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Disappointing offer-sm - Connie

Posted: Apr 11, 2012

I lost my job a few months ago.  I started applying, testing, waiting to hear from companies.  I did get hired this week part-time for VRE work and it pays peanuts.  A second company was interested in me and I went through testing, filling out tons of paperwork, phone calls and waiting.  They offered me a job as an MT and also VRE.  The offer is so disappointing!  I have a lot of experience but that does not seem to count for anything with them.  The wages are similar to what I was making 20 years ago.  It is days but they wanted me to work one day of the weekend and I felt that I "should" do that fearing that they would not even offer me a job if I dare to say no.  I'm really depressed right now.  I feel stuck.  There are few jobs out there that pay decent line rates but my gut tells me this company is not for me.  I feel like they are gaining an experienced MT and I am going to work for very little.  What should I do....try to negotiate or just say no thanks, or get off my high horse and just sign on the dotted line?  I could use some advice right now.  Thanks.

It is what it is! And it sucks out there! Sorry! - oaf

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Hang in there! But if you are young enough I would definitely make a change in profession - I'm nearing 60 and it is a swamp out there!! I've applied at all the local stores, etc and no one even calls for those entry level jobs....

Without being nosey, but in an effort to offer - good advice, may I ask

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What they are offering you? Pay rates in the industry range from 4 to 6cpl. Very few companies actually pay 6cpl, but the ones that do only give it to the long-time experienced, good MTs.

Some will higher you on and progress you to maybe 5cpl. So I would ask them about negotiating and the chances for getting an increase.

Depending on what company you are talking about, you may get very little straight typing, so really it is the VR rate that is most important here.

Definitly do not take a job that only offers 3cpl. Could you please give an idea of your offer? and maybe even the company would help too. It's an anonymous board, so it's not like we know who you are.

I should say - Nobody

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I saw an article where a woman said she was getting paid $8.00 an hour to pull weeds. It makes me sick to see what they are getting away with paying the transcribers.

Disappointing offer-sm - Connie

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4-6 cpl, where have I been? The offer was 7 cpl for straight typing and 4 cpl for VR.

See msg - sm

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I have a friend that worked for Amphion and I dont know what her straight typing rate was, but her speech rec rate was 6cpl. She quit for a local hospital job though.

I also started out at 5cpl for a different company and am now at 6cpl.

I have read various posts here on this board where people are making just over 5cpl so there are companies out there that will at least start you off at 5cpl if you have the years experience and you're good.

I actually took the risk and negotiated my line rate if they want you bad enough and think you will do a good job, they will give it to you.

Sweat Shop Companies - JW

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These companies are all sweat shops. Until the MTs start saying NO I won't work for the peanuts you are offering will it change. These damn companies have stolen and I mean ripped off all our accounts in the name of greed. They treat us like crap and exploit our skills. I look for that to continue as long as there are MTs who will do the sweat shop scenario.
MTSO's are outta control, and need to be put on - a very short leash. We can start by - sm
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voting out the politicians and lawmakers that give these sweatshop companies free rein to do anything they wish to exploit their workers and rake in obscene profits.

If that can be accomplished, it will help pave the way for getting our complaints against these companies heard, and the offenders thoroughly investigated.

The hemorrhage of American jobs and money offshore needs to STOP.
Voter fraud - JW
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If you want to vote all these scum bags out, you will have to fix the voter fraud first. The elitists are in charge of all of the politicians in the presidential race except one, Ron Paul. Don't say he can't win either because he has taken the country by storm and it is being hidden by CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and NBC. They are all working together on this one. You would be surprised at all the state and local politicians are doing the elitist's work too. There is so much voter fraud in this country. The voting machines are skewed. If I vote for Ron Paul it will be turned into a vote for Mitt or Obama. We have to educate ourselves on what is going on. America is being destroyed by design by the elitist bankers. Our jobs were all shipped overseas by these dirt bags. Get a clue please.

7 cpl is still too low for ANY transcription, - straight typing or otherwise! (nm)

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Do you need a job? If so, I'd take the offer. nm - job market sucks these days

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I wouldn't take it. Yes, we all need jobs. But NO, - we shouldnt be sweatshop monkeys. (nm)

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The reality is, if the OP doesn't take it, someone else will. nm - logical MT

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It also depends if there is work available or not. Big issue. - MT24

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I know that it is extremely important to get a good rate, that is for straight typing and VR. I'd never take below the usual 4cpl for VR with possibility for a raise.
However, my problem over the years has been NO WORK. I put that in caps not to scream, but to emphasize that most of the companies which are midsized and smaller (that is not the big 2) rarely have work for 100% of the time. This is where I went poverty-stricken. I always took the higher paying jobs that is, higher line rate and higher VR (6 c vr and 9 c to 10 c straight)... but guess what, I never ever made more than 250. a week.. and averaged between 50 and 100.00 a week. Full time! Full time? No they would put on my pay stub part time to jive it as minimum wage. But yes, I was an employee (and other jobs an IC) and I'd sit there waiting, but was not paid to sit and wait. So I did not have benefits, sat 40-60 hours a week waiting and was classified part-time, and indigent by my county/state earning less than 12K a year. Why? Because I put up with the NJA... and kept sitting there... don't do it!
Finally I got a job at one of the big 2 and never run out of work. EVER. I told them at the job interview that I will not take a job for any company with NJA. I just won't.
So, now I am at 4 cpl VR (going to raise to 5 and later 6 soon) and 10 c straight (rarely get straight typing) but I do get some. Plus guess what, I know the work will be there. This way I can know how many lines I need to do per week to earn enough to pay the rent, bills and not be classified as indigent, but a true full time worker.
It has been a long time where I actually have been able to set a line count goal and know what I will be paid. For years, I never was sure what my paycheck was, because of the fudging of the counts on my pay or the odd payperiod, or the NJA, and jiving it to make it look minimum wage... I surely knew it would never be enough.
Now, it is like the old times I have a goal way above the minimum, I reach that goal because the work IS THERE (not screaming but for emphasis).
So, in considering your job offer, I highly suggest you check references on the company you plan to work for along with telling them from the get go... no NJA, b/c you won't, you can't work for a job with NJA! Good luck to you! Sorry so long, but for me, it is truly wonderful to have work available on my shift all the time and every time!
Great post. nm - logical MT
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