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? about working for a private doctor's office - Cassie

Posted: Apr 15, 2012

I saw an opening for a medical transcriptionist for a private doctor's office in my town.  I wonder, if any of you work in a private office--won't all medical practices be going to some sort of EMR in the coming year?  This ad didn't say anything at all about EMR, but I'm kind of assuming that they'll be switching to it if they haven't already.  

I've only done MT in an acute-care hospital setting, so I also wonder if a lot of smaller doctor's offices seem to use difficult transcription programs.  We always had good programs at the hospital, with abbrev. expanders, automatic population of the demographic screen, etc.; and I'm kind of wondering what questions I should ask about their program if I get contacted for an interview.  I have a few friends who went from the hospital to a private office, and they complained pretty bitterly about the cumbersome programs they encountered.  Are we hospital MTs a little too spoiled to be able to make an easy transition to what might not be the most up-to-date office programs when we move to a small office?  :-D  

If you've gone from hospital to smaller doctor's office (not a large clinic), I would love to hear how your experience was....and whatever questions you might suggest that would be helpful to know about.  TIA!  

? about working for a private doctor's office - greyhound mom

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I work for 3 different practices. I know some people don't like the idea, but I pick up tapes and deliver them back. I use Word Perfect. One of the practices has 3 docs. Two are using EMR but one doctor refuses and still dictates. The other 2 practices have not even started on EMR.

I love working for these practices. They never really bother me. If I didn't go to the offices, I would feel like a hermit. I really enjoy this. Unfortunately, I think the docs may be forced to go to EMR. I heard from someone that the government is paying the doctors bonuses to go to EMR. So that is why some docs are anxious to go to EMR. Maybe by the time they are completely using EMR, I will be retired.

Thanks, Greyhound Mom - Cassie

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Appreciate the response. I have a friend who would probably give her eye teeth to have your job! LOL. She works for a law firm that just switched from Word Perfect to MS Word, and she just didn't want to learn MS Word. She asked them leave WP on her computer, which they did. I told her it wouldn't be a bad idea to learn the MS Word since that's what most people are using (for any future jobs for her), but she's set in her ways at age 61. I can understand that.

And actually, the only ones who HAVE to go to EMR - are those who are Medicare providers

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The EMR requirement is for any provider who files for Medicare reimbursement and there are a lot of practitioners out there who don't find that particular source of income worth the extreme amount of administrative costs it generates.

Cassie - One suggestion - Auntie Anxiety

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If you're going to be working at a small private practice with only one or two physicians, you might want to ask when the physicians take their vacations. When they go on vacation, that could possibly mean no work for you for a week or two; by knowing in advance when they are going to be out for an extended period, you can plan and budget ahead to possibly be without income for that period of time.

Good luck!

Private doctors - LinK

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I work for private doctors, but as an employee. They use EMR, but myself and two other transcriptionists type directly into their EMR system. I think it depends on what system they use. I worked for another practice that switched to EMR and we lost our jobs, but now I'm back with them typing part-time for one doctor as an IC because he doesn't like to use the EMR system.

office job - Lynda

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I have worked for 2 surgeons for about 6 years now as an employee. I work in house (which I hate) and use Word. I use my own medical sp which I put on their computer when I started. Lately there has been more and more talk of EHR. The office manager says that one of the docs wont do it, but I don't see how they really have a choice. If and when that happens I will be out of a job.

office job - greyhound mom

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I also have 1 doctor that does not use EMR. Two other doctors use the system. He has the office staff put in whatever needs to be put in, and when he dictates letters or whatever, I transcribe them (mini cassettes). Then the letters are scanned into the system. With the 2 doctors using EMR, my check is approximately $1,500 less a month from that practice. When he goes on vacation, then it is even less. Also, the doctors using EMR get bonuses from the government for this. This is just what I heard.

I am losing my office job due to EMR - After 15 years

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I just use MS Word, IT and a medical spellchecker. I print out all transcription. I make more than I would have by working in-office. Of course, as an IC, I have no benefits so that has to be taken into consideration. Had I known sooner that this office was moving to EMR (before they purchased their software), I would have inquired about them utilizing a HIPAA compliant site on line that dictation could be uploaded to. I have picked up a doc at another office but that too will only be until the end of this year - unless they are willing to utilize an on-line site as mentioned above. I desperately need an income and am not sure what to do! I am not healthy enough to work a regular job outside the home nor to start a new career. I have several years before I can retire. I have no acute care experience either so that really limits my options.

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