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Amphion pay range? - neogeo

Posted: May 17, 2010

Can anyone provide a ballpark range of what Amphion pays for straight transcription per line and for VR? I understood they also offered a shift differential.


Amphion Pay Range? - RADGIRL

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Do not trust Amphion. They are liars and they take a 20% cut of your lines and you don't find out about this until after they hire you. BEWARE! And if you can ever find that shift differential on your paycheck, you'll be the first.

I may have heard wrong about the shift diffl. NM - neogeo

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20% cut? - Amphion mT

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I haven't seen a 20% cut from my lines.
I'm paid an average line rate. Have plenty of work. Not sure what your experience is/was, but it surely does not align with mine.

pay range? - neogeo

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me again. I truly just want to know a ballpark figure of what they pay per line for straight transcription and for VR.

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