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Maybe its time for this to happen at M-Modal - anonymous

Posted: May 12, 2012

Check this out ladies...http://www.ilnd.uscourts.gov/RecentlyFiledCase.aspx  This is against Transcend - I'm just getting started with M-Modal and I won't put up with any crap that they will pull regarding the same issues as these ladies at Transcend...  Theresa Cosentino vs Transcend Se...  There might be hope for us yet...

wow... do you think this is part of the reason for - sm

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the boost program? In reading their lawsuit, the "hands on keyboard" issue came up a lot and in the boost program, they are focusing on our INACTIVE TIME, which could also be constituted as UNPAID TIME and they want this number the lowest possible. Maybe that is why, in case they get a law suit!

re: wow... do you think this is a part... - anonymous

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My actual first day working is tomorrow - in fact my training starts in a few hours... I don't know what the boost program is yet - glad I read up on some of the issues that you ladies have talked about...

Do you guys - ever think that

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maybe their software that watches everything we do is faulty or set up in their favor. I sick of people telling me "numbers don't lie," meaning the numbers of that software could not be wrong, but the SR does not do as originally intended, doesn't make me produce twice or three times as much.

It's like trying to win the house at a casino. They put us down and claim we are faulty, when the entire thing is a set up for them to make as much money as they can from us.

My paycheck doesn't lie. I am living in poverty.

I found it interesting that they claimed the VR pay rate - dnr

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had caused the same plumet in their wages. I feel that validates what we have experienced with our pay and also that their VR output must be at least as horrible as ours is.
Most MTs experience the same problems as - those at M*Modal, because M*M is -
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the worst offender of all the companies out there. It's the biggest, the least honest, and it's employees seem to make the least money and get cheated the most. All the rest of the MTSOs want to be exactly like your company.

Our VR output, no matter what plaform it's on, IS horrible. It's a JOKE. And we're paid around 3 cpl for using it. This has caused most (myself included) to be making about 1/3 of what we were making before going to VR.

It's all a big con-game, people, and WE were the ones who were scammed the worst.

I hope with all my soul that things are about to change in a big way.

Ummmm... YEAH!!! Why do you think they - infiltrate our PCs with that spyware?

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WHAT?? HOW ????? - holycrap!
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The suit was filed on Friday. BOOST's been - around longer than that.

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crazy things were happening there - had a friend who recently quit

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While MM has not gotten that crazy yet (telling their employees to keep their hands on their keyboards at all times and to falsify time cards) the law suit does bring up a very valid point of CC and demographics, checking email; all things we do unpaid for the benefit of the company. My friend said she had to be on IM and to answer whoever messaged her and she also got thousands of emails every day as an MT because everybody in her group was required to reply to all. She had to shift through and find the ones pertinent to her. Transcend apparently was not compensating to bring up wages to at least minimum or paying OT which are 2 things at least MM does. However, good for this lady at Transcend to shed light on the practices of MT companies and you are right maybe these companies will change their practices to our benefit. I hope MM is scared, no Boost is going to reduce inactivity to zero.

My sister-in-law raised a good point. sm - mqmt

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We are not paid by he hour so as long as we do what is required by us line wise, they really have no reason to say anything to us. She is right.

we are still employees and still doing work for free - that was the point

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We don't get paid for adding ccs or checking demographics or checking our email, yet they are requirements of our job. That was the point of the lawsuit. The company cannot have it both ways. They cannot pay by the line and yet require employees to do other duties unpaid. Transcend just refused to pay them even minimum wage or OT pay.

And yes, the companies do have a reason to say something to us. If you are FT and have benefits they will take them away if you are not meeting certain requirements such as line count or minimum wage or working 39 hours per week.
i wonder though - slave wages
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How they can pay for doing that stuff? Just wondering. How would you handle it? In my perfect world, there'd be an hourly clerk to do that stuff. What are your ideas?
I think they should just eliminate the whole - production thing,
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and just go with a fair hourly wage with a bonus for production. I think 18 to 20 dollars per hour is fair for a skilled MT/ME. Either that or start minimum ME line rate at 9 cpl and MT line rate at 12 cpl minimum.
pay per report for cc and demographics - or just pay hourly
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Back in the old days they had a QC department that was paid hourly to verify demographics and cc, but then Medquist eliminated that position and decided to make the MTs do it. We could bring that back, but don't hold your breath. So fine. Then pay us something like 50 cents per report to cover the time spent on demographics and cc. (I am just throwing that number out there, I would need to do more research as to an actual fair number), but just like radiology hopefully the reports would average out in the end. Some would require more manual input of cc, but some don't need any.

However, I am all for paying by the hour at a fair wage. I know Mayo Clinic pays their MTs starting at $15 and there are yearly reviews and raises and quality bonuses.

Bottom line, I think it is horrible and almost illegal of MModal to demand cc and demographics unpaid, but then tote those as HIPAA errors and remind us all the time that we can get fired for those errors. How can they fire us for something we don't get paid to do in the first place? Does that make any sense?

If they did win, and I hope they do, who would pay now that they've been bought? - NM

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I wouldn't be surprised if they never got a dime just as we did. - Settlement paid to ADHI! nm

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yup, but then in addition to nothing - sm

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They get time clocks, with no OT offered and no working outside of scheduled hours, and all kinds of hoops to jump through where it becomes even more time consuming, just like at MModal now.
Agreed ... *IF* they are able to keep their jobs afterward - they WILL pay in the long run
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By the time every employee for the last decade jumps on board this law suit and the winnings are all divvied up, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if they walked away jobless and a $1.75 award check in their hand.

MModal (then Medquist) had a very similar lawsuit filed by its employees several years ago and there were some changes made but make no mistake about it, if a company who pays on production wants to screw its employees, all a lawsuit like this does is just make them a helluva lot more creative in doing it.
{sigh}.....There are special anti-retaliation protections - for whistleblowers in the workplace. (sm)
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If wages aren't adjusted to be fair, then why would any of them even WANT to keep their jobs?

Just because one suit (MQ's) fails, doesn't mean others will fail, as well. Different company. Different charges. Different plaintiffs. Different lawyers. And if the Transcend suit doesn't pan out, so what? MTs are pissed. They've had enough. We're all circling the drain on what these shysters are getting away with compensating us for all the work we do. I know that if I go down the drain, I want my evil MTSO going right down with me. I think most of these other people feel the same way.

This suit isn't about making money. It's about a U.S. employer being forced to comply with U.S. federal minimum wage laws. It's about paying for work done. If they are going to require us to do other things than just type while on the job, even if that means staring at a blank monitor all day and seeing "NJA", too bad. THEY STILL HAVE TO PAY US FOR OUR TIME ON THE JOB.

I think it's *hilarious* - anon

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Don't think for a MINUTE that every smart company in the WORLD doesn't have a "in case the employees grow balls and sue us" fund. The money that Transcend made off the backs of its employees under those conditions is probably *tenfold* what it will pay out in any award. When hearing of the lawsuit, the CEO probably shooed it away with his hand like a pesky bug and ordered another martini on the beach. Companies plan for these types of inconveniences from day one of business.

This lawsuit isn't going to hurt anyone but the employees still there - THEY will be the ones who will pay the award in the long run.

All the money in the world doesn't change the - fact that theyre disobeying the law.

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you can bet this law firm has a few bucks behind them, as well. and that this lawsuit is going to grow and expand to be all-encompassing.

we mt's should stop licking their boots for the scraps they toss our way, and start standing up for ourselves.

the suits might think it's *funny* now, but I think a year from now they're not gonna be laughing anymore.............

It's simple - MT

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It's pretty cut and dried what most MTSOs are asking. Imagine if this was the job ad:

We are hiring MTs with 1-20 years experience at 3 cpl for editing and 7 for transcribing. In addition to that, your job will require researching documents to a 99% accuracy, looking up multiple client specifics, accurate patient names, dates, and visit information, accurate doctors' names and addresses, adding copies, correct spellings for medical facilities, labor companies, schools, etc. referred to in a document along with countries, states, counties, towns, cities, addresses and phone/fax numbers, and typing spaces in the document and information into headers and/or footers. That is an absolute requirement of the position, but in no way will this be compensated monetarily or counted towards your cpl and must be done on your own time.

I just wondering who in the world you came across this? - short of unionization which we desperately need..

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I wish them all the luck in the world. How they got a law firm to take this on and even file a complaint costs money..I do not share in the posts that feel this will only hurt those who still work at Nuance/Transcend.

Evil occurs when honest women do nothing

forgive the paraphrase or maceration of a known quote..but SOMEBODY needs to wake the hell up and realize it is NOT OKAY the are paid below minimum wage for piece work while our CCMs and other secret handshake suits (most who could not transcribe a clinic note about the sniffles) I am sure are paid in the 40s thousands.

Class action: They probably pooled their money - for the fees, or its on contingency.

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Those attorneys aren't dumb. I think they realize that what these 13 women are describing is just the tip of the iceberg.

This could have nationwide reverberations with regard to "piecemeal" work, which has been turned into a very profitable scam by a lot of dishonest employers, and not just in the medical transcription field, either.


Anybody actually read the pleading papers? - Love the part about 95% accuracy

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ha ha ha ha...I friggin WISH we were only held to 95% because this 99% is impossible depending on who may be your QA.

Maybe it's time to call the lawyers and add this - place to the fray. Oughta be fun! ;D

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Interesting part about their income - CK5

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It stated that their annual revenue is in excess of $500,000. Wonder where all that money goes...

Old MQ suit compared to new lawsuit - anon

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I don't personally know anyone in the first lawwsuit, so this is second-hand info and may be wrong, but I DO know that MQ made no admission of wrong doing, so maybe there was not enough written documentation or proof? Again, I am not sure on this, but that could be the difference and why they just settled and took the money going to AHDI.

I have several friends working at Transcend and also know someone who was involved in helping get this lawsuit off the ground. There are many different issues involved and there is documentation of it all. It is clearly a breech of labor law to TELL employees they must alter their time card. There were also threats involved against a TL who quit because she wouldn't go along (again there is written documentation). The flexing that was discussed happened to a friend as follows: she was a new hire for night shift. After typing 2 jobs, she ran out but she was REQUIRED to stay up all night, clocking in every 15 minutes to see if there was any work. There were times she stayed up the entire night and only typed 3 jobs and that was all she was paid for! Then they required her to work and flex to other times at their choosing when work was available to make up her hours. She was told that is not legal, it in essence is "on-call" time that is required (checking every 15 minutes all night long) and it must be compensated. The other issues (spending up to an hour a day to read e-mails, etc) that is not paid is a side issue but when you look at the whole picture, this company was really asking for it IMO and in blatant violation of labor laws. I applaud them for standing up to this and hope it will change some of these procedures!

MQ lawsuit also involved tampering with - line counts as well as

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defrauding their clients (hospitals). Truly amazing they were even able to stay in business and I figure this is what eventually led to the "rebranding," as no one wanted to be associated with a tainted company.

It's time to happen at all of them: M*Modal, Nuance, - Breitner, Acusis, SoftScript, etc.

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Maybe its time - TJ

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Yes I saw this on another site as well. We all need to get involved in this. We do have a legitimate complaint. We are only asking to be paid for what we do, and for us to be able to do our research on each job that we need too and not be penalized for it. I don't feel that is too much to ask.

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