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anyone use the Ctrl-G feature on Doc 7? - not sure it is saving me time

Posted: Apr 16, 2012

Just curious if anyone is using it.  It is supposed to save us keystrokes (like they really care) but I turned it off after the first 2 lines of my first ASR report.  I was wasting more time than usual trying to attach and reattach and didn't see a benefit.  I would love to hear if someone has found it beneficial.  Otherwise the new 7 is fine.  I love being able to change the font size and type to whatever mood strikes me for the day.  Same keystrokes to access everything.  It could be worse.  It could still be doing triple lines or glitching every other report.

Can you elaborate on Doc 7?? We are going to - be starting it soon - see msg

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Are the shortcuts still the same or did you have to learn new ones?

Does the screen look the same?
Do you access account specifics the same?

Is it pretty user friendly? And how is productivity on it?


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