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Any current Accentus workers??? - trying to get answers

Posted: May 20, 2013

I will be interviewing soon for a position at Accentus.  I want to get the opinions of any current workers.  Do they run out of work often?  Is the Apex platform anything close to the Escription platform?  Is the STAR team really worth the extra per line or is it too much to take in?  I have seen posts on here from last year, but want to see how they are currently.  Any input is greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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In my experience lately, since they announced they were bought by Nuance we ALWAYS have work and tons of it. Reason is I surmise that many people left when it was announced (don't blame them). I believe this workload will change shortly as soon as Nuance fully integrates us and ships half or more of our work to Indians so be aware of this.

As for Apex, it's workable but is very clunky and is in NO way comparable at all to Escription....farrrrr from it. Apex...well...basically sucks.

From what I have heard from others who have worked teh STAR team, NO it is n ot worth it because you have to work a ton of accounts and get alot of crappy work and this can negatively impact your line count. So just because they pay more, they pay more for STAR team for a reason.

Again, the thing to be very aware of is that Nuance bought us out earlier this year. Most of us are holding our breaths because we know what's coming. Our benefits open enrollment is coming up within the next month so assuming Nuance will implement their benefits package then (would only be expected). Have it through the grapevine that they are testing merging their platform with Apex so we will not be converting to Nuance's platform but still using Apex with their system "over top". Unsure what that means but guess we'll find out shortly. Also, whatever our pay scales are now WILL change and probably within the next 6 months or so (and they aren't going up but down as Accentus pays more than Nuance currently).

Another current Accentus/Nuance employee - anon

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I completely agree with the above assessment. A lot of familiar names on my accounts, and familiar QA names have disappeared (don't blame them...I am actively looking to jump also). Apex has crashed and had slowness repeatedly over the past month. Apex is clunky, but you can add some shortcuts to work around it. I also heard because of how Apex "interfaces" with the hospital EHR they will be continuing it, although on a new account they are not using Apex. The Canadian accounts seem to be really overwhelmed with work, but they have just hired a bunch on my US accounts and I have been struggling to get enough work. Pros: I really like my supervisor, who is supportive, and that helps a lot. The pay right now is far better than I was able to get anywhere else, I know my accounts and am at the top level of pay. Cons: I am sure that great pay will be a thing of the past once Nuance takes over. It really is all unknown right now and personally I would be afraid to hire on with so much unknown yet since we haven't been fully transitioned to Nuance. I think in just another month or so that will happen and you could ask again.

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Did you verify the pay/line rate? I emailed and asked pay rate before taking the time to apply. The rate I was quoted was the worst I have ever heard of. Check rate before wasting your time!


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Apex platform is horrid. Many corrections. - anon

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Maybe the Dragon would be better. Apex is Slow, clunky... Very unuser NOT friendly and a real dinosaur program. ERRR

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