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"5 professional references" - sm

Posted: May 03, 2012

Isn't that a bit of overkill?

No - Anonymous

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It's standard practice. If one of your references can't be reached, it gives them 2 more choices.

I dunno, but - Seriously

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My husband has had to provide at one place TEN. I thought that was a lot. I don't know if they even call them because I've never had one of my references tell me they were called.

Overkill - Weary MT

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I think that's overkill. If someone has that many "professional references," they've been going from job to job.
Not necessarily - Seriously
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He implements systems and is a traveling engineer, so basically he spends 2-3 months on one project and is off to the next. He has been offered positions at places he's implemented the systems, at, but really they (and yes I'm super proud of him) can't afford him, not necessarily because of salary, but he likes the changing environment (he's also been at this over 20 years).
I'm bonded for a bank job back in 1975; my finger- - prints permanently on file. I HAVE to be honest!
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For a high manegerial position, it might fly. But for - a low-income worker like an MT? OVERKILL.

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It's especially problematic if you were an employee for a long time at your last job. My best professional references have either retired, died, or moved away and I lost touch with them.

Just one more way longevity stabs MTs in the back.

I think it's overkill too for most jobs - Seriously

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One of my sisters in law had to do a credit check, a background check, and a felony check for a position at a dollar store (I don't know which one as there are 4 in her area of different names). They wanted she said three professional references and she has never supposedly been asked that, so she used her friends. I doubt they'd know any difference.

I do know states are starting to implement laws against preforming credit checks to employees and I have to say I'm for it. My theory is that there are a myriad of reasons someone could have bad credit and a thief, especially an identity one, could have good credit.

I don't even HAVE 5 professional references! - mamabear

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I've been an MT at home with the same company for nearly 15 years. I've had two supervisors during that time, one of which is my current supervisor and the other one retired and I have no contact information on her. I had one job before this, and that supervisor is also retired (I do keep in touch with her).

I haven't had any coworkers for the last 15 years (obviously) and the ones from my one previous job I haven't kept in touch with so it would be kind of weird calling them up after 15 years to ask them to give me a reference!

If someone asks me for 5 references, I'd be in trouble!

Professional references - Anonymous

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Do not necessarily mean co-workers. They can be current managers, former managers, doctors who know your work, people in other professions/occupations in your community who know you, etc. I haven't had a lot of jobs but I know that even years ago when I changed MT jobs, most employers asked for 3 professional references and 1 or 2 personal references.

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