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paraaortic versus periaortic lymph nodes in cancer treatment - starstruck

Posted: Oct 21, 2009

This patient has prostate cancer, but somehow or other the paraaortic lymph nodes or periaortic lymph nodes are involved.  I have googled and found both spellings, but for the life of me I can't figure out which is correct.  "This showed a 1.6-cm retroperitoneal lymph node in the low pelvis anterior to the inferior vena cava suspicious for metastatic disease." There are so many lymph nodes in the body.  Even looking at an anatomy diagram, I can't figure this out. Help!! Why didn't God design us all with zippers and fewer parts?? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

periaortic - Happy MT Robin

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: of, relating to, occurring in, or being the tissues surrounding the aorta

From Dictionary.com

periaortic and paraaortic - starstruck

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Thank you for the definition, and I'm thinking that "peri" means in closer proximity than "para"--like "pericardium" as opposed to "paraspinal." My problem is that I just don't have the experience to know if these lymph nodes are right next to the aorta or are close to the aorta, if that makes any sense. Hmm.

peri- and para- - elaine

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"peri-" means around, enclosing.
"para-" means alongside, beside.

pericardium: tissue enclosing the heart.
paraspinal muscles: muscles next to the spine.

In the case of these lymph nodes, paraaortic is correct. Otherwise, the lymph nodes would actually be surrounding and enclosing the aorta, which is no good for anyone. :)

paraaortic lymph nodes (see pics) sm - flybye

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trying to post a couple of pics for you to see the paraaortic lymph nodes (not peri-). 



fyi, there are also preaortic and paracaval lymph nodes, etc.

it was a good question!Smile



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