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Here's the lingo - sound familiar? - wheres_my_job

Posted: Apr 12, 2012

Wow, new technology being introduced, and used to justify a  hike in costs to consumers - right, it's gonna cost the customer.  "Smart meters."

Sounds like voice recognition techology being introduced, and used to justify a drop in pay to workers - right, the technology COSTS the worker, rather than benefits us. 

Here's what the COURT had to say about Detroit Edison's evidence - just substitute in "50 percent productivity gains" - right, if that's not "aspirational" on the part of these greedy companies.  I don't know what is.  Thanks, DTE for helping me frame my legal argument around pay cuts!!!!

"At best, the actual evidence presented by Detroit Edison to support the rate increase was aspirational testimony describing the (smart meter) program in optimistic, but speculative terms," the court said.

The PSC announced in January that it would investigate the use of smart meters by DTE and other Michigan utilities. DTE spokesman Scott Simons said he hopes the issue can be resolved through that process.

We had those installed in Vegas a year or so ago - sm

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Already had lawsuits and hearings on them. They do cause your bill to rise. The subcontracted installer company warned me and said they are not good for the consumer. They have thousands of claims for damaged electronics during installation of these meters - I was one of them. They told me to pound sand. NOW, the utilities commission here in NV stepped in and has made it so consumers can opt out - for a few of around $100. I highly recommend opting out and if they haven't offered that option, band together and force them to.

Hmm...good grief... - wheres_my_job

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You know, it's like technology is "morally neutral" - it just is. Here's this piece of hardware/software.

But then when the bean counters get a hold of it, all of a sudden, it takes on "moral coloring" - all of a sudden, there are value judgements, issues of fairness, exploitation, not just "can we make a buck off this?" it's like, "how much of a buck can we make off of this...by misrepresenting what this technology can do, or how it works, etc."

They need to start offering a course for business people...call it TECHNOETHICS. They have something called Bioethics, why not for technology????

*end of rant*

Similar story for us! - AnonToo

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We had one installed for a break on electric, our bill didn't go up or down that I recall BUT IT DID SOMETHING (sorry been 10+ years) to the central AC unit that cost me $500 and I had no electric for 3 days in the middle of summer in Southern Louisiana 8 MONTHS PREGNANT. Nice eh?

smart meters - anon

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OMG we had these installed in CA (I have since moved out of CA)...everything seemed about the same for 3 months, then I got a bill for $750!!! Most of that bill was gas, and it was spring and I had not used the gas furnace except maybe once!! I called and they told me that the meters were infallible, but if you get a raise in rates it is because before these "smart meters" it was not being read correctly!! I told them then to get out to check for a gas leak, as there was no freaking way I used all that gas!! After 4 months of "investigation" they reversed the excess charge BUT to keep my gas and electricity, I had to pay for it!!! Then all was well for several months, and then I got a $650 bill this time most of it electricity. We had not used the air conditioner at all (normal bills are $100-150). They told me I had faulty electrical in my home and to call an electrician!! I did call and got one who was kind and told me how to check if the meter was right or not (turned off absolutely everything, including unplugging, turned back 1 thing at a time with a second person watching the meter)...after another 4 months of fights I got this fixed, and they admitted it was their "smart meter" malfunction, and I moved. I just hope that these meters dont end up where I am now!!

Everyone will have the meters - JW

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Everyone will get the meters. It part of a global grid. There is also a danger with the meters in that they are wifi. They are watching everything we do.

How are they watching everything we do? - sm

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They don't install cameras or mics with them lol. They only meter electricity use.

Smart meters - JW

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Smart meters are part of the United Nations Agenda 21 to control the amount of electric service we get. If they see that we are using too much, they will cut your power just like that. They claim it's for the planet but really to put money in Al Gore's pockets. If you have noticed Al Gore has five houses that are lite up all the time. They are going to control everything and I do mean everything we do. Want to stay warm in the winter or cool in the summer, better know that if you use too much energy, it will be cut off. The smart meters and appliances are watching everything you do.

Vegas again LOL - sm

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We have an energy program here you can opt into, which I did. It gives me 5% off of my bill. They install a wireless modem and thermostat and in the summer, regulate the temperature in the house so as not to cause a brown-out situation. I keep my house between 83 and 85 in the summer anyway, so I'm actually above the degree threshold they use. They don't cut off your power, they adjust your a/c so that it isn't a strain on the grid (think those who keep their homes in the upper 60s) - thank you casinos :( This is totally separate from the smart meter and it's not mandated.

I am going to opt out of the smart meter program tho - my bill has definitely risen 20% or more with it, just like the installer told me it would.

It's coming - JW

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They are not doing it yet, but you will not be able to opt out for very long. They are already regularing how much you use BTW. It's coming mark my word.
We've already had it mandated and it's been overturned by - the NV State Regulators - sm
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Here is the article to our situation and why it's so important not to accept the status quo - there is a voice in numbers! And they aren't regulating how much energy we use - they have tiers and the more you use, the more you pay - this is to promote conservation, just like our water. They won't shut off our electricity if they think we are using too much. The only time they will shut it off is if we don't pay our bill LOL. I personally don't pay attention to the conspiracy Big Brother theories out there regarding this. I do my research pertaining to my State and situation, as well as personal experience.


It'll be back when you are not paying attention - JW
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They will bring it back when no one is paying attention. That's the way they operate. Remember it's part of the UN Agenda 21 and is a global takeover.

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