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email to test - anon

Posted: May 05, 2012

I received an email from M-Modal to test for an MT position. I currently work at Nuance. Is the grass any greener at M-Modal? Do they have plenty of work? Are the benefits decent? Any info would be greatly appreciated so I can make an informed decision. Thanks!

I can answer all of your questions with a single "no" - long long long time employee - nm

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If I were you.. - I would

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Not make any decisions based on what I read on these boards. In case you haven't noticed, there does not appear to be any happy MTs on this board - They're all p*ssed and mad about something.

My personal experience:
1. I work an account with plenty of work and have OT on a constant basis.
2. I have 3 primary accounts, but there is about 12 accounts altogether on my team, so if my primaries are low, I get work from the others.
3. My CCM and QA coach do not bother me. Seldom hear from them with the exception of reminder emails, changes in account specs, and OT emails.
4. I have yet to run out of work.
5. I have good line rates and average about anywhere from $96 to $110 a day.

Everyone's experience is different depending on what region or team they work on and how their CCM/QA coach is.

I would agree it's all different depending on the region but ... - anon

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Your experience is *definitely* not the norm. I've been with MModal (Medquist) for 16 years and your fairytale position is very, very few and far between. 99% of MM's employees HATE what they earn, and have to fight for every penny just to make their requirement every pay period because of a shortage of work.

I personally cancelled my medical insurance last summer because I couldn't afford to pay $500 every month for myself and my son (basic policy - nothing fancy or added on).

As far as pay, I earn 0.03 cents per line as an MME (this comprises 99% of my work flow), and 0.05 cents per line for speech rec. I haven't had a raise in close to 10 years - I am told by my CCM that I am "maxed out" and can't receive a raise anytime in the foreseeable future. 6 months ago it became necessary to apply for food stamps based on what I earn and I was approved for the MAXIMUM that the state will issue. What does that tell you about my income.

I'm at the top of my career game with MModal and still only earn about $7.50 an hour and I can't feed my son without help from the state. Yeah, I guess you could say I'm pissed.

Something tells me I'm not alone though, LOL. You're the only one I've ever heard of with MModal who has such a gravy train. Please ... do share your region because some of us could use a little taste of heaven too.

My experience is no fairy tale. Like I said - "Happy MTs" dont frequent

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this board. If I could find "5" posts on this board (all forums included)where the MT was happy and not bitter about something it would be a miracle.

The only reason I still come here is because Im going through a phase right now, but its getting old real fast for me. It doesn't take me long to lose interest in something, especially when its unhealthy.

If a person makes a post without any complaints, then it must be a fairy tale or they are lying. And truth be told, most MTs I know, dont even know anything about this board so it really does represent a small percentage of us out there and again obviously not the happy, successful ones.

If these people knew any better they wouldn't be posting and asking you all to help them make a decision on finding a job.
The fact that there are so few happy MTs on this board should - speak VOLUMES
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If the original poster is asking about job satisfaction for M*Modal employees, what does it say about the company when you said yourself it would be a miracle to find 5 happy MTs on the entire board? And doesn't it also say that your experience isn't consistent with the majority of the posters on this board? I'm almost CERTAIN that if M*Modal took care of their employees and there were more MTs riding your region's gravy train, they would have *no problem* praising them to the moon. The fact that there are thousands of posts on this board saying they SUCK should be a HUGE red flag to anyone thinking of applying.
You left out the part where I said this board - represents a *small* percentage
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of MTs in the United States. Seriously? There is only about 200 to 300 users on here at its peak times of the day and a lot of them are the same people.

How many people would you think that Nuance, M*Modal, Transcend, Accentus, TT-DS, Keystrokes, and all the other companies combined employ? I am sure it would be quite a few. Not to mention the MTs who are still lucky enough to have their hospital jobs.

Again, this board probably only represents about 5% of the MTs working in this industry and even with the M*Modal forum maybe 3%.
Take that back - It probably represents 1% - nm
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Why did you "choose" to become an MME - Its common sense that

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You would get more QA work then regular work? They offered that up to me, and I refused..its a "no brainer."

My girlfriend just started on our region 4 months ago and the second week they started her on VR, she was averaging $100 a day and she was practically brand new. We text and talk all the time and she seems to be doing pretty good.

As far as insurance, I purchased an individual policy through Blue Cross - Blue Sheild. I pay exactly $101 per month and thats it.

I know that I am blessed and I dont take that for granted. It really bothers me though that everyone on this board calls you a liar just because you are'nt having it hard like they are. And of course you wouldn't feel alone, you have plenty of company here..said it before and I will say it again, EVERYONE ON THIS BOARD IS UNHAPPY.

Have you considered seeing about going back to - regular MT/ME instead of

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MME? Will they let you do that? I would sure find out.

You should ask for a transfer. - Seriously, if you only make $7.50 an hr or

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find another job. Sounds like you are below minimum wage. In my state if your pay falls below $350 a wk you can collect partial unemployment; Im sure they would rather find me an account with work then to pay me UE.

If all I made was $7.50 an hour I would be fired by now just for them having to supplement my pay to get me up to minimum wage for my state.

According to my math, you are only grossing $600 a pay period and once taxes are taken out I'm sure that really sucks.

