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Piriform or pyriform sinus, or does it matter? - TIA

Posted: Apr 15, 2011


piriform sinus is correct - sweetgirlsmom

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Website bartleby.com/107/ -- Anatomy of the Human Body -- Henry Gray - search field gives piriformis but not pyriformis. Recessus piriformis and sinus piriformis are the same thing. Those are the Latin names. The English names are piriform recess and piriform sinus.

pyriform versus piriform - hmmm

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In Stedman's Dictionary, pyriform has this entry:

pyriform: SYN piriform, pyrum (pear) plus forma (form).

This would mean pyriform means something having a pear form. And since piriform means the exact same thing, the long answer is no, it doesn't matter.

Typically, I find the "y" version to be used more often in sinus surgeries and the "i" form to be used as an orthopedic reference, but as the dictionary shows, it really does not matter.

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