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Still waiting for installation and training dates. - Suzy Q

Posted: Apr 17, 2012

I cannot believe how long I have been waiting to get started with Nuance.  Unbellievable!!!!  I did testing way back in middle of March.  Then had interview about March 24.  Now, about 3 weeks later, I am still waiting for installation of software.  Good for me that I do not really need this income, otherwise I think I would have left to try somewhere else.  No, I will wait a little bit more and see what happens.  Have you Nuance MT's had the same experience or am I just unlucky in hiring process!!!!!

Suzy Q - llm

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I talked to my recruiter last Thursday and was given a start date of next Tuesday and was told I would receive my paperwork from HR by tomorrow and that I would set up my own installation and go through training right after that. I spoke with my recruiter yesterday also and she said I should have something from HR by tomorrow so we will see. I am ready to get started also. I did receive a new foot pedal today via FedEx which I wasn't expecting as I have a foot pedal

Hope you have better luck with them. - Suzy Q

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llm maybe it is cuz I am only part-time. They just may want to get FT's on board sooner as they will do more work -- don't know really. Anyway let me know how things go for you.

Good luck to you and hope you have success working here.

suzy Q - llm

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Thanks I will let you know. I was debating whether to be full or part time but decided to go with full time so we will see how it goes. I was with another company for 12 years but was not getting any work so decided to try somebody new so we will see

That makes no sense what so ever??!!? - Totally questionable that anyone should

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have to wait that long. It's gonna be May in a week and a half.

Have you called them?

Suzy Q - llm

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I called my recruiter and she told me I should hear from HR by today. Considering she gave me a start date of next Tuesday I would like to get everything done so I can get started. I don't have a number for HR direct to call them but may be trying to find one by the end of the day if I haven't heard anything

Yes I have called. - Suzy Q

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I did explain that part of the problem was that I did not get paper work sent in right away. Then when I did, it was another week before I got a date for installation. Now waiting on installation which is Thursday and then training date should be right away. Hopefully I will be working by next week sometime.
Suzy Q - llm
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I sent an email directly to HR and told them I hadn't received any paperwork. Within the hour they had emailed me all the paperwork along with the HIPAA quiz which I have completed. I just have to turn in I-9 form in the morning via fax. Do I set up the installation and if so how? I certainly don't want to sit around and wait on them to call me. They sure do take forever.

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