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Nuance vs MModal - former MMer

Posted: Dec 12, 2013

Just curious - at Nuance, if you fail your audits, do they put you on 100% QA and reduce your salary as they do at MM?

No - new but old

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I have fallen below a couple of times and they just put you on 100%QA but they don't do anything to your pay at all. They might ask you to do a couple of classes depending on your TL

Well, of course not getting the bonus - is effectively reducing your salary

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That seems to be always their goal. Once they fiddle it so you are below 99% they usually leave you alone for awhile. It's all about taking money off you with Nuance.

When you say "fail your audits" do you mean FIESA errors or something else?

Don't know what FIESA is but - old and burned out

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MM will audit your reports (more and more frequently lately) and fail you for about anything, e.g. leaving out insignificant words like "the" or "and". When they require 99.6% accuracy, they can fail you for just about anything. They will then put you on 100% QA and reduce your salary by 3 cpl. It seems they are doing this to those who make more than 8/4 although some say it hasn't happened to them yet. I suspect it is coming.

It never happened to me. I never had an audit with MM and - I was making 10/6. I quit because

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I left MT and got another job.
Went for months without an audit - former MMer
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until recently. They are doing it to more and more MTs more and more frequently. Looks like a big push to get rid of a lot of us.

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