Gravy Train For Me Too - Me Too

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The above poster's experience may not be the norm, but it is identical to mine. I'm very pleased with this company. To me it seems that they are genuinely trying to correct past problems. I was about to leave transcription, completed training for another health info career, but I'm so pleased with my ability to earn here that I've put my new career on a back burner. But, if I find that I'm not happy with my pay or how I'm treated by my supervisors, I'll be ready to work at something else. Why stay if you're so pissed?
I've had days where I hit as high as $120 - believe it or not.
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I dont understand these people who think just because you work at M*Modal you make minimum wage. And I do acute care, all work-types and sometimes up to 7 different accounts a day. I do take 1hr breaks to keep my speed up halfway through my shift, but even when I just take 30min I never fall below $90 a day.

Also not sure how an MME runs out of work? I would think there would always be something to QA.
If I only had 7 accounts, I could do that too.... - nm
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"Fairytale" position at $100 a day before taxes? - MT

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I've also been contacted by M*Modal twice in the last month after being offered a position last year which I declined. I find it more telling that those currently at M*Modal think $100 a day (before taxes) is great! I couldn't live on that, especially in addition to paying monthly health insurance.
I dont get insurance through M*Modal - thankfully. Where do you
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work and what do you average in an 8hr shift? You must do straight typing?
Insurance - MT
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I work at MxSecure. I do about 50/50 straight/VR. I pay insurance for the two of us - my husband is self-employed - so I need to make enough to cover that too ($400+ per pay period for health + dental & vision).
Ouch! before I lost my hospital job I paid $189 - per pay-period for me and kids.
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We had a family plan. But kids are all grown up and out of the house now so I just pay for me, but not through MM. A friend of mine has an individual plan with MModal where she pays $66 per pay period just for herself.

Insurance must be pretty expensive with these companies. I would never get insurance with any of them.
Ouch is right - MT
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I paid the same with my last company, and it didn't even include vision or dental but I made much more there (8-9 straight and 6-7 VR with minimal editing on a great platform, no nitpicky QA, and minimal demographics and account specs). I remember the "good old days" in the 80s when I worked in-house as an MT. It included anything (tests, visits, procedures, etc.) covered 100% at the major Boston-area hospital I worked at. Even more importantly, we worked with doctors directly who appreciated us and valued our knowledge (don't get me started on QA who 'grade' you on commas, etc. that would be TRIVIAL to the physicians themselves). Sigh. So sad how a few corporate, impersonal, offshoring MTSOs have monopolized and changed our industry, and I truly believe are going to hurt themselves too in the long run. I used to tell my husband I enjoyed what I did so much, I would probably just go to part-time if we won the lottery. I don't say that anymore.
I know - $90 is not good
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for a day's wage.

You must have someone at home helping you if your happy with $96 to $110 a day - nm

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If my husband didn't have a fairly decent - job I would be up a creek

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I feel so sorry for single women trying to make a living at this now, although I was always very independent and felt like a contributor to our family income; now just feel like a mooch living off the husband's income because mine is not even above poverty level.
take home for me - ....
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before being outsourced to company and and after taxes and insurance was $1,000 to 1,200 a pay period depending on my incentive. Worked from home then so no gas, wardrobe, and lunch to worry about.

Now take home is between $850 to $900 after taxes and without insurance. I have insurance, but not with them because its cheaper.

I do have a boyfriend (refer to him as my husband) and we've been together 10yrs, getting married in October and we live together. I dont feel like a mooch, I dont feel like what I bring to the table is not enough.

When you work for a company, it is what it is and if you dont like it, get out the game.

If you wanna go somewhere that will consistently pay you $20+ an hour then go get a degree and even with that good luck, because even college grads are having a tough time finding jobs and are settling for jobs they are over qualified to do and are being paid less.

I dont struggle, we actually live pretty good; its "our" money not his money or my money. We are a couple, so I dont feel bad that I have taken a cut in pay.
PS - All my kids are grown, so no babies to - take care of.
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Email to test.... - MT Gone

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Here's my personal experience: was with Spheris, sold out to Q (now M*Modal)and within less than a year left after-
1. Two Pay Cuts disguised as "MT Rewards."
2. Loss of Bonuses and Internet reimbursement.
3. More expensive dental insurance because there was no dentist within a reasonable distance acceptable to the insurance provider.
4. My account of 10+ years just vanishing one morning...after researching on-line found out it went EPIC.

I did have an awesome CCM; however, she came over from Spheris with me. The day my account went away was a day before I had to make a decision whether or not to leave the MT field and accept another position with a local company, the fact I am MT Gone tells you what I did. M*Modal did contact me a couple weeks ago asking me to test to return. I did call them back to be polite, but I CAN'T take a chance on returning and unfortunately the trust is gone. So make your own decision, and I wish you the best.

As a side note about "disgruntled" MTs on here I can only say this. When "the Q" bought us out I came on here and read all the "negative" stuff, and thought, like perhaps so many "they are lazy, don't want to work, have issues, etc." Then the same stuff started happening to me and others I known for years. So take it with a grain of salt, but believe me, most of the folk on this board are telling the truth!

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