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score just keeps dropping - new but old

Posted: Aug 21, 2013

No matter how hard I try these days I cannot get my accuracy back to what it has been for years. I always maintained 99% or higher, mostly always right at 100% but now I cannot even get to 98% with everyone they keep marking me off for.  It has gotten ridiculous.  I have never ever had this many reports audited and marked for not having an s at the end of a word.  So disheartening when I feel I am doing so good.  Been at this for a very long time and never had anything like this

Yep, that was happening to me to. I couldn't take it - anymore and quit. Best decision I ever made. NM

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You're not alone sista. Right there with you! - no message

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I doubt your accuracy has dropped; instead, - the inaccuracy of QA has risen.

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They manipulate our accuracy scores, the same way they manipulate our line counts and hours worked. It's all a sham.

QA inaccuracy - Texas MT

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Don't know why I'm so offended by your comment about QA inaccuracy. We are not the enemy. We are just trying to do a good job and put out the best report we can....just like you are doing. Back off a little okay????????????? Have A Nice Day

QA - Another MT

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Just because you weren't marked off for it before does not make it right now.

I don't understand all the posts lately on QA being harder and more picky.

No, they are actually doing their jobs now and the scores are a truer picture of what the quality has always been.

And no, I am not QA, just another MT. My scores have changed just a tiny bit, but I have adjusted and corrected the errors that were pointed out to me and now I'm back at my usual 100%.

Sorry, but not having an "s" at the end of the word can be a major error and change the meaning of a sentence very easily and affect patient care. Node versus multiple nodes, etc.

Think I know the difference - new but old

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when an s makes a difference or not as I have done this for over 15 years. I am glad that you have not been affected by this sudden change in the amount of reports being edited and the things that are being marked off for. I am being marked off for leaving a blank now. No I don't think that is fair. I very rarely have blanks in a report and if I do it is because I truly do not understand what is being said and that is after listening to it several times. I always check FIESA and always have and any corrections that I truly feel I made I do make note of, but this has gotten way out of control and I am reporting every single one of them and getting them reversed (so yes they are making mistakes), but I am having to do this on my own time with no compensation and it is infuriating to me.

Amen Sista!! - LoveMT

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I too am disputing every single one I feel was unjustly "corrected" (and I use that term VERY lightly) by QA who just so happen to be OFFSHORE! No giant surprise when 3 out of 5 of my requests have been reversed! Some of my reversals have been for things that were ADDED to the report that the dictator did not even say! I too have been audited to death here over the past 2 weeks (all of a sudden after being left alone for a week or 2) and surprise, surprise, I had FIVE critical errors in less than 5 days! Just so happens that only TWO of those were actually "critical" errors and ONE of them has been downgraded because it was marked as "critical" and wasn't.

My score might be under 98%, but I sure as hell KNOW that doesn't reflect my actual accuracy rate. I don't give a hoot what anyone says about it "now showing the true accuracy." That's a boatload of BS!!

I think you are missing - the point here

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You are obviously so talented as an MT that this has not harmed you in any way, but for most of us it has.

Nobody is disputing the idea that we should be vigilant and yes an "s" makes a difference. However, this ultra scrutiny all of a sudden means our salaries, already cut so much for most of us, are being eroded further. Do you think the QA people being promised bonuses means we're all going to get more money and become better professionals? Not.

Honestly, if they had done this when we were all doing well financially because they actually paid a living wage and could afford to take a few dings and a little more time to work on things, sure, no problem, but this is not about helping us improve ourselves, it is about $$$.

You are entitled to your opinion and your condescension, but for most of us this is a real blow and not a learning experience.

Thank you - new but old

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Thanks for the support. I have no critical errors, at least not yet and most of mine are minor but when they find as many as they seem to find on a report it brings my accuracy so far down it is ridiculous. I am just tired of the whole situation.
Minor - An MT
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But they are still errors, even if they are minor. I am just so confused by all this. Our job is to be accurate and yet when you get dinged for not being accurate, you whine and cry that being accurate is too hard because the pay is not good.

Suggestion, get another freaking job/career that does not require you to be accurate and does not pay on production. Sounds pretty simple to me.

By your definition, minor errors shouldn't count and you shouldn't be held accountable. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Several minor errors in one report is just as bad as one major one. How can you not see that?

If you have gotten to the point where you don't care about the quality of the work you do, you need to quit and find other work, like as in yesterday.
Not at all - again you muddy the waters
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I love my work, I accept responsibility for my errors. I am not making excuses.

