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orthopaedic humerus fracture brace name - blondie42660

Posted: Apr 17, 2012

Right proximal humerus fracture  

On evaluation, she does have a ____ brace that is positioned well with her arm in neutral alignment. She is complaining of it cutting into her wrist.

of course he changes his mind in the middle of the word and the best I can do is say that is sounds like "a strike stone".  Any ideas???  I don't think it is Stryker unless it is Stryker zone or something like that.... Thank you!!

A Total Guess - jld

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Sammons Preston?

thank you but Sammons Preston is not it. nm - blondie42660

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My brain may be in neutral, but ... - Dallas Ink

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If it's the PROXIMAL HUMERUS -- that's next to your shoulder, isn't it? How is that bothering her wrist?
(I just know I will make myself look SO stupid by asking this ...)
Not saying Sarmiento, is he? nm - nm
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