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Dont waste your time trying to fix ASR - Ive tried and they blame us

Posted: Apr 17, 2012

One instance I sent something in and THEY spelled it wrong and blamed us for spelling it wrong in the reports..the rest of them I get,,, "I checked and there is nothing in the system for that to be happening...the MTs are doing it wrong so that ASR is picking it up and making it print out that way"  perhaps your manager needs to send out a message...Well if you mark it NEVER to capitalize then it should never capitalize and even if they are right how come on one report the stuff is capped and on the other it isnt???  and how come within the same report one generic drug is capped and then the same one isnt later on down the line...

there is no way to fix ASR. Its the programmers - and the program

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I "NEVER" report to them about the mistakes because they dont care. I just make sure my report is clean so if I get audited, I pass. I dont care what it learns or not anymore, I am just interested in getting thorugh each report, to get through each day, and then exit this place from my brain as soon as my shift is over.

Kinda funny that whomever you talked to blamed the MTs, but in the past, I was told it was the way the Indians edit that is causing the problem. MModal (formerly known as MQ) is the master of the blame game!

I turned off the skip markers and redundant markers - a long time ago. They are

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still there, I just cant see them unless I turn them back on.

It's just too much going on having all that extra stuff mixed in with the body of the report.

And the purpose of those are suppose to be able to "teach" the VR, but it seems to have stopped learning at some point.

The poster up above is right, the programmers need to fix it because it doesn't seem to be accepting our input anymore.

goes back to my theory...we are editing the indians - there is no other excuse

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Otherwise how do you have a drug capped at one point in the report, a generic mind you, and then not capped in another part. And some department names capped at one point, incorrectly I might add, and then not capped in another part of the report..Just makes me suspicious..I gave up also...

I long ago stopped believing in the ASR fairy - Honkedoff

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On the platform I work on, every time the dictator dictates "Head and Neck" as a subheading, it comes in as "Head and EENT" every time, no matter the hospital, no matter the doctor, and that has been going on for the 3 years I have been using this platform. I can't believe that "Head and EENT" gets used at all, much less more frequently than "Head and Neck." Ditto with JVD/JVP. I have heard JVD dictated several thousand times for each time I have heard JVP, but guess which one the speech rec fairy always hears.

Total agree - with programmers

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Programmers as far as I know don't work off production nor are they former transcriptionists. In *theory* ASR seems great, as it did 20 years ago, but in practice..not so much. I think they spend more time and money fixing something that really wasn't broke to begin with, meaning all these new names, titles and positions just to eliminate what 25% of the transcriptionists who probably costs less to begin with, were more accurate, and less aggravated.

It's just getting worse, not better - sm

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I don't understand why it always says the same wrong things in a certain report. The doctor is very easy to understand. One mistake I always have to correct is ASR puts the word "go" instead of the name of the city. The city sounds nothing like the word go, btw.

I had one report where a whole sentence was gibberish and it actually had the word "zombie" in it. Where the heck did ASR learn the word zombie?!

I have pretty much given up on the idea... - that ASR is "learning"

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anything. I just proofread as I go along and make the corrections as fast as possible. It does me no good to complain or even be concerned about it.

the word distention - slave wages

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It always comes through as distension. That's another one. Why can't the programmers just make it be distention, end of discussion? but instead apparently 100% of MTs must change it for the engine to recognize the change, and I'm sure some have quit bothering. And even if they did, I don't know that it would fix it.

distention/distension - agmt

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means the same thing in merriam webster so I don't bother with it.

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