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fluency for transcription manager - ea

Posted: Nov 09, 2014

Cant get into fluency for transcription manager to change password, says to contact customer support.  Does that mean tech support?  Do we still have to send a remedy ticket and wait for them to call us or can we call directly to 1-800-DICTATE like we used to.  Any  help is truly appreciated.  Thank you.

If your due to work and can't get in - Call

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What are they going to do if they don't like your approach, take away your birthday..I would consider that one an emergency

Remedy unavailable for weeks for me - WorkingMT

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I have not been able to get into Remedy for weeks, just keep getting an error message. Just tried e-mailing them through an old incident report to see if I can get a response, otherwise I have been forced to call the 1-800-Dictate lately because I have no choice, its the only line of communication I have had. Still waiting to hear from someone as to why I can't get in.

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(Note, X's are put in place here to protect certain information, but the rest is what I wrote them).  Dear *** and ***,  A couple of days ago an e-mail was sent to everyone on (***) account reminding eveyone that we are to transcribe all dictators and if help is needed to send the reports to QC.  I have noticed that many times when I log on in the morning time to work that the only reports left on this account are the "less desirable" dictators, i.e. those who dictate consi ...

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I have just read a few emails that are so filled with deception by management I wonder if managers are ever embarrassed to spread this BS.  Seriously some of the stuff they write would be funny if I had a sense of humor about Nuance - but I do not. I resent that I do the work while they get paid to give pep talks, make excuses and deceive. They must think MTs are dumb as rocks to believe the stuff they spew.  Then again maybe managers are the people who are dumb as rocks. Can anyone ...

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No message. ...

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