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Undercover Boss ---- idea :) - mtgal1963

Posted: May 05, 2012

I think the CEO/managers at Nuance should do an Undercover Boss episode ...... wouldn't that be fun?  I don't think they would ever have the courage to do so though. 

This is the best idea I've heard in a LONG TIME.... - wheres_my_job

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HILARIOUS...yes, work at home, and see how it is...oh it's just too good...hire an actor in a suit to do it, just picture it...

I would love to see the CEO/managers getting - picked apart by QA every day!

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And struggling with ESLs, laughable VR, dysfunctional software, and the frustration of waiting for work to dribble in. I agree - GREAT idea!

And I also agree that the CEO/managers are too chicken and/or inept to even give it a try.

Fabulous idea! - alana

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Nuance Undercover Boss - Nuancer

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What the heck would you want them to do? Show up at doorsteps? You can have them at yours, but I dont want anybody at mine, work or not. It's a mess!

! :) , Nuancer - NM

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great idea - if only they cared.. sm - kettlebell

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but they don't care like the other "bosses" on that show. Can you imagine any of these people giving someone's family a vacation or money towards collage??? Plus, none of them really want the public to know that their medical records are sent out of the country after they have signed the
"privacy statement" and do not even have to be informed that everything is offshored. I agree, it would be tons of fun to watch!!! :)

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