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Dictaphone Transnet and Windows 7 compatibility - ncmom

Posted: Nov 07, 2009

Can anyone tell me if they use Tranenet  through Dictaphone with Windows 7.  My computer died, I bought a new one and the help line from Dictaphone says "Sorry" Cant use it... Offer no help whatsoever..  Has anyone else had this problem.  Soooo frustrating.

Dictaphone help line gave you the answer... - Not possible

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Only XP will work with Transnet. Probably should have checked with your company before purchasing the computer?

Dictaphone Transnet and Windows 7 compatibility - ncmom

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Ok, there is a way around this- we are still learning about. We downloaded XP and partioned it off, and it will play the voice files now completely and let me sign them off, just cant use the foot pedal, YET... If anyone has any ideas let me know. Txs!

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