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Looking for straight transcription job - Kristi C

Posted: May 04, 2012

Does anyone know of a company that is hiring for straight transcription? My job recently changed over to speech recognition and my pay has been cut almost in half because of it.

Welcome to my world. - mt

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I'd like to find a small non-edit company also. I bring to the table: 30 years experience and an excellent work ethic.

Good luck - sm

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Unfortunately this is the wave of the future of transcription. A lot of people are in the same boat sailing the same rapids of VW (voice wreak). Oops I mean this wonderful technical advancement of VR!!!! I was making over 45,000 annually down to approximately 25,000 yuk.

Isn't that the MT Dream? - straight typing

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I have been doing speech rec for 6 years. It's horrible. My pay was cut in half also, and have been searching for a straight typing job since! GOOD LUCK!!!

SR - me

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I've never done SR. Do they pay by the line? If so, what's the pay range usually? Just curious. TIA

I think the average is 4 cpl. - or minimum wage really

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Bearer of bad news.
You would have better luck - these days finding
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finding unicorns or leprechauns.

But even if you find one, it could change to VR at anytime... - MT

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I wouldn't count on any straight typing staying that way for long. And, unfortunately, when an account transitions, it's usually with a week's notice, not months.

That's the Thing - Or they get gobbled up by you-know-who

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I believe Softscript does... - blondie

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Of course, I have heard they run out of work often. I don't know myself. I've never worked there.
Also on Nuance's job ad on the other board it says they are hiring for I believe it said Bayscribe, which is all straight transcription on that platform.

There are a few - Aly

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I have seen a few on MTDaily. They all require about 5 years experience but are still straight typing.

Or - Aly

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You could always try and get your own local accounts.

Yep. Looks like everything going to VR - Kristi

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I've talked with numerous companies over the past week and all of them either no longer have straight typing accounts or they will be going to VR shortly. No need to change jobs to be in the same situation. Guess I'll just be poor!!Looks like getting your own small local accounts is probably the way to go. Good idea!

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