard instead of taking over and over and over again. I pass right over those ads too. Any MTSO that still uses that clunker of a site probably wouldn't be a good fit for me anyway.

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Mar 25, 2010

How exactly do you score well on these automatically graded tests from mttest?  I am a CMT with many years experience and while I do pass, sometimes I get a score in the 80s and then other times its the high 90s.  I have been told that some let it automatically score and others manually score them.  What is the secret?  Is it just a formatting thing that throws the scores off so much? ...

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Jul 15, 2010

I believe that if we all boycott MTTest, that these companies will have to find other ways to test applicants.  From this point on, I will no longer take any tests through the MTTest website.  Also, any company who throws more than 3 or 4 dictations at you for testing purposes isn't worth working for.  So, MTSOs, get ready for the onslaught because I doubt that I'm the only one willing to do this.  No company is worth the grief of having to spend hours taking tests, ...

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Regaring MTTest and their pass/fail inconsistencies - I'm wondering if they don't set these things to fail anything after a certain number of test takers.  I'm just saying, if I were an MTSO hring a weed-wacker like MTTest, and with the high number of applicants these years, I'd be saying something on the order of "just send me the top 20."  and so MTTest takes the top 20 from say...50, or even the top from after 2 days of open testing, and then 'defaults ...

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I'm a recent MT grad. and was wondering how this website works? Are there any websites that offer practice tests that are similar to the type online companies use? I haven't taken any online tests yet and wonder do most companies let you use a foot pedal? Or do they use the F1, F2 etc. commands? thanks for any advice! ...

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When using mttest, do you expand the abbreviations the first time encountered in the report?  I know mttest can be tricky and I'm worried I'm doing it wrong.   Thanks! ...

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The site is very literal.  Here are some tips. Objective: 1.  Thoroughly read the instructions.  Don't try to think about the instructions - simply read them and follow them.  For example if it tells you to type the correct spelling of a word into a field (picking a misspelled word out of a phrase), only type that word - not anything else.  2.  Look up every single word and definition before you make a choice.  I don't care how much you T ...

Has Anyone Started The MTTest And Had To Finish (sm)
Dec 08, 2010

it the next day?  Will they save your test overnight?  I started late today and ran into a problem (personal) and was wondering if I could finish the test tomorrow.  Appreciate any info. ...

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Mar 07, 2014

HELP? Has anyone out there recently passed the mttest.com (created by Career Step) that most all companies are utilizing to prescreen their candidates? I am a Career Step graduate (high honors) with many years� experience working for a very large global transcription company; yet I cannot seem to pass the aforementioned test to save my life. I find this strange for the following reasons: 1. I passed the same (or nearly the same) test, on the 1st try, with a 99% combined score t ...

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