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First job as editor...I am in shock! - Shocked

Posted: Apr 10, 2012

The reports I am reviewing are unbelievable!  It would be easier to have transcribed them myself.  Obviously, these reports were not transcribed by American MTs.  It has been a jaw-dropping experience so far!  

Editing sucks. - antigeekess

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It's always stunning. When I used to edit other people's crap it was the same thing. Easier to just retype the whole mess yourself. But hey, since it's only "editing," and therefore "less" work, they get to pay less for it, right?

I also wouldn't automatically assume it wasn't American MTs, though. I really wonder how good most are, based on what I've seen.

It's what MTSOs deserve: Low wages = low quality! - nm - Meerkat

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yepper! - mythought

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They want to pay US MTs low wages and send work out.....this is what they get. When I need to check a sample report, OMG. I spot so many errors. They get what they deserve. Pay us decent wages. There would be better quality, especially when MTs aren't hurrying to make a buck.

Unfortunately, the bad quality was going on LONG before the rates got cut, as I have seen it - sm

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So how do you explain that? I believe THAT is why our rates have gone down and our quality standards have gone up. So continue to give out crap and our pay will continue to go down. That is my take. You get paid for the crap you put out. Give better quality and maybe we will get better wages. Just sayin!
More unfortunate is your ridiculous generalization. - What you are 'just sayin'
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is just baloney. So, the reason for wage slashing is the bad quality of work produced by MTs---those same workers now entrusted to untangle atrocious VR garbage -- for half the price! Why, MTSO greed has absolutely nothing to do with it! Seriously?! Your ''take'' is straight from the Twilight Zone, and your nonsensical remarks speak volumes about your mental capacity (or lack thereof). Yours should win an award for one of the silliest posts of all time. Just sayin!
the TRUTH hurts doesn't it....you must be one of those MTs who just plain SUCK! - sm
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Only the GREAT MTs survive and make good money at this. That is the category I fall in, so obviously a lot smarter than you think!

why obviously? - emo

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I've seen some really scary stuff from American MTs.

I've seen some really scary stuff made into - samples.

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I thought - you were going

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to comment on the bad pay, not the quality of the reports. Have you had a pay check yet? Did you get a pay cut with those fries?

editing - me

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I do QA and you wait until you see what the American MTs put out, no grammar, can't tell the difference in words, counsel/council, your/you're. I think the schools just don't teach grammar anymore.

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