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Any recent info on Milner - curious

Posted: Nov 19, 2013

Does anyone have any recent info on Milner Transcription out of Georgia?  Platform, pay, accounts, etc?  I see they have an ad for part-time and might be interested.

I worked with them in 01/2013, didn't have enough work. sm - anony

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They do overflow accounts. Part time is mainly Friday-Monday or Tuesday. Their pay period is 1st to 15th then 16th to end of month. Dolbey Fusion platform. Was 7 cents a line straight typing, 4.5 VR. I ended up needing a full time job with more stable work flow. They don't pay a flat rate for training either, you get paid by the line from the beginning.

I work there and couldn't be happier (sm) - my opinion

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I started out PT and now work FT. Plenty of work, enough to keep me busy for 80 hours if I was superhuman. Very professional and always there to help. On a VR account I believe it is hourly plus production and on straight-typing the rate increases with your productivity count. They supply the PC and all hardware. Pay is very fast and dependable. User-friendly platform. I would encourage you to apply.

Sounds like a recuriter - Ugh

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The comment certainly didn't sound like an employee, yet more like a recruiter.

Milner - MT

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I also worked there and ran out of work in my first week. Pay is insulting at 0.04 cents per line with over 20 years of experience.

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