But that's not the point. The point is they are trying to screw us so maybe it is futile to commiserate, it's still better than holding yourself higher than everyone and defending their crappy practices that are NOT to improve quality but merely to take down our pay further.

If they really cared about quality they would reward those of us who are good at it much more than they do, not continuously find ways to punish us for small transgressions. Please don't tell me I don't care about quality.

Tell me, are you happy with your salary and how impossible it has become to improve it? And don't say that doesn't matter. We are all in this together and it does help to commiserate, even if that is all we can do.
Wow - so full of yourself it is astounding! - P.S. Sherlock -
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your example of "node" versus "multiple nodes" in and of itself was lame. I have yet to hear a dictator say "multiple node" and we are ALL smart enough, without your criticisms as to what is correct. So glad I do not have to work with someone consumed with their own pefection, as you are, which exists only in your little tiny head.

A lot of people are struggling. With the MASSIVE PAY CUTS, I don't give a rat's ass if you make a 100% on every report, your income has been significantly decreased. Now go polish your crown queenie and stop attacking others. Giving you a taste of your own snottiness - enjoying it so far?
No need to be so smug & condescending. - Your job will get cut soon too, when MTs are gone.
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You missed the point. These "errors" - are getting reversed
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when we contest them, because they aren't errors at all.

We're expected to spend non-paid time to contest each and every error that is actually not an error, just to keep our score at an acceptable level.

You can spout off about quality all you want, but you're spouting to the WRONG people.
Reversed, but did you know? - Just found out
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Your audit score does NOT reflect the QC reversal.

So if you have a 98% score and if each and every one of your QA errors are overturned by QC your score is remains 98%.


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Just for the record, changing a comma for a semicolon and assigning damage points to the MT for punctuation hooking up two fragmented thoughts is not a "correction," of any kind.

From a QA - Longtime MT/QA
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I don't normally look at these boards so please forgive me for jumping in here a bit. I offer this not as an excuse for all the dings but to give you some perspective from QA point of view. Not all QA is done by offshore people. I'm born and bred right here in the USA. And when we are auditing the MLS' work, the post-audit people are auditing OUR work, so we also get dinged when we use an incorrect error code or have a reversal. So we have the same chance of losing money (the incentive pay they advertise but we have not gotten yet, at least some of us)that the MLS does. I truly agree that some of the stuff we have to mark as errors seems trivial. I have also seen some pretty amazing errors. I am not above making errors too. I've had 2 major errors in the last week or so myself. You might say that s---- rolls uphill too in this case. Again, this is just my opinion and a little point of view from the QA side. I hope i don't offend anyone. Just saying that QA ain't necessarily your enemy. Just trying to do our job and make a buck too. Thanks for your time and consideration in reading this.
How can they be errors when they are reversed??? - new but old
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I think you missed my main point with the original post. They are marking things off that after my own personal time spent in going over it and sending out emails, they are reversed -THEY WERE NOT WRONG IN THE FIRST PLACE - I take full responsibility for my errors. I feel that they are just finding things and hoping that I will not take the time to have them reversed. This takes a lot of time on my part as they are auditing practically every single report that I type.
That is exactly the problem, UNPAID time spent - correcting QA mistakes.
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I wouldn't mind one bit sorting through FIESA and sending out emails for every error I've been marked off on that is reversible, IF I were getting paid by the hour. But we aren't. We do our work, get paid a very small amount for it, then we have to spend another half hour each day going through and correcting all the shit QA tried to slip past us.

And if we DON'T spend our free time doing this, we won't qualify for our incentives, and we can even be put on 100% QA, simply for not going over QA's work and reversing all the "errors" they mark, which directly affect OUR pay and reputation.

It is infuriating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amen Sister/Brother - Texas MT
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I could not agree with you more. S*** DOES run uphill. QA is scrutinized heavily as well. I'm in QA and I cringe when I have to look at my post-audit scores. We're all in the same boat. I urge my fellow MTs to consider applying for QA. I enjoy it actually. I've been in this biz for over 30 years and I'm always learning something. And I agree with something else as well.... We aren't your enemy... Truly we are NOT

Score Dropping - MT

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Same here. I hate working these days, and I used to live for my job.

We feel your pain and.... - Me too

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35 years in the industry, never have failed a QA report working at hospitals and 2 other large MTSOs before Nuance. Now they seem to be just looking for reports to get you on. I had an audit today on a dictator that always dictates where there are all sorts of alarms going off, bongs, bings, etc - you have to struggle to hear him ever. Of course they pull that for a post audit instead of someone you can hear. All I have to say is I hope they got as big of a headache listening to him as I did!

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