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Section for new opportunties; branching out from MT - What do you think?

Posted: May 05, 2012

Could there also be a section on this website for "New Opportunties for MT skills" or the like?  Or "What comes next" where people could share what they are working on for the future?  


The great ideas are rolling in today! - wheres_my_job

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I think you've got an excellent idea. Thanks for posting. Someone had mentioned working in a department store - I thought that was a great job lead also. Could be really helpful to have all the job tips located in one place, for people to browse...you know, when they have time..."NJA" time... :)

How about carnival ride operator? - Dog walker? Blinker Fluid Changer?

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Wait... all of those jobs are low paid and you will feel you are worth so much more than they pay you, and then you will have to start a whole new revolution...

Yup, better get that board!

Board - Anonymous

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I don't think we we need another board. I found that coding was not for me, but I have the background and should not be "banned" from that discussion because I'm not working in a coding related field and chose to stay with MT, which is what I know and enjoy. What kind of coding are you studying for? Inpatient, outpatient, surgical center, outpatient clinic? You're still a student yourself and may not know what you're getting into, you also have no guarantee of finding work in your field (BTDT). Frankly, I'm feeling a little sensitive about being treated on these boards as if I have a mental deficiency because I'm not a "coder."
Response - What do you think?
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I'm not "just a student" and have a coding background also. Finding a job is not an issue for me. I have already turned down several opportunities in order to focus on preparing to sit for exams.

Sorry you did not want to do coding or perhaps I should congratulate you on being a well-paid MT. That's hard to pull off. I don't want to go into MT. I want to do coding in a niche field and that is why I am back in school.

Yes, you do seem a little sensitive if you are getting "banning" anyone or patronizing language from my suggestion. If anything, I felt patronized by the language in your post. Good luck with your career.

Staying in a bad situation is not an option for me - What do you think?

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Beats sitting around and getting depressed or staying depressed. Or resorting to being nasty to others who are trying to be kind. That's only a temporary way to feel better about yourself. No one has ever handed me a thing; I've had to work hard for it all.

MTs are hard workers- no doubt - What do you think?

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A hard worker that shows up on time and does quality work- that's hard to find now. I know that age discrimination is out there, but so is common sense. 50+ and second career generally means no drama, wisdom, and fresh perspective. I'm 30-something and I'd hire that person over some of the idiot 20 somethings that have to bring their parents to a job interview after college for no other reason than being spoiled brats.

Pharmacy techs, for example. Some people think that you need a degree from a trade school. You don't. Some pharmacists won't even hire from a trade school. MTs already have medical terminology, pharmacology, can keep patient names straight, are usually honest (no stealing), show up to work on time...who wouldn't want that in an employee? In my area, pharmacy techs start at $16 per hour and up, with benefits. They can make even more in a hospital, especially with IV certification. Nuclear certification is another specialization that pays well (and is usually a night shift, sometimes with a differential).

Even though my own options are limited by my family situation, I'd love to pass on information about jobs/careers that might prove helpful to an enterprising MT.

Lab Tech? Also not a bad idea. - sm

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I did it in the past back when I was going to school for nursing. Basically draw blood all day and enter data into computer. Not terribly bad and you can get some exercise doing it. I made $14 an hour and had I stuck with it, could have been making more by now.

Work enviroment obviously is hospitals and clinics.

By the way, you cant train a machine to draw blood - so theres some security in that.

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; )

Lab tech - good idea

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In my area, most of the lab techs are retiring soon. Not a lot of people are going into the field, either. That's what I was told by one of the managers at our university's student health center, anyway. She cited a certain percentage in that industry that were over a certain age. So I think you have a great idea.. Not only that, but I'll bet that many of us already know quite a few "normal" lab values off the top of our heads. Ha!
When I trained for it, I took a 6 wk course at local - Community College. I was
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offered a full-time at a large clinic at the exact time I got offered a full-time job doing transcription at the hospital I use to work for and the pay would have been the same as my starting pay with transcription, but I declined.

May reconsider doing it again in the future, but it makes better sense for me to go back to nursing.

Just an idea though, as the schooling does'nt take long at all.

That is "phlebotomist" or "lab aide" not tech - sm

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Phlebotomist training is minimal and so is the pay in most areas . . . minimum wage. Lab technicians take a 2 year college degree program and lab technologists a 4 year program at colleges wihich have American College of Pathologists affiliated programs. They must pass a difficult certification exam in order to work.

It is great work, but laboratory automation is eliminating low-level jobs and requiring higher skills. Even those med techs with 4 year degrees are having to advance to keep up with the jobs. If you feel that that kind of adjustment and advancement is too bothersome in coding, you are not going to like it much in the lab.
I know what a "phlebotomist", but where I live they - are called Lab Techs. When I
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did it, I made $14 an hour. Minimum wage in my state is $8.40 an hour. The hospial I use to work for called them Lab Techs.

And the clinic I worked for back in the day had "Lab tech" on my badge.
Agreed - Lab techs or Med techs
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They are called lab techs in my area also.
Definition of a Tech - see message
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1. A person employed to look after technical equipment or do ***practical work in a laboratory***

2. An expert in the practical application of a science.

I think you were referring to #2 where it has the word *expert* and application of science.

Also, having worked in the healthcare field all my life, most employers will train you on the job to do additional tasks. Phlebotomy is a certificate class that you can take to get your foot in the door. Healthcare facilities would much rather train their current employers to do the job then to bring someone else in off the streets.

Just like CNAs are also called Techs and the hospital trains them to do EKGs and other duties besides just the usual CNA work.

I have always worked in the healthcare field hospitals, clinics etc. So I know the game and how it works.

MT companies are new to me, but been in the healthcare field all my life.

PS...I'm not the coder.
I think she was referring to - what we also
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call lab techs where I live. They are actually MLT (Medical laboratory technicians) or MT (Medical technologists). MLTs require an associates and MTs require a bachelors. There is really no getting around this at a hospital as far as in-house training. They are the ones who actually run the laboratory tests. They are under CLIA and state regulations. The hospital I used to work for wouldn't even allow someone to work as a lab tech after graduation until their certification had been passed. Phlebotomists in my area start anywhere from 9-10 an hour. You can make on up to probably 13-14 after a while, but are pretty much not allowed to do much more in a hospital setting.

Emailed Cher and made suggestion - What do you think?

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Let's talk about what smart people can do next. It's not that I'm not sympathetic, but let's have a positive thread. If not MT, what comes next?

What you are suggesting sounds nice, but this IS an MT board. - sm

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Thanks for getting this started. - sm

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I enjoy hearing what my fellow MTs' plans are for the future. I have already learned a few things here. For example, had not heard of data migration or coding before reading it on MTStars. Unfortunately, neither of those fields interest me and so the search goes on for what I want to do when I grow up. Better figure it out soon since I turn 50 next year. : )

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