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OMg, I wish these med schools - sm

Posted: May 01, 2012

would teach these up-and-coming's and anyone who dictates, nurses, etc, how to pronounce words.  Just had an non-ESL pronounce auscultation -- "a-cuss-o-lation."  pleaseeeeeee. 

I agree - tulip

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Just had an ARNP pronounce descending as "distending". It gets scary.

King of Mispronunciation - drives me batty

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I have a physician who is absolutely The King of mispronunciation.

Let's see, off the top of my head:
The patient has allergic rhino-sino-nino-ni-nitis.
The patient contributes his edema to salt indiscretion.
A medium sternotomy incision
Triplix (for TriLipix)
Prila-sack (Prilosec)
Len-tace insulin (Lantus)
Jem-u-net (Janumet)

I guess knowing how to pronounce the medical terms, or knowing things like the difference between "contributes" and "attributes," is not required for an MD these days. It gets especially dangerous and scary when it's in the Medications or Allergies sections.

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