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Babbletype - Don't waste your time on this guy - RainyDay

Posted: May 30, 2012

Don't waste your time on this guy.  The test is ridiculous, and the pay is peanuts.  They are having offshore "transcribers" type GENERAL AND CORPORATE reports, and we all know how horrible OS "transcribers" are at figuring out the nuances of the English language.  Then the U.S. proofreader is going to have to fix all of the errors.  There will be no money to be made as an editor in this position.  OS "transcribers" can't even get the SOCIAL HISTORY section of a medical report right if it has anything in it other than medical terms, let alone an entire audio file full of conversational dictation in corporate and general dictation files.

Thanks for posting this. - nm

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Not Worth It - anon

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I didn't bother with the testing after he sent the very long email describing all that was involved. I knew then it wasn't worth it.

I also did not respond to the lengthy e-mail as it - made it clear I would be working for nothing, nm

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Oh, not to mention the fact for every $100 you make for this - company, you have to pay $10, sm

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to their contractor service they use to handle processing payments to you. The e-mail clearly stated it was set up so the QA can earn at least $10 an hour. Definitely not worth my time as an IC.

Thanks for the warning. nm - Rainy

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Contract employee with Babbletype - Gail

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I am very interested to hear more.
I've been a contract employee for a week and am very dissatisfied with what they pay me. A whole $.17 per audio minutes. So I got paid $ 3.50 last week, I worked 23 hours because I'm slow & learning.
So this week I've done just over 40 minutes (Monday--Thursday) which only equals $24! That's highway robbery!
You said what I told my husband--the foreigners doing the actual data entry from the audio have all kinds of errors! Then it goes against my time because I have so much to fix and I make pennies.
I'm thinking of quitting. I really LOVE proofreading and editing, will be 57 years old in August, with over 30 years in office work. I can get more $ on unemployment and selling on eBay.
IF you able to reply to me ASAP, that'd be great! IF not, no worries. Thank you!

Gail in Arizona

Babbletype is a SCAM! - hardlesson

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I am so glad to see your comments! SO TRUE!! I only worked a week for Babbletype, 7 days, 54 hours, paid total of $26.86
Now they said something to the unemployment office and my benefits have been denied! I was collecting from a job I had for one year! Now I'm being punished because a dishonest, greed loving company told more lies!
We are broke, no $ for gas or groceries, rent is questionable, and I waited 4 weeks for the State to tell this--I am denied!! I have written the Governor's office, the Attorney General's office and may have to hire an attorney. FYI, BabbleGlass is another of John Feldcamp's babies--this company teaches other companies "how to outsource their jobs"! At a time when America could use more jobs. AND they don't tell you the "mandatory" training is not paid! Anything you do for this company outside of "editing" is unpaid! They only pay $.17 per audio minute & the time to correct the foreigners data file from transcription makes you lose money because it takes so much time! What a racket! I hope more people complain so others won't be caught up with all those links on Google and the A- rating on the BBB (which companies can "buy"). The CEO and COO are not true Americans, they are only for themselves and have really strict job duties for the Americans while the foreigners get away with very poor quality transcription.

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BABBLETYPE - They Offer One Rate And Pay Another
Jan 22, 2013

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Apr 23, 2013

Hi. My name is John Feldcamp and I’m the CEO of Babbletype. I’ve been reading this discussion thread over for the first time and have decided to respond to the comments below. I’m doubtful if I’m making the right choice in doing so, since there are certain people who, once they decide you are the enemy, don’t much care about the finer points of what may or may actually not be true. But on the other hand, MT Stars has brought us many great people that have done well ...